4th of July Weekend Part 1: Scottsdale, Arizona to Boise, Idaho

Odometer (Legend):  530,029


Odometer (ILX):  86,638


Leg Distance:  1,071 Miles


Brigham City, Utah.  I had a few minutes to kill while waiting for my friend Nick to meet me for some hometown food, so I sprawled out on my back on the grassy lawn in front of Peach City Drive-In and enjoyed the incredible summertime weather.  As I looked above me, the whispy clouds drifted across the sky and the sun peeked through the leaves with a glisten in the light breeze.  Coming from a place where A) It’s 110 degrees, and B) Hardly anyone landscapes with grass, this was quite a rich experience.  I was in my element.


That is, until I heard the sputter of a sprinkler head a few feet away from my face.  Within seconds, the oscillating nozzle made its way with gushing water right toward me.  I thought quickly enough to shield my iPhone from the water as I darted across the grass to safety, but my shirt and sunglasses got soaked.  Nick pulled up a minute or so later and I had to explain, “No, this isn’t sweat.  I just got attacked by the sprinklers and I think everyone inside the restaurant is laughing at me right now.”

It’s a 5-day holiday weekend for me and I’m making the most of it by exploring some new turf up north.  Tonight, I’m in stationed in the capitol of the Gem State of Idaho, in Boise.  Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with none other than Josh of TSXTravels.com for a scenic tour of the surrounding area en route to my brother’s cabin in the town of McCall.  It’s already been a memorable 1,071-mile trip so far.  Enjoy a few of the photos from this first piece of my journey.

The was just dipping below the horizon around quarter to eight last night as I neared Hoover Dam in Nevada.


I made some time to meet up with my friend Jessie and Devon in Boulder City for some Panda Express dinner.


In St. George, Utah, I dropped off a transmission at my brother’s place.  That unit is going into a Lexus IS300 that my brother is building.  Sure was fun to hoist that into / out of my trunk by myself (Payton wasn’t home at the time of drop-off).


Saturday morning meet-up with mom before heading northbound on I-15 from St. George


Mom knows me best.  She took a couple of “spy shots” while I was driving ahead of her on Bluff Street.


Bonus points to her for also getting the rear quarter panel of a 2nd generation Acura TL!




In Salt Lake City, I made a couple of friend visits but soon continued onward.


Brigham City (population 18,000) is the proud home of the World’s Greatest Wild Bird Refuge, according to a sign that spans its main street.  The Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge covers some 74,000 acres and was established in 1928.


I couldn’t help but stop at “Chim-Chiminey” Fireplace and Stove Shop on Main Street.


The sign immediately made me think of this Mary Poppins Song.

Soon, I arrived at Peach City Drive-In at 300 North Main Street.


Peach City has been a landmark in Brigham City since 1937 but its current location dates back to 1957.


Here’s that darn sprinkler that blasted me.


Nick arrived in his gorgeous 2006 BMW 325xi and we prepared to dine.



Grilled cheese, waffle fries, and… fry sauce.  This might be a Utah thing, but “fry sauce” is the best.  It’s basically a combination of ketchup and mayonnaise.  And it’s incredibly delicious.


Heading out again on I-15 to I-84 westbound.


Storms loomed ahead and at one point the torrential rains forced me to put the windshield wipers into high gear.


It was during these thunderstorms that the temperature cooled to a refreshing 65 degrees outside.


By the way, I’m having a tough time adjusting to these daylight hours!  Back home, sunset was at 7:40 p.m.  Here in Boise, it was 9:25 p.m.!  Anyway, here I am, relaxing for the night with many more adventures yet to come.

Thanks for joining!

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  1. Glad you made it. Todd missed a key flight that toppled all his plans so now he will be delayed one more day. Great to see you this morning!

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