Reader’s Ride: Wayne’s 1994 Legend GS 6-Speed

Odometer (Legend):  533,874


Odometer (ILX):  132,548


Odometer (NSX):  100,769


It was January 2007.  I had just finished up graduate school of Thunderbird School of Global Management and I wanted to reward myself with something special.  Posted on craigslist, I found a cream puff of a car in southern California that fit the bill perfectly:  a Sirius White Pearl 1994 Acura Legend GS sedan 6-speed.  Having owned my Legend coupe for about 4 years, I felt ready to expand the fleet a little.  Now, I’d already owned a couple of other Legends in the past but this one was special because of its ownership history & condition.

The below pictures from the online listing stole my heart.  The seller, Simon, had even installed the car’s original “Hoehn Acura” license plates for the pictures.  He informed me that his mother Lorraine, the original owner, had named the car Bodecia.  She had traveled frequently between Carlsbad, California and her cabin in Oregon and thus the car had over 200,000 miles on it at the time of listing but didn’t look even a year old.




On January 15th, I flew from Phoenix to Orange County airport and took delivery of the Legend at 207,100 miles from Simon.  He gave me every single stitch of paperwork on the car – one of the most complete records I’ve ever seen.


Notice he’d even given me a CD with the maintenance records digitized.  This guy was over the top, and I loved it.


Icing on the cake was getting ahold of the original window sticker AND a couple of pictures from when the car was brand new.


Starting odometer reading when I took delivery.


Back in Phoenix and meeting its coupe sibling for the first time.


It was at this same time that I got my first “real” job.  I was working at the US Airways main office in Tempe, Arizona on the Domestic Pricing team.  I was the guy who you either loved or hated when you got online to check airfares.


I exchanged several emails around that time with the original owner Lorraine.  She was a sweet lady.  Here’s her message dated May 14, 2007.


It makes me want to cry to see how beautiful Bodecia looks. Thank you for the pictures.  Here’s the story how I chose her.  I had, at that time, a white 1980 Mazda RX 7.  She had a Weber carburetor, air horns, a straight through exhaust and a D-bar and a racing clutch because I blew the original clutch.  You could hear her half a block away.  I loved that car.  Skip Gorman, Simon’s mentor, had worked on my car with all the add-ons and as Simon grew older, Simon put them on for me.

So, one day, an old Legend gave me a run for my money on the on/off ramp from 52 on to 805. I was intrigued  and followed this car till I found out what it was. I needed a sedan as my Nissan Maxima of 10 years was past its prime. So, I test drove the 1994 Legend. I loved it. Loved the 6 forward gears, I was trained to use gears to slow down not the brakes. I wanted white and they had to search for her.  Bodecia was one of 5 white models in the USA at that time. She was loaded on a semi and shipped down to Carlsbad from Los Angeles, especially for me.   So, she may be the only white pearl GS left of the 1994 GS models in USA.  This was the first car I had paid for and chose for myself after my divorce and she meant the world to me.  Simon called her OJC (old Japanese car) and that hurt and it hurt to see her at his house.  I still think I love her better than my new car which is an automatic for when I really am a little old lady.

Bodecia just has an air about her.  She was a Legend so I picked the name Bodecia who was a British legend.  She fought the Romans after her husband was killed in battle. Rallied her people  but unfortunately they lost.  You may see her on some of the old English coins, chariot, spear shield.  So, you can imagine how happy I am to see Bodecia is getting the care she deserves.  Congratulations on your Masters Degree. Quite a feat. Well done.  I would love to meet you next time you are in California. Let me know.  I am retired but babysit for my daughter in Yorba Linda and am a Senior Patrol Volunteer for the Encinitas Sheriff Department. I will definitely make time for you.  Will mail off the window sticker tomorrow.  Yes, I spell funny. I was born in Australia.


I owned the white Legend GS for fewer than 10 months, but in that one short span of ownership, I had so much fun with the car, some of which I’ve already shared on the blog.

Here are a few other pictures of memorable occasions.

February 2007 – Sirius White Pearl block party at Chuck’s house, with his 1993 LS coupe and 1993 LS sedan.


Neighbors were rolling their eyes I’m sure!


May 2007 – Legend 6-speed photoshoot near the home I was renting in Tempe, Arizona.


