‘Homemade’ Film Festival (6 Videos) & Other Random Projects

Odometer (ILX):  223,692

Checking in on all of you out there!  Let me know how you’re doing.

I’ve been productive around here playing Steven Spielberg when I’m not tied up in work meetings from home.  Get your popcorn ready.  Actually, make a couple of batches while you’re at it.  If you’re in the mood for a movie marathon at some point, here are some selections I cooked up, with walkarounds for some of my cars.

Most are still ‘unlisted’ and will debut on my public YouTube channel on the dates indicated (subject to change!).  You’re welcome to wait and just watch them then!

ILX Detail – Public

1992 Integra – Public

NSX – Premieres April 18

Legend Sedan – Premieres April 25

SLX – Premieres May 2

Vigor – Premieres May 9

The RL has not yet been shot but I’m prepping the car over the next couple of days.

Here are a few ‘beauty shots’ taken at the time of each film shoot.

I had the Vigor console out the other day in order to get the serial number so I could track down the radio anti-theft code.

Used the SLX to haul some firewood.

Did a bumper light restore on the 1992 GS-R.

Dug through some magazine articles to archive more stuff.

Adopted a friend’s modified 1995 NSX for a few days while he refinished his garage floor.

Received a massive Easter egg delivery from family in Utah.

Hung up some art work in the ‘ugly’ one-car garage that usually gets no attention.

And detailed my mower, topped off with an “A” emblem on the motor.

This morning’s work teleconferences started off with an Acura wine glass of iced coffee.

As you can see, I’m staying plenty entertained here.

What have you been up to?

17 Responses to “‘Homemade’ Film Festival (6 Videos) & Other Random Projects”

  1. 11:30, I should be asleep but instead, I’m drooling over MY beloved sedan 😍

  2. Conor and I should plan a trip there together (after borders open back up, of course). I really like restoration of the milky headlights! So satisfying…almost as good as a shoebox that fits on a shelf perfectly. I will pop up a batch of popcorn (can popcorn be considered a batch?) and pour up a DCOI then settle in for some surround sound movie watching of your cars. We ‘detailed’ the Goldwing yesterday; you would be pleased! Party on!

  3. Wait to watch them? Pfft! I’ll be watching the Vigor one before the end of the day, and all the others long before they premier. This is like having a special HBO account where you get the new shows before they release. (And thanks for making all these videos – the entertainment is excellent!).

    Nothing much new here, aside from work, errands, repeat, repeat, repeat. I did clean up the Accord and the Grand Cherokee over the past few days. Maybe I’ll do a walk-around video of the Accord, just for fun!

  4. I couldn’t wait, I’ve watched them all already! As much as I like (and want) the Integra, I’ve got such a soft spot for the Vigor. Unique is the keyword for that car, from the engine through to the interior colour and frameless doors. I also heard words that I never thought I’d hear you mutter – “I’ve put a custom exhaust on this car”. I must admit that the aftermarket exhaust is spot-on. Not over the top and it lets off just the right about of rasp. We find out on Monday if we’ll continue further into home detention or if the level will lift and be relaxed slightly. I’m doing plenty of cooking while I’m at home, so I’ll be the size of a house by the time we get let out!

    • Haha, you’re gaining weight, and I’m losing weight! I started to realize that the volume and types of food that I was eating when going out 6 days per week is quite different from what I’m eating at home. Glad you enjoyed the videos. I’d like to see some from you as well! Thanks for watching.

  5. Car porn at its finest: staring Acura NSX….

    You knocked it out of the park with that one Tyson. Your cars are all awesome, but your NSX is top on the list. My S2K and your NSX shared the same assembly plant if I am not mistaken.

    So inquiring minds want to know… What is the story on your vanity plate?

    • Haha, thanks for watching! I’m itching to own an S2K someday. Maybe as part of a mid-life crisis (which is kind of like what’s going on in the world right now, I guess?). The license plate is a reference to a movie called “Up” that came out in 2009. It featured a dog that would lose all track of focus every time he saw a squirrel. Well, that’s always been me with NSXs. So my friend Jeremy named it the Squirrel when I bought the car in 2011. And it stuck.

      • Awesome. Something similar happened to my TR6 when it became bowtie6. My friend Mike came up with that. When I told him the plan was to put a Chevy engine in the car he said to use the Chevy emblem plus the 6 from TR6. And hence bowtie6.

  6. Your Acura mower looks like new after getting detailed. Is that an LCX (Lawn Care eXperimental)?

  7. Hello sir, not an Acura article but an article on my all-time favorite Honda/Acura product that I’ve owned, the Prelude (mine was a 98). https://www.automobilemag.com/news/honda-prelude-history-generations-models-specifications/

    • That is a really cool article! I’ve owned a 2nd gen and a few 3rd gens. Just earlier this week, I was corresponding with the seller of an exceptionally clean Phoenix Red 1990 Si ALB 5-speed model, but he sold it before I could take a look. Such fun cars. Thanks for sharing.

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