Throwback Thursday: Before I Had Cars

Odometer (Legend):  528,959


Odometer (ILX):  70,056


Be Kind, Please Rewind.  Hit the rewind button on that VCR because we’re motoring way back this time.  Say, 25 years ago or so.  I’d already put 100,000 miles on this Big Wheel at grandma’s house in Logan, Utah.  I drove it so erratically I’d somehow managed to make its plastic front tire completely out-of-round.  I loved peeling out and skidding to a stop.


Soon it was time to upgrade to a real bike.  Before my “car days,” I loved bicycling as much as I love automobile travel — and for the same reasons:  independence, mobility, and opportunity for adventure.  I’d hop on my old Huffy pictured below (with mismatched tires, mind you!) and cruise the neighborhood in Logan aimlessly.

Circa 1989 – I would’ve been 7 or so at the time.  Let’s make special note of those stonewashed jeans and the fact that my T-shirt was several sizes too large.


That bike (“The Wave” as I remember the model name being) ended up getting backed over by my dad’s truck when I inadvertently left it sitting in the driveway one night.  Soon, though, I upgraded to a new one.

August 1990 – First Day of School at Hillcrest Elementary with my younger brother Bentley (he’s in the red pants).


Later on, I saved up my money and bought a $300 Specialized Hard Rock about 21 years ago.  It was a teal green color and I outfitted it with a water bottle holder and a speedometer.  That bike was my pride and joy.  Such a proud purchase, in fact, that I used to wax the frame and clean the rim spokes by hand frequently.  Believe it or not (and something tells me you will believe it if you know me well enough) I also kept track of the maintenance I did to it and I saved the original owner’s manual and associated paperwork for many years after the bike was long gone.


Along the way, there were other wheeled toys that came and went, like this purple and gray 1992 Yamaha Badger ATV that found its way into our front living room one Christmas day.


Some of us always have to be on the go!

My life forever changed on November 19, 1997 when I got my Utah State Office of Education “Driver Practice Permit” (pictured below).  A month later, I got my full-blown license, and the rest is history.


Of course, I wasn’t always riding in style those early days.  I drove an old American family sedan called a Celebrity.  But it didn’t matter.  I loved that car for the same reason I loved my bikes.

The Legend coupe got its turn at the dealership today.  It had only been 2,122 miles since my last oil change almost 6 months ago in late August.  I need to drive that car more often!  My service advisor, Dana, did mention that there are some leaks we should probably address and the brakes are about halfway used up, but no other serious items of concern.


Now get out and drive!

7 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Before I Had Cars”

  1. When I was very young I tried racing a 10 speed while on a big wheel. I just KNEW I could win. Uh no it wasn’t even close. LOL

  2. Tyson, I’ve been missing out on your blog. Had quite a bit to catch up on. Now I know your middle name. Haha! Let’s get some more miles on that Legend….our next drive perhaps? 🙂

    • Jason, glad you’re all caught up! I need to swing over to Driven to Drives to see what you’ve been up to lately. I’ve seen your Instagram and I know you’ve been going places! Anyway, we’ll see about getting the Legend out again. I’m really looking forward to our Canyon de Chelly meet-up next month. Woot!

  3. Like pawela, I’ve also been missing your blogs due to some much needed attention to make up school work. That you snow days.

    Anyway, am I reading your drivers permit correctly? Under “Date of birth” it says “12-28-97”. No way you’re my age! lol

    Congrats on 70 thousand miles with the ILX! You’re nearing our 111 thousand on the TSX, and the ILX is 8 years younger!

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