Ira’s Visit from Portland, Return of the Type-S, Upcoming CA ‘Car Corral’ in September

Odometer (NSX):  115,946

My buddy Ira drove his 2017 Acura NSX over 3,000 miles to have it serviced at a specialty / performance shop – just for the sake of the road trip.  And this is why he and I are friends.

Ira is the proud owner of a Nouvelle Blue Pearl “NC1” (second-generation) NSX that traveled across 5 states over a 6-day period.  His home base is Portland, Oregon but he made it to Phoenix in only two days.  It was fun to host him in the area, and we made the most of his time in Arizona, despite the weather being toasty.

After a welcome dinner at one of the Valley’s fave Italian spots on Thursday, Oregano’s, it was a much needed chance to relax and get some rest.  On Friday, he had the NSX serviced – its first oil change – at Science of Speed.  They are the region’s most reputable experts on parts & performance.  On Saturday, I hosted more than a dozen NSX vehicles and their respective owners for breakfast snacks.

We rolled out at 11:00 in the morning for a 70-mile trip to Gila Bend, Arizona.  Our destination was the “Space Age” Restaurant, a landmark dining establishment that is entirely extraterrestrial-themed.  I went with the Jupiter Burger.  It seemed only fitting that in light of all the recent social media buzz about “storming Area 51,” we customize our group activity for a storming of our own.

The whole experience reminded me a little of my 2005 visit to the Extraterrestrial Highway in southern Nevada.

The Botanical Gardens have twilight “flashlight tours,” so we hit that up later on.  Even after sundown, the temperature lingered in the 108-degree range but we had water bottles and enough ambition to keep our minds off that.

Huge thanks to Ira for taking the time to come see us!  Here is his video on his trip.

And here is my video.

In other news:  Did you hear?  On Thursday, August 15, in Monterey California, Acura showcase its “Type-S” concept car.  This is a very short teaser video that was recently released.  I’ll be in attendance at the unveil so you’ll read more about the car itself here soon!

Finally – if anyone in (or near) California would like to participate, there is a Car Corral at the IMSA Grand Prix race.  Details are found in this flyer, including RSVP instructions.  It’s free to attend!

11 Responses to “Ira’s Visit from Portland, Return of the Type-S, Upcoming CA ‘Car Corral’ in September”

  1. I still love all things Acura (pre-2008), so I’m not too excited for August 15th for some CVT Type-S foolishness.

    As Demi Lovato says, “sorry, not sorry”.

    BUT – Ira’s nsx looks great.

  2. Great write up! And yes that’s exactly why we are friends! Thanks for being such a kick ass host. Looking forward to the next trip down!

  3. Talk about a car I’d never think of taking on a long road trip, I’m impressed that Ira unleashed his NSX on the bug-filled highways and byways of the American west. And while the front end carnage looked like something from the movie “Aliens,” I heartily appreciate that drive! (Also, that’s a fantastic color for the new NSX – really like how it looks in the photos).

    That “Space Age” diner is right up my alley. Have you ever been to Roswell? When I went through there in the mid 2000’s, the McDonalds was shaped like a UFO. Gotta love American kitsch.

    Here’s to hoping the Type S will be applied to a CL or RSX replacement (I mean, I know it probably won’t ever happen, but a guy can dream, right?). Two doors, for the win!

    • I haven’t been to Roswell but it’s on my list! I think for this first iteration, it’s been pretty clear the Type-S will be a sedan, but those of us coupe owners will continue to be optimistic for a 2-door variant!

  4. Chris Miller Says:

    Anxious to see what they come up with for the new Type-S. But for Acura to remain relevant they’re gonna need a combination of either 3 pedals, a 12 second car, or forced induction. People are going to Lexus, Tesla, and even into Kia Stingers to have some 11-12 second runs at the track. A-spec kits aren’t enough.

  5. Must say I do admire Ira’s NSX along with his gonzo attitude. I recal our drive to Oregon way back in ’13 in the 00EXV6 and I was shocked at the amount of construction and rock chips we picked up.

    Not sure if even clear film would have been adequate protection? Hope he didn’t suffer the same fate…

    BTW was almost thinking of attending the Acura Car Corral but figured they didn’t want me since they omitted the TSX 😉

    • I know, how dare they omit one of the most important models! I won’t make it to the Car Corral next month but I hope it’s a nice turnout so Acura can see that some ‘heritage model’ enthusiasts are still around!

  6. Great post Tyson – 3200 miles for a service? Man that’s super cool!

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