Reader’s Ride: Walter’s 2015 Acura Legend Coupe Concept

Odometer (Legend):  528,547


Odometer (ILX):  64,856




Open your minds and your eyes to the creative masterpiece of one man who was determined to show Acura how it’s to be done.  A V6-powered Acura coupe hasn’t been around since the 3.2 CL model of 2003.  And Acura hasn’t made a 2-door vehicle at all since the 4-cylinder RSX sport coupe was discontinued after the 2006 model year.


One Acura fan recognized the void and took matters into his own hands by creating an Acura coupe of his own.  Meet Walter and his 2015 Acura Legend coupe. What you see here is a unique ride that conveys the spirit of the Acura Legend in modern form.  It started as a V6, 6-speed 2010 Honda Accord coupe equipped with a host of HFP – Honda Factory Performance – add-ons.  But it’s since been transformed into a one-of-a-kind custom ride.

Walter’s affinity for Honda & Acura products began very early on.  He purchased a 1995 Honda Accord brand new.  Today, he still owns that same car and it has over 270,000 miles on it.  Also in his stable is a black-on-black 2013 Acura RDX.  That brings us to this car, his latest and greatest creation:


20″ Vossen CV3 wheels round out the package that is this extremely unique car.  Check out the extensive modification list below highlighting the key upgrades that make Walter’s ride special.


  • Woodgrain Upgrade:  Dash & Console Matte Dark Cherry Wrap
  • 2010 Acura TL Type-S Shift Knob
  • Full LED Lighting
  • Custom Perforated Nappa Leather Shift Boot & E-Brake Boot with White Stitching
  • 2010 Acura TSX Switchblade Key
  • Custom-Made Aluminum Door Sills



  • Full Legend Badging (Authentic Acura Product)
  • 2010 Acura TL A Badges for Front & Rear
  • Vossen CV3 Wheels:  20×10.5 Rear; 20×9.5 Front
  • Tein Street Advance with EDFC Full Coilover Suspension; 16 Way Adjustable
  • SPC 3 Piece Camber Kit Front, SPC 1 Piece Camber Kit Rear



  • Anzo Aftermarket Headlights:  Custom Retrofit, Honda S2000 Projectors; Osram CBI Bulbs, Custom Shields, Euro Clear Lenses, Morimoto 50-Watt Ballasts for Low Beams
  • Anzo Full LED Taillights
  • 3000K HID Fog Lights with 35-Watt Morimoto Ballast
  • Custom LED Turn Signals on Sideview Mirrors



  • Greddy Spectrum Elite Exhaust, Burnt Titanium Tip
  • RV6 Custom J-Pipe
  • Takeda Short Ram Intake


  • Optima Yellow Top, Big Three Upgrade Red & Black


  • 2012 Acura RL Calipers
  • 2006 Nissan 350Z Track Rotors for Front Brakes
  • Stoptech Drilled Rotors
  • GoodRidge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Photo Gallery:










A Greddy exhaust system gives the 3.5 liter V6 some growl.


Unbeatable shine.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen black paint so swirl-free.  Walter says his detailing regiment consists primarily of products from Griot’s Garage.


Step inside, and you’re greeted with a custom Acura badge on the steering wheel and woodgrain trim throughout.


The shift knob & boot are pulled from an Acura TL.


Even the stainless steel door sills are one-off items with ACURA engraved on them.


I might have to have Walter build me one of these, too.


Here is a Q&A with Walter about his pride & joy:

Which upgrade that you’ve done are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the entire car from inception is to its creation and continued evolution. I am proud of the time and patience that was placed into the planning, staging, sourcing, and collaborating with local shops to have all the items installed on the car. I am extremely pleased with the final look of the car the uniqueness of it and the realization of my dream.

What was your vision for the Legend when you first started building it?

My vision for the car was to have a complete, unique, and one of a kind automobile, that would provide the overall Acura Legend experience that I coveted as a teen. I wanted a modern day representation of a car that was beautiful, timeless and not overwrought in its completeness like the original. My vision would need to encapsulate my personal expression, represent me as a true car enthusiast, and cater to the luxury sport equation in a 6 speed two door package, like the Legend Coupe before it.

