Extreme Garage Makeover: My 1990’s Acura Showroom

Descending order!

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  548,712


Odometer (Integra):  237,380


Odometer (ILX):  183,721


Odometer (Legend Sedan):  150,668


Odometer (Vigor):  106,293


Odometer (NSX):  106,150


Total Miles:  1,332,924.  1.3 million miles!

Time-travel back with me about a quarter-century to those glorious early 1990s.  I was only about 10 but I still remember them fondly.  You turn on your FM radio and it’s Ace of Base “The Sign.”  Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, and Toy Story are big hits at the box office.  And if you stroll down to your local Acura dealership, you might see vehicles like this:




The Acura brand, at the time only about 5 years old, was having a heyday.  The NSX debuted as a world-class supercar with uncanny reliability.  The second-generation Legend was selling like crazy – some 65,000 units in the 1991 model year alone.  The Vigor was a brand new model with the touring comfort of its larger Legend sibling but with nimble handling.  And the Integra GS-R boasted a 1.7 liter VTEC motor with more horsepower-per-liter than any other motor in the world.  Life was good.

Oh, and all those cars in the picture?  They’re stick shifts.  Did you know that there is no new Acura sold today that has a clutch pedal?  That in itself is one more reason why I hang onto the past like this.


Last weekend, I called upon the expert services of the most efficient, hard-working construction crew I’ve ever known:  My family.  Between my dad and my brother, there is no home or car repair task that can’t be completed (in record time).  When I bought my new Phoenix home in late August, the main selling factor was the fact that it had two garages.

For the last 5 years, I’d been renting storage units in different parts of town to accommodate all of my vehicles, so when the opportunity arose to pick up a home that could fit them all, I worked quickly and made it happen.  (For reference, back in March at an NSX meet I had been lusting after a local club member’s place which similarly had gargantuan parking possibilities).

There was still just one hurdle:  The largest garage was split into two separate 2-car units with a garage door at each end.  This was fine for the previous owner, Charlie, who used half the garage for his woodworking & welding, and the other half for his two vehicles.  But I had other plans for the space:  I wanted to knock out the separating wall and create one gigantic Acura automotive storage mecca.  And that I did!  Or rather, my dad, brother, and stepmom did.


Here’s a look at the progression taken from the south entrance in just 4 photos.

1 – Prior owner’s stuff:


2 – Space cleared out, wall still there:


3 – Wall removed, finish work underway:


4 – Garage completed, vehicles staged:


The Friday morning after a 12-hour drive from northern Utah, my garage makeover crew set to work on the task ahead.  Due to limited time-off at my new job, I had to go into the office.  After settling in to check emails, I decided to walk across the street to Starbucks.  At 7:32 a.m., my brother sent me 2 photos.  He and dad had already torn down the wall!  There were dangling wires and a few boards, but I couldn’t believe how much larger the space looked.  It made my day.


Friday afternoon I joined the work crew and assisted with masking and taping off so that my dad could spray the paint on (a much more efficient way to tackle a large surface area than using rollers).  The garage turned into a cloud of misty white air as dad applied two coats.  Smartly we shut the garage doors so that the cars in the backyard didn’t end up with overspray.


We installed 3 matching ceiling fans and hung up two banks of cabinets in the southeast corner for my detailing supplies and tools.  The final step was general clean-up and the hanging of a few banners and signs.  Dad sprayed the garage out with the hose to get rid of the dust and debris, and then we did a quick wipe-down of each of the 5 cars that would be going into the showroom.  Even my 4-year-old nephew Beckam gave us a hand for that chore.


I’d had months to think about how best to position the vehicles within the space, and I wanted to keep things symmetrical.  We ended up putting the two sedans at the north end, the two coupes at the south end, and the NSX centered in the middle at a 45-degree angle.  I even finally had a use for the aluminum display stand that my other brother, Payton, had built for me earlier this year.


I couldn’t be happier with the results.  When the 7 fluorescent light tubes kick on and gleam against our bright white ceiling & wall paint, it’s shocking.  Next on the list (but a ways down the road) will be a floor coating, which means I really ought to get some leaks addressed on the cars before I do that.  The Vigor is dropping oil, and the Legend coupe leaves a trail of power steering fluid virtually everywhere it goes.

My family members and I finished out the weekend by planting a couple of citrus trees in my backyard.  For 10 years I’ve been living in Arizona and my dad has been wanting to harvest oranges and grapefruits, so we are finally making it happen.  Below are the rest of the pics!


Edit 10/15/16:  Just confirmed for kicks that I can get 6 cars in the main garage pretty comfortably.  Sweet.





Taking a look at the plans


Before – south garage (prior owner)


Before – north garage (prior owner)


Before wall removal – north garage


Cars parked in the backyard awaiting their new home


Wall coming down


Dad working on wall removal


Getting ready for paint


Visit from friends Kyle and Matt


Out on the town with my brother Bentley, Lance, and Rob


Cars got rained on while they were ALL outside!


Nephew Beckam gives us a hand with weed removal


Cars parked in the back – with Beckam’s Power Wheels pickup


Taking a break


Getting closer!


Posters ready to go


Family dinner at Switch Restaurant on Central Ave


Final spray down of the floor


Posters getting put up


Vigor wash


Legend sedan wash


Tucked away


Dad and Beckam with the finished product






Artwork is ready to install, like this framed Legend coupe poster:


New NSX interior!  I don’t think I’d shown this yet.  Fresh leather.


And a bath for the ILX so it doesn’t feel forgotten in its separate garage.


58 Responses to “Extreme Garage Makeover: My 1990’s Acura Showroom”

  1. Brad Heffran Says:

    That showroom is looking good!

