Double Feature: HondaPro Jason & “Random Drive” Blog

Odometer (Legend):  528,911


Odometer (ILX):  70,002


Having been ‘raised’ on 3,000 mile clockwork oil changes with my Legend, I’m really digging the fact that I don’t have to visit the dealership that often anymore with the ILX.  Sure, the service advisors and amenities are top notch and I enjoy my visits, but the fact that I can go for 3+ months and (in this case) 8,580 miles on a single oil change is pretty dang awesome when you’re a busy person like me.  I was $120 out the door for a “B13” service – 0W20 synthetic oil (my car’s 12th oil change), tire rotation, and an engine air filter.

As I was sitting in the lounge catching up on some work, my advisor Dana came up with me with my old air filter in a plastic bag and an eyebrow raised just slightly.  “I think we’re going to want to change this one,” she said while showing me the filter’s black grilles.  I smirked a little, “Yeah, I did a little off-roading.  Go ahead and change it.”  I guess that dirt-road trip to Castle Hot Springs a few weeks ago caught up to me after all.


Back on the road I went!


Today, I introduce you to my friend Jason Richmond.   Along with so many of us, Jason is a committed enthusiast to the Honda and Acura brands.  In fact, he took his brand loyalty so far as to create a special YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram account dedicated to sharing news and features on “all things Honda.” It’s no wonder Jason prefers to go by HondaPro Jason.


His YouTube channel has amassed 10,000 subscribers and his Facebook page about 20,000 followers.  Jason knows a thing or two about keeping his fans happy.  He definitely appreciates a high-mileage car, too.  As of last December,  his own 1997 Civic EX coupe had 212,000 miles on the odometer when he sent me this picture.


And it still looks pretty dang nice for the year & mileage!  A true testament to his care & maintenance.


Jason launched a contest recently wherein he asked his followers to accurately match a picture of an Acura Legend’s odometer to its famous owner.  Of course, I knew right away he had posted about Ludacris.  And I won a sticker!  So thanks, Jason, for sending my winnings right on over!  I installed my prize, this “Don’t Hate” sticker, on my 1992 NSX a few days ago.



For anyone who wants to get in touch with Jason, he’s at and he’s based at Schaumburg Honda in Schaumburg, Illinois.

In today’s other news:

You’ve all been introduced to my friend Cody and his 1993 Acura Legend L Sedan 5-Speed.  My 2013 Acura ILX, by the way, has already surpassed Cody’s 22-year-old Legend in miles!


With the intent of sharing the story of cars and their drivers, Cody has launched a blog of his own.  It’s called Random Drive.


Cody invites his readers from near and far to share their own stories of vehicle ownership.  For some of us, a vehicle is far more than an A-to-B source of transport.  It’s a friend, a travel companion, and a source of great pride.  Be sure and click “Share Your Story” to submit yours.

Every car and driver has a story to tell and I want to hear and share yours! The vehicles that we use everyday are such an integral part of our lives and I think that each and everyone should be shared in a fun way. Help me share your vehicles history and story!

Cody recently featured a story on his old “junkyard find” 1997 Cadillac Catera, and he’s bound to have more fun car adventures to share.  Add this one to the (growing) list of other blogs you all need to check out and subscribe to.


Fun final fact:  Last Thursday at around 5:00 p.m. was the first time in the 21 months that I’ve been driving my ILX that I actually pulled up at a stoplight next to one.  This was in Fountain Hills, Arizona on Shea Boulevard eastbound.  The girl with big sunglasses in the Bellanova White Pearl ILX wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence.  Didn’t she know how big of a deal this was for me?  Oh well.


13 Responses to “Double Feature: HondaPro Jason & “Random Drive” Blog”

  1. Tyson, thanks for the shout out on my blog. I’m just getting started with it but it will be really fun. It’s actually your blog that inspired me to share more about my daily drivers and there are so many others out there that have cool stories to tell that just never see the light of day story-wise. I’m prepping now a story for my 93 Legend of how I got it. Should have it done soon. Thanks again!

    • Hey, I can’t wait to read the story on your 93! Thanks for letting me post about your blog. I am going to submit “my” story for you to feature on Random Drive soon, haha.

      • Thanks! I was hoping that you would share a few of your stories with your vehicles. Gotta have the Acura love shown on RandomDrive!

  2. Off roading in the ILX. LOL whats a dirt road here and there? Nice to see other dedicated Honda enthusiasts out there.

    • Agreed, Dave! Jason puts his heart & soul into his Honda passion and it shows. I think it’s awesome. And the ILX still cleans up pretty well for having spent a good chunk of its life off the beaten path. Onward to 100k and beyond!

  3. How do I order a sticker?

  4. Didn’t that girl in the ILX know what a big deal YOU were? haha You might have to rent out a billboard or something…

    • Haha! Extreme measures, but I might have to do just such a thing! She was clueless as to her surroundings. Or just really good at avoiding the creepy guy next to her who was trying to hard to get her attention. Lol

  5. Reblogged this on hondaprojason and commented:
    I was just featured on one of my favorite car blogs! Check it out here:

  6. Thank You so much for the kind words and all the Honda Love.

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