NALM 2020 Location Announcement, Visitors, and Integra/RL Updates

Odometer (Legend):  572,466

Hear ye, hear ye.  This just in:

After 15 years of driving all around the country for the National Acura Legend Meet, to 13 different states, my trip to the 2020 annual event will require me driving…  guess how far?  Just 25 miles from my house to the host hotel!  That’s because NALM is finally coming to my own backyard, and I’ll be co-hosting the event here in Phoenix, Arizona along with a few other volunteers.

The dates will be October 7-11, and without getting into too many details – I’ll save those announcements for some future blog posts – there will be some great venues and some great times for all to enjoy.  Here is the announcement post on the forums.

Prior event locations are here:

Year City State
2005 Dallas Texas
2006 Tulsa Oklahoma
2007 Las Vegas Nevada
2008 Chattanooga Tennessee
2009 Branson Missouri
2010 Salt Lake City Utah
2011 Morristown New Jersey
2012 Milwaukee Wisconsin
2013 Asheville North Carolina
2014 Los Angeles California
2015 Houston Texas
2016 Atlanta Georgia
2017 Sacramento California
2018 Colorado Springs Colorado
2019 Daytona Beach Florida

I’ve created a NALM account on Instagram called @nationalacuralegendmeet where you can follow along for regular updates as we unveil some of the exciting aspects of the itinerary.  Maybe I’ll bring out a different car from the garage for each NALM day.  And one of the events – of course – is a behind the scenes visit at my house.  I might be crazy for opening my doors to an anticipated 25 cars and 50 people, but I’ve said it before:  These people are like family to me and I look forward to hosting them as best I can.

Speaking of hosting:  Occupancy rates at the house have been running high so far in 2020.  Ever since the festivities for Barrett-Jackson, I’ve had company every weekend and enjoyed playing host.  My friends Derek, Jay, Nick, and Chris all stopped by.  Here they are in that order.

Derek, before I took him to his brother’s place.

Jay, passing through town with his gorgeous new Sherwood Green Legend LS 6-speed.

Nick, at right, here from Key West for a weekend in the desert.

And Chris, visiting from CA and about to take the NSX for a spin with his buddy Tony.

I also managed to squeeze in a few automotive updates in video form, so if you get time, tune in for the recent videos on my YouTube channel.  The 1999 Integra is at Hon-Man in Tempe for a laundry list of issues, but I’ve replaced the front emblem, shift knob, license plate bumper plugs, and owner’s manual.  I also got those nasty exhaust tips shined up thanks to a product from Mother’s called Mag & Aluminum Polish.

Check that before & after!

And another before & after!  All about the details.

The RL received some paintless dent removal, new tint, a new windshield, and some touch-up paint.

I finally got my library of car maintenance binders in order, thanks to some new cabinets my dad and stepmom installed in my laundry room recently.

The two biggest blue binders are BOTH for the Legend coupe.  Volumes 1 & 2.

We also installed a flat screen TV in the garage that is looping 148 Acura commercials from 1986 through 1999.  It’s 1 hour 47 minutes of runtime.  Seriously.  I turn it on when guests are visiting.

I’m writing weekly now for in the “Pick of the Day” section.  Basically, every Thursday I have an article about a vehicle of my choosing that is selected from the 40,000+ listed for sale on the site.  The write-ups are short and sweet, but maybe you’ll be interested in taking a look to see if any of the cars I spotlight interest you.

Some of my recent articles are these:

Thanks for coming along!

13 Responses to “NALM 2020 Location Announcement, Visitors, and Integra/RL Updates”

  1. Reserving #21413 for NALM. Deposit sent via PayPal.

  2. NALM is going to be ridiculously awesome!

    The RL looks fantastic now after all that work. The ‘Teg, though… sheesh. Quite the laundry list of issues. How many of them did you know before the inspection report? And you said you weren’t surprised about the accident report- what made you think that?

    • I think most of the inspection report contained ‘known’ issues, and (spoiler alert) the main engine stumble actually ended up being something fairly straightforward and easy to resolve. As for the body work, I could easily tell that the car had prior paint work. Plus it was missing VIN stickers on both the left rear quarter panel as well as the rear hatch.

  3. Happy to hear u got NALM here instead of Cheboygan, Michigan like the others wanted… 😉

    Like those home improvements, keep ’em coming. Now if you could only get rid of those pesky laundry appliances you might have some space for another vehicle.

    All the cars look great BTW!

    • Ought to be a fun few days! Even with the meet in October I’m going to alert everyone of the potential for high temps. And I might call upon you for some consultative advice as an ‘east valley expert’ as the event draws near. By the way, there’s a large car show in Fountain Hills tomorrow (Saturday). I have a friend flying in from Kentucky and we’re going to hit it up around midday.

  4. RL looks great. Seems like it would be a great road trip car.

  5. Looks like the SS teg is very needy. That and your backyard NALM should be a lot of fun! See ya next weekend 😀

  6. Totally commented on the wrong post on the RL updates, but I’ll say it again…WELL DONE!!!! *Clapping emoji* Love that car. Same goes for the GS-R. You know how we like those exhausts to shine! NALM in PHX is going to be blast and can’t wait to see how your Legend gang responds to the change in scenery. Also, congrats to Jay for that snazzy coupe! Hope he can make it out too.

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