Lastly I wanted my vision to represent my passion for having rare or one off things. A modern day Acura Legend would suit the bill as I have always wanted one. Currently I was financially able to afford such a vehicle however, Acura sadly did not make such a car.  In my quest for a premium midsized coupe, I merged my wants with my devotion to my lifelong admired coupe and built it myself.

Acura’s former tag line of “precision crafted performance”, helped me to fully realize my childhood dream car as the reborn 2015 Acura Legend coupe (Special Edition).

Tell me a little about what got you into the Honda/Acura family.

I started with Honda and Acura back in 1993 when I first saw the NSX in person. I knew I had to have it or anything in its lineage. Later on I saw the stunning 2 door Acura Legend coupe and was hooked. In the year of 1995 I convinced my mom to purchase a loaded white Honda Accord sedan EX as a road car. At the time the build quality was impressive for the price along with its’ standard feature set. The car had great magazine reviews, but what intrigued me most was the spritely four cylinder that would sing as the revs climbed within in tachometer.

After 5 years my mom went to trade the car in but I saw potential and she gave it to me. I started with a full motor swap a year or so later on the car when it had approximately 180k miles on the chassis. I ordered an H22A with full prelude transmission. Once I completed that swap; one of the first in the Baltimore area, I was hooked. I spent countless time racing and, modifying that car. Today I still have the car with approximately 280k on the chassis.

Many thanks to Walter for sharing his automotive passion with me and with my readers.  He told me he’s got some additional upgrades in mind, so we plan on getting together again in the near future for a follow-up.  Drive on, my friend!

It’s fitting in this post to share this glimpse of what I think Acura NEEDS to build.  Following is a rendering by Neal McDaniel of “Neal’s Fantasy Factory” that was shared yesterday on Temple of VTEC.  It’s a coupe version of the recently-revealed 2015 Acura TLX Prototype.  Can you imagine this car with a V6 powerplant, SH-AWD, and available 6-speed manual transmission?


Where do I send my check?  I’ll take it.

19 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Walter’s 2015 Acura Legend Coupe Concept”

  1. I love Walter’s car! WOW!! I have always been a fan of black paint and this man knows how to keep it clean! I would love the 2-door because I never have more than one other (shotgun) rider — and would like to keep it that way! And the steering wheel…! So cool.

    • He spared no expense! Even as I was out there taking pictures, he was polishing up the paint with a microfiber towel. For some of us, it’s all about the details. And I agree – 2 doors are the way to go! Glad you can appreciate all his hard work.

  2. Cool Accord, and I love the fantasy “CLX” coupe!!! Go a step further with the RLX – it would make a great coupe as well, with a retractable hard top!

  3. Tyson,
    If you like that “CLX” I’m sure you will love this

    • Nice! Love the visible exhaust and that retro “Integra” badging. Very sweet. Thanks for sharing these. Do you think something like that will ever make it to production?

      • We can only hope. I have a feeling Acura will once again produce another coupe, the question is will it be soon enough

  4. Love it! Nice to see old school badges on the newer cars!

  5. This Coupe is very sharp, Walter did it right with class and style.

  6. Walter – pls share any other articles that exist regarding your epic ride. I saw your car on Monday in N Scottsdale and told my wife “Oh look – they finally brought back the Legend.” She said “Wow – that is a beautiful car” That sounded like permission to go buy one in my book. I thought your car was a actual production vehicle. I hit up for more details and was dumbfounded. You have done a impressive job with your mod and I send you much props. I never owned a Legend but I have always been a huge Acura fan. I own a 2003 MDX and a 2002 TL Type-S and I am waiting for a good deal on a 2015 MDX. Keep up the good work!

    BTW: I am sure that you know that Ludacris still owns his – Right?


    • Ruben, if you’d like to email me I’ll be happy to put you in touch with Walter so you can discuss his Legend further. It’s an amazing car! My contact information is shown in the “About” section of this blog. Thanks for reading!

  7. That amazing to see such an intersting concept car like that. Love it!

  8. Steve, Clarke. Says:

    I really hope Honda in Torrance CA is seeing this and head in the direction that Soichiro Honda would have been proud of… Take note Honda/Acura. (If you build it they will come and come back).

  9. […] Acura TL Coupe Rendering – Source […]

  10. I wish acura would bring back the legend coupe modern day I love it! If only they could update it wish they never discontinued it

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