August 2007 – The sedan had become my daily driver while the coupe was being repaired from a couple of deer collisions.  I took advantage of an amazing sunset one evening in the parking lot of the Arizona State University football stadium in Tempe.



On October 1, I was ready to sell the car.  The coupe was coming back from the body shop, I had picked up a 3rd car (1991 Honda Prelude 4WS) that was sucking a lot of my attention away — plus I had limited parking space at my rental home.  So, with great hesitance I posted the ad for the car with 216,000 miles for $5,990 on craigslist.  My advertisement was several pages long and had at least a dozen detailed pictures.


I also included a screen shot of the maintenance records Excel file.


On October 26th, long-time friend of mine Wayne flew from Houston to take delivery of the car.  We took the opportunity to rally another Legend lover, Chuck, for dinner in central Phoenix at Hard Rock Cafe when Wayne and his friend Terrell were in town.


Group photo at the restaurant


Key handoff to Wayne


Tyson, Wayne, Chuck, in the parking garage before heading out.


Wayne and Terrell made the 1,176-mile drive home to Houston the following morning.  Not long afterward, Wayne sent me this picture of the car wearing its newly-issued Texas license plates.


For many years (nearly 8, in fact) Wayne lovingly cared for the Legend with regular maintenance.  Then tragedy struck in May 2015.  The Houston area was pummeled with rain and most of the city went underwater, including the garage where Wayne had his Legend stored.  Despite efforts to bring it back to life, the car was pronounced a total loss as the water had become too deep.  Sterling McCall Acura technicians delivered the somber news.


These are photos from the car as it sat while drying out in the service bay.


And this was the news I received from Wayne regarding the insurance company’s decision.


At 220,439 miles, this Legend was merely broken in and still had a lot of life to live.  Post your condolences for Wayne in the comments box, and let’s hope he can find another replacement car soon.  Thanks, Wayne, for letting me share your story!

EDIT:  July 2, 2015

Wayne has already found a worthy replacement for his Legend.  He is the proud owner of a 2003 Acura CL Type-S 6-Speed manual. As most of you Acura fans will know, the CL 6MT is an extremely rare find.  His is an Aegean Blue Pearl model, one of only 230 ever produced.  2003 was the only model year to offer a stick shift in the 2nd gen Acura CL.

Congratulations, Wayne!


I have just 4 quick pics from this past weekend:

The ILX enduring a desert sandstorm just moments after I’d finished washing it.


The Legend sedan getting an oil change on Saturday and parked next to a 2016 ILX.


A congrats to my friend Jimmy on picking up a Legend.  He got this 1994 GS 6-Speed with 166,048 miles on it recently.  I took a test drive.


And a shot from a Sunday drive in the NSX.  Even at 8:00 a.m. the heat was unbearable.  I need to get the A/C fixed in that car.


Oh, and that’s the 62-foot-long “America’s Largest Sundial” in Carefree, AZ that I’ve blogged about before.

Have a great week!

28 Responses to “Reader’s Ride: Wayne’s 1994 Legend GS 6-Speed”

  1. So sorry for your loss, Wayne… what a BEAUTY that Legend is. That’s a tragedy…

  2. From someone who truly understands automotive emotional attachment syndrome (AEAS) there aren’t many things in life that can make you cry except… death of a loved one, loss of a dog or nature robbing you of your Acura.

    The good news is no one was hurt and you have your health. Here’s hoping you someday find a “worthy” replacement…

    • Thanks Hy. I knew you’d understand! I’m fully diagnosed with AEAS and I’m not sure if there’s rehab for such things. We just get through our lives the best we can. Wayne is in good spirits after his loss. Last I heard, he was looking at rare Acura CL 6-speeds to fill the gap. It may take time before he pulls the trigger on anything just yet.

  3. Great write-up, Tyson! This is quite sad to see such a gem totaled. This is a perfect tribute to the loss. I hope that someday I obtain a car that’s as well documented and cared for as this example was. These clean Legends are getting more and more hard to find. (I need to start saving sooner than later!) 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! Haha, you do need to get a Legend but I know how scarce parking space is at your place these days – as it is at mine. How about we go in on a warehouse or airplane hangar sometime?

      • High mileage Says:

        No way in hell I would’ve let that GS go without a huge payout or my inability to get it started and driving down the street after a few days of proper cleaning and drying.

