Legend Spy Shot Roundup #3

Odometer (Legend):  531,483


Odometer (ILX):  91,751


When you’re in Arizona, the best parking spaces at the supermarket are not defined by their proximity to the front door.  They’re the ones with shade.  This is proper parking:  shade in a curb spot way as far away from the entrance as possible.


My friends know how excited I get when I see a Legend on the road, so years ago they started sending me pictures every time they see one.  It wasn’t until recently that I decided to start saving the pics.  We’re really getting quite a nice collection of shots!

Remember:  I love seeing these photos, but please always send them to me after you’re off the road.  Keep the roadways safe!

And now, I bring you the latest in reader-supplied pictures!  Let’s kick it off with my personal favorite, a 1994-95 LS coupe in Desert Mist Metallic with Oregon plates.  My friend Dusty saw this beauty on Scottsdale Road.  It’s a rare find:  one of only 550 Legend coupes in its color/trim configuration for those years combined.


(photo adjusted for angle)


The next three were from Conor in New York.  That 1989-90 sedan looks right at home carrying plywood on the interstate!


This G2 sedan somehow ended up with a mix & match set of wheels.


This Canterbury Green Metallic has some aftermarket chrome accents on the B pillar.


This Milano Red 1994-95 coupe came from Jim in Arizona.


As did this Rosewood Brown 1991-92 L sedan.


And this 1989-90 LS sedan.


Nick in Utah sent this artsy black & white shot of a 1994-95 L or LS sedan.  Probably in Cashmere Silver Metallic.


Ryan from Utah found a rare 1994-95 Legend GS sedan in Desert Mist Metallic.  It had over 230,000 miles on the odometer and was looking pretty nasty.


Brett in California found this Granada Black Pearl 1994-95 LS coupe.  Behind bars!


Dave in Washington spotted this 1994-95 LS coupe.  It might be Sherwood Green Metallic but it’s tough to tell.


Jason from Louisiana saw this 1989-90 sedan while on vacation in California.


Extra credit goes to Paul from Georgia for spotting two-in-one G2 sedans.


He also sent me this 1994-95 L coupe in Cashmere Silver Metallic.


Josh in Idaho found this bashed up sedan while on the job.


Tim from New Jersey saw this Cobalt Blue 1991 L sedan at a Mexican restaurant.


And this 1993 LS sedan (with 15″ coupe rims) at a Wawa convenience store.


Stephen from Washington saw this 1994-95 L/LS sedan in Desert Mist Metallic on his morning commute.


Ryan from Arizona spotted this clean 1993-95 L/LS sedan in Cashmere Silver Metallic.


And Ian from Arizona saw a 1991-92 L sedan in Persian Red Metallic.


As well as this 1991 L sedan in Golden Glow Pearl with Washington plates.


Dillon in North Carolina saw this Cashmere Silver at his workplace and had a nice chat with the owner.


Nice job to all for being on the lookout for Legends!

8 Responses to “Legend Spy Shot Roundup #3”

  1. That is a nice corner spot Tyson. You are quite adept at finding those corner parking spaces. 🙂

  2. Nice collection! None of them seem to be as shiny as yours though. The first Legend I had ever seen was a maroon first gen one like in the third pic. It was the late 80’s or right around ’90, and a friend of my dad’s had one and stopped by with it. Even as a fairly young kid, I was struck by the quality of the thing, especially in the interior materials and fit/finish. The GM cars and trucks we had were light years behind.

    • Haha, yeah, I remember when my first “jump” to the Honda brand from GM. It was when I ditched my 1986 Chevy Celebrity and got a 1989 Honda Prelude Si. Night & day 🙂 I haven’t looked back since.

  3. Tyson, great idea creating these posts and it just encourages us readers to find and send you more spy shots! Haha. I loved the one Dusty found that was your twin! Looked really clean.

    • Haha, yes! I would’ve followed that guy ALL the way to his destination, just so I could ask him about his car and find out if it was a 6-speed. Stalker alert 🙂

  4. You’re killing me with your eye for Legends. I wonder if it’s a gift you’ve been blessed with or if you’ve just trained yourself to be good at it. 🙂 XOXO

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