Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Odometer (Legend):  529,471


Odometer (ILX):  79,039


Too cool not to share.  My friend Jim tipped me off on the story of a man from El Paso, TX who sold everything he owned and set out on a motorcycle ride over the next two years that would take him through 36 countries in over 120,000 miles of riding.  That man is Alex Chacon, and his page is called Modern Motorcycle Diaries.


Prudhoe Bay, Alaska!  One of my must-see destinations.  Hopefully in 2015.


Alex has captured some of his most memorable moments in a brilliant 3-minute video.

Here’s more on Alex’s background.

Check out this shot taken yesterday morning along McDowell Road in the Salt River – Pima Indian Community.  Too tempting to resist!


Have a great weekend!


5 Responses to “Modern Motorcycle Diaries”

  1. Neat stuff.
    Sounds like what Neal Peart did after his wife and daughter passed away.

    • Ah, very interesting. I will read up on Neal Peart. Seems like a big motorcycle ride would be a great way to enjoy the country, but it’s probably tougher to do 1,000 mile days like I’ve done so many times before in a car.

  2. The drummer for Rush

  3. Right on Dave. Same person I thought of when seeing this. Rush is my all time favorite group

    • Nice! Great minds think alike, I guess. Gonna have to add me some Rush to the iPod playlist for my road trips. Any particular song recommendations?

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