2014 Detroit Auto Show – Day 2: TLX Reveal

I’ll spare you the suspense and start throwing pics in here right away.

Here is the 2015 Acura TLX Prototype.


And here’s the reveal video.

It was so cold this morning, I had to scrape frost off the inside of the windows in my 2013 Nissan Altima rental car.  I was at Cobo Hall bright and early to score a front row seat for Acura’s 11:05 a.m. press conference.  Thumbs up here!


The booth (pictured empty here) later filled to complete capacity well in advance of the press event.  Standing room only!




Lights, Camera




Beauty shots as the music and smoke add dramatic effect.


TLX spins on a turntable



And finally a chance to get up close and personal.


Here you go.


Total stunner.  Especially that lickable paint.  From Acura’s press release:

Like any truly world-class athlete, the TLX will pair power and efficiency with deft agility. With its low and wide stance, rigid yet lightweight body, and nimble and responsive chassis, the TLX is designed to deliver confident, precise and refined ride and handling performance in almost any driving situation.

From low-stress urban commutes to relaxed long-distance cruising, or adrenaline-inducing runs down twisting country roads, the TLX is designed to be an intuitive and confidence-inspiring driving partner, a vehicle that epitomizes Acura’s dynamic concept of “performance at the will of the driver.”


Jarad Hall – the man who spent the last several years of his life designing this car!  He succeeded masterfully.


Profile.  The prototype pictured here had no interior, but we do know some specs about the powertrains.  This car will incorporate available Super Handling All-Wheel-Drive and Precision All-Wheel Steering. There will be available 2.4 liter 4-cylinder and 3.5 liter V6, direct-injected engines.  Also available are two different transmissions:  an 8-speed dual clutch, and a 9-speed automatic.  Yes, NINE!


With Vince Manganiello of Acura Public Relations.  We’re both quite proud of how this turned out!


The car drew quite a crowd.


Nice looking rear.



I’ll spare you the rest of the nitty gritty and link you to the official Press Release.



Also revealed was the TLX “GT” Race Car.



More on that here.

62I got a pic with Sofyan from 2theRedline.  Watch his YouTube channel for a full feature on the TLX soon.


So is the TLX a winner?  Well, I think so.  And apparently, so does mom.


I had a brush with fame – Ted Klaus, Large Project Leader for the new NSX, chatted with me for a few minutes about the next Acura supercar.


Signing out from Detroit!  Back to the fun and games.


32 Responses to “2014 Detroit Auto Show – Day 2: TLX Reveal”

  1. Seriously. It speaks to me. You’re in your element and for that I am happy! See you soon.

  2. 8 speed dual clutch? as in 8 speed manual with a dual mass clutch? or something all together different? Looks like a winner. 42K? with the V6.

    • (Sadly) both transmissions are automatic – no clutch pedal here. However, the 2.4 liter TLX will use a “dual clutch” automatic. How does that even work? I’m probably not the best resource for that question, but here’s what Acura had to say in the release:

      “An all-new 2.4-liter 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine employs direct-injection and Acura’s i-VTEC® valvetrain, and is significantly lighter than previous Acura engines of similar configuration and displacement. The new engine is mated to an all-new 8-speed dual clutch transmission (DCT) with torque converter. This new 8-speed DCT takes full advantage of the 2.4-liter engine’s broad power band, delivering incredibly quick and smooth gear changes, expertly matching engine revs on down shifts, and putting the power down in a responsive and intuitive way.”

      So there you have it. As for pricing, I don’t think we know that yet but your guesstimate probably isn’t too far off.

      • Matt Steinmann Says:

        A dual clutch is mechanically similar to a traditional manual transmission, except that the gears can change automatically or as directed by the driver (via steering wheel controls, or console selector). The gear changes can occur much quicker than any professional driver’s capability. Of course, there’s not the feeling of a gearbox in your hand, and there’s no 3rd pedal. But a lot of supercars such as the Nissan GT-R, and various Ferrari models use this concept. High performance motorcycles also use these for quick shifting.

        Here’s an animation, for those that are mechanically inclined. 🙂

  3. Tyson, judging from those front seats you had, were you the kind of kid in school who always liked to sit at the front of the class and raise his hand first when the teacher asked questions? 😉

    Speaking of questions, I have two of my own:

    1) Is the TLX replacing both the TL and the TSX?