  4. Major bummer Wayne. Very sad.

    • Sad indeed. Maybe someone further down the line will bring Wayne’s Legend back to life. I’m going to hang onto the VIN and run a Carfax in a few months just to find out.

  5. Too bad to see such a nice Legend killed like that… That really hurts my soul.

  6. What a sad story! Very sorry to see such a pristine car ruined like that.

    • I know, it’s a real shame. Sometimes Mother Nature is brutal on automobiles. I guess even inside a private garage sometimes a car is never safe! Wayne will move on.

  7. Very sorry for your loss Wayne. Looks like that Legend was taken care of really well. What is wrong with the A/C in the NSX?

    • I’m having it diagnosed next week but I’m pretty sure it’s a leak in the system somewhere because it was just converted / recharged last year. I’ll post updates when I find out. Thanks for reading!

  8. Wayne Tisler Says:

    Thank you for all the kind words, and Tyson this was a perfect obituary for a fine automobile. I am still in shock over the whole ordeal. I was at Sterling McCall with a friend who was purchasing a new TLX to replace his flooded Accord when Tim (assist. service manager) took me back to the service bay. I teared up immediately when he gave the news it was a goner; the water had gotten too high.
    I too have been comparing this to putting a beloved pet to sleep. The insurance settlement was significant due to having a collectable vehicle policy but does not make up for the loss of such a beloved treasure.
    Once again; thank you Tyson for the write up and to all the kind words.

    • Thanks Wayne, I’m glad we were able to give Bodecia some kind of tribute here on the blog. The car was a joy to own while it lasted. For now, you can enjoy the coupe a little more and keep me posted on the hunt for another vehicle. Thanks again for letting me share the story.

  9. bbimmer7 Says:

    Beautiful car! It’s amazing how some Legends can go so many miles and still look brand new. I’ve been browsing ones for sale again, not that I really should take on a second car at the moment. Found a nice ’95 GS with 177,000 miles about half an hour away from me on Craigslist. Very tempted to take a test drive.

    • Hey thanks for reading and commenting. I agree with you – the Legend design is timeless and quite a few of them are well preserved. On the other hand, I also see a lot that are absolutely trashed. You should go take that ’95 GS for a cruise just to see how you like it. You might enjoy my “spy shots” posts as a Legend fan, haha. Here’s the latest one.

      • bbimmer7 Says:

        Yeah I completely forgot about your blog, but I really need to start reading regularly! I saw a Legend for the first time in a while last week, and have been on a Legend kick since. Every few months I will browse listings on various places, but there usually aren’t many half decent ones in my area, for sale or on the roads.

        Unfortunately that listing must have expired. It was close to the 30-day mark. At this very moment, taking on a second car is not the best idea, but hopefully my current internship will transition to a permanent salaried position in the next few months. In that case, it would be a different story. If you ever happen to come across any good ones up for sale near you, always feel free to let me know!

  10. That was such at heart warming story. I feel like a friend just died.

    • Tugging at heart strings for the loss of a Legend! Thanks for reading James… and happy Friday (sort of).

      • It is definitely tugging on the heart strings. I did purchase locally a very clean CL Type-S 6-speed yesterday. It can in no way be considered a ‘replacement ‘ for my beloved Legend.
        Tyson; could you post a pic of the CL?

  11. Wayne, I updated the post to include the key handoff CL picture. So it does kind of have a happy ending now. Thanks for sharing.

  12. damn sorry to hear about the GS 6MT loss. I cringe seeing those pictures!! I wish I would have been able to pick it up from you when you made it available.

    • I know, so sad to see this one gone. I wonder what is going on with the car now, think it’ll get parted or someone along the way will decide to put it back on the road somehow?

  13. Great story. So glad to hear others share how special those GS Sedan 6MT’s were. Nice to know there are people who appreciate the little things. The NSX’s, Type-R’s, and S2000’s (I own a AP1) are nice but the more obtainable ones (Legends and Integra GSR’s) are truly special too. Hopefully Honda/Acura can bring some of that magic back real soon!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes I fully agree there is an element of “magic” missing in the lineup right now. I’ve always felt the Acuras of the 90’s had a sense of soul and they were built to withstand the test of time, both from a styling perspective and mechanical perspective.

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