    • Why thank you, Brad! All the effort has been worth it! The next time you’re out in this area, I’ll get you an all-access pass to the vehicle(s) of your choosing. Hahaha. Hope your week is going well!

    • I am very jealous Tyson. One awesome showroom and that NSX… Hmmm… SEXY!!

      • Haha, thank you Joe!! Get over here and I’ll throw you the keys! Actually I need to get it out of the garage anyway. There’s a 14-car meet-up & cruise to Saguaro Lake this Saturday with the local NSX club. I’m excited.

  2. Looks amazing! That NSX Leather interior is gorgeous

    • Thank you Jorge! Yes I’m very pleased with how the NSX interior turned out. My brother worked really hard on that — apparently the install was one of the most difficult ones he has done. It sure looks and smells nice though 🙂

  3. I mean, seriously? Come on…

    And the seats in the NSX are TO. DIE. FOR.

  4. Dude. This. Is. So. Epic.

    Awesome. I’ve gotta do that coast to coast drive now, just so I can swing by Hugie Acura in Arizona.

    • Lol, Hugie Acura. Now you’ve got the wheels spinning in my mind. Where can I get some vintage Acura signage made up? Thanks for the comment and DO COME VISIT!

  5. Completely and totally awesome! Congratulations on your amazing space! Can’t wait to see it in person very soon!

    • Thank you so very much! I know you can relate to the feeling of having such a prized collection in one central location. Now, if I could just get ahold of some nice glass display cases and shelving like the lobby at RTCH…

  6. I bet the platelets in your blood are shaped like calipers! 🙂 Looks AMAZING!! Congrats!

  7. okay my place is next for Hugie renovations! Looks good!

  8. You know I am super jealous of that garage. Amazing showroom you’ve got going on.

    • Thanks Marc! It’s been a long time coming. To think that I’ve been paying for storage units since about 2011 is kind of nuts. 5 years at about $70 / month at 12 months / year is over $4,000 I’ve spent just in storing ONE car! This garage will pay for itself in no time.

  9. Does that showroom have space for a mint 2005 Acura TSX? 😉

  10. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Sadly, I cannot see most of the pictures, but I get the idea…. I love how you wrote of passion for the 90’s, I was very young in the late 90’s, but I remember them well, as I’m listening to Third Eye Blind and Candlebox right now, haha!!! I absolutely LOVE 90’s cars!!!!!

    Well spoken, Tyson!!!

    I’m glad to be back, but I’m a total Mississippi “Redneck” now, and rarely, “ever” use any technology newer than the “90’s”, like, well, computers…

    I’ll be back in two weeks, glad to see an update, stay safe, healthy, and driving, Tyson!!!

    • Thanks Wes for checking in, and glad you enjoyed the post! Nothing wrong with being a redneck! You live in a beautiful area. It’s still a shame we weren’t able to meet up when I rolled through MS last month. Have a great rest of your week.

      • Midnight Mystery Says:

        I’m just glad to be done with NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana), hopefully for good!!!

        Thanks for replying… I’ll be off of here for a couple of weeks, but I’ll be enjoying your blog again soon…

        Nice garage, it’ll be great, by the way… To have so much space…

        Stay safe everyone!!!

  11. Well Tyson you’ve done it again. After setting such lofty goals for the rest of us to follow it will be very tough to come close to your “Garage Mahal.”

    I’ve been vacillating between flooring types myself. Tile vs. epoxy paint tough decision each has it’s pro & con.

    I could see some LED strip lights really making a statement in there especially around the NSX…

    Very nice job wish I had some talented family members to call upon😉 Congratulations.

    • LED strip lights – now you’re talkin’. I hadn’t given that thought any consideration. For now I’m going to focus on a few final touches (pics to hang) and call it good. Oh, and the Vigor is going to Hon-Man on Monday for a timing belt & water pump so that takes priority over anymore garage updates. For over a year now I’ve been rolling around on a timing belt with unknown history! A risky situation in any old Honda. Thanks for reading!

  12. Highnmileage Says:

    You need to make room for another GS 6MT in Desert Mist.

  13. Mike mags Says:

    Wow this is awesome, now all you need is a lift

    • Thank you! Yes I would love to have a lift but ceiling height constraints may keep me from doing that. I’ll keep it on the wish list though for future improvements 🙂

  14. Wow! Looks awesome Tyson! That’s an epic Acura garage for sure! Maybe one day my TSX will join in for a picture! 😃

  15. What a dream space, come to reality. Kudos to your family for pitching in with such great work. And fantastic decor, too. (Nice story presentation!)

    • Thanks Mark! I’m going to have to send all these kudos to my construction crew so they know how appreciated their work is. You’ll be seeing more of the Integra. Our friend Mr. Koch is shooting it next Wednesday morning for potential submission into one of your company’s fine publications.

  16. Love the new garage! I guess the house is nice too . . . but that seems secondary to the car nuts like us!

    Ahhh the 90’s Acuras . . . .before the standard “beaks”.

  17. Shaubhik Roy Says:

    Fabulous! Did you get the new leather on there yourself?

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  20. Nicholas Says:

    Bro, your project and your vision is every car enthusiasts dream. Thank you for doing this, it’s amazing. Acura cars are awesome!

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  23. […] My Phoenix friend recently purchased a small house with a seven-car garage, the better to store his five 1990s-era Acuras along with his 2013 Acura ILX. From an NSX to a Vigor to a pair of Legends, his collection is a […]

  24. Hi, cool garage, can you tell what`s the length of it?

  25. Tyson, I have 2 1992 acura legends with sequential serial numbers. original owner. Interested?

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