    2) Is the TLX going to be manufactured in Japan like the TSX or in the USA like the TL?

    • Hi Carlos, I wasn’t a “front-rower” in school but I sure as heck was today.

      1) Yes the TLX replaces both TL and TSX. In fact, it’s sized proportionally between the two. The new Acura sedan hierarchy goes ILX, TLX, RLX.
      2) This car will be built in Marysvale, Ohio.

  4. From first looks (and depending on what options Acura will let you add on to the vehicle) I could see owning this vehicle. Any word on the MSRP Tyson?

    • Hey Dave, nothing yet on pricing but I’m guessing the range will be pretty wide considering the myriad of engine/trans configurations available. Let’s just hope the production model stays true to some of the styling cues of the concept. I love the accents on the front & rear bumpers, and you can’t really see it much in pictures, but the Prototype has really neat LED light strips on the sideview mirrors.

  5. Looks a bit like a karger ILX?

    • Marc, definitely. The family resemblance is unmistakable. Which also brings up the question, will this car have a question with identity? Time will tell. It does look to share a lot of design cues with both RLX & ILX, just on a different scale.

  6. Great pictures, Tyson! I’m on Mama Tia’s boat!

    Hopefully they think about you for 2016 and add a 6MT to the drive train. 🙂

  7. The TLX looks fantastic and we are excited to hear what the numbers will be. We are still holding out hope that a manual transmission will be offered, even if only as a special order option.

    – East Brother

    • Hey thanks – yeah we’ll find out I guess. I know the 1st and 2nd gen TL didn’t have a manual available, but they brought one out on the 3rd gen so there’s always a chance a stick shift will make a comeback. Let’s cross our fingers.

  8. Ryan Copeland Says:

    I think this is one of if not the best looking car aura has made in the past 5 or 6 years. Too bad for me because the car will probably be 5 years old before it’s priced to my liking :-).

    • Hey Ryan, I agree it’s a tasteful design if not a little conservative. And I also agree that it’s probably going to be out of my price range for awhile, haha. I’m anxious to get behind the wheel regardless and check it out as soon as one becomes available to test drive. I’ll report back when I do! Hope you’re doing well!

  9. Tyson, wow this post is just flooded with comments! It looks like you experienced something special. I bet Sofyan shared your enthusiasm too. I’m so jealous you got to see the first glimpse of the TLX! I love the look and dimensions. Any sneak peek of the interior? I bet they will keep the “swooshy” design typical of Acura. Two beefs with the TLX though: where’s the exhaust pipes and manual option? 🙂

    • Yeah the TLX is igniting a lot of conversation in the interwebs this week! Lots of folks who are really passionate about their TLs and TSXs who need the TLX to hit a bullseye in order for them to be at all interested in it. And a huge AMEN to needing the exhaust and MT. Sofyan was geeking out on this car just as much as I was, haha.

  10. Joyce McGregor Says:

    This is such a dazzler, it hurts (in nice way) my eyes to look at it. If Mama Tia gets one, I speak shotgun position.

  11. I say we gang up and grab the keys to that TLX and take it for a joy ride! WHO’S WITH ME! lol. Words can’t even describe how I feel about the TLX. I swear, I’d buy a TLX just to stare at it… I’d eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my TLX, I’d read my TLX a bedtime story, heck, I’d even shower with my TLX… okay.. maybe that’s too far, but my god, Acura really out did themselves this time.

    • Hey Todd, I totally agree with you. The TLX is rather stunning from just about any angle. I’m anxious to see the interior as soon as Acura is willing to show it to us. You sound pretty excited about it too. What color will you get yours in? 🙂

  12. I am with Todd on the red color. My mouth salivates just looking at it. “Candy apple red” comes to mind.

  13. Hello Tyson love your Acura collection. The new TLX looks great and power train wise it sounds good so far specially with the two new transmission set up Im sure this would be one of the best in class. Keep the Legend running I hope to hit 500000 in my 09 TL the next 10 years. Keep em coming.

    • Hey thanks Saurabh! I agree, the TLX appears to have a ton to offer. I got a Media Alert this morning indicating that the Prototype will be on display this week at the Chicago Auto Show. Maybe by the time the New York show rolls around (April?) we’ll be able to see the Production version. Onward to 500,000 in your 09 TL! Thanks for following the blog.

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