NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, Part 1: Air Museum Opening Reception

Odometer (Legend):  537,972


Trip Distance:  279 Miles


I’m broadcasting live from the biggest U.S. gathering of Acura NSX owners in history.


NSXPO, the event that brings NSX fans together year after year, is based this year in sunny Palm Springs, California.  The event opened for registration at the end of May and sold out at 250 tickets in a matter of only about a week’s time.  The level of interest has been unprecedented, and we are geared up for a very busy next few days.  2015 marks a special year in NSX history for a number of reasons.  It’s the 25 year anniversary of the year when the revolutionary NSX first launched.  It also represents a 10-year anniversary of its last year of production.  And finally – after a long-awaited hiatus – the newest iteration of this iconic sportscar has come back stronger than ever.  Acura Division is here to show us its latest creation in all its glory.  You’ve seen it discussed here on Drive to Five a number of times – even as far back as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit nearly 4 years ago, but now it’s finally here in tangible form.

(photo credit:  Bob Ondrovic)


I’m an 11-time NALM veteran but this marks the first time I’ve participated in an NSX gathering of this size and scope.  Best of all, I’ve been able to play a key role in the planning & development of the program.  Our 5-person NSXPO Planning Committee has worked hard for about a year now on putting the pieces together to make this possible, but the rewards have been worth it and we’re thrilled that so many other like-minded fans will appreciate our efforts and enjoy the weekend.

Tonight, we kicked off the festivities with an exclusive event at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  The logistics behind corralling over 160 cars into a parking lot behind and airplane hangar got a little complicated – especially when during a 2-hour window of time we had to check people in, have them sign 3 waivers, get them wristbands for the track day tomorrow, give them “swag bags,” ask them to do some judging for the car show, and keep our sanity together!  But, somehow we made it through and thankfully everyone is being very patient with us as we do our best to keep things on track.

(photo credit:  Bob Ondrovic)


My drive out to Palm Springs was a piece of cake last night.  This morning, we had about 50 people check in early, so that helped put a dent in our remaining headcount for registration.  We had some great volunteers to help us get goodie bags assembled and get credentials in alphabetical order.  Then the onslaught of people started arriving.  While people were outside in the heat trying to get cars parked evenly for a group photo, the rest of us were getting everyone inside the hangar situated with their gear.  When I finally peeked outside, I saw a sea of aluminum:  more NSXs in one place than I’d ever seen before!  A few celebrities arrived, too – including Ted Klaus who is the large project leader on the 2017 NSX, RealTime Racing driver Peter Cunningham, and a few other special guests from the Acura development teams, marketing teams, and other areas.  Automobile Magazine author Michael Jordan attended, as did Ben Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic car, and we even had a drop-in from Jason Cammisa of Motor Trend.  Needless to say, I was a little star-struck.

It felt like we were all on The Price is Right when Event Director Chris Willson announced the 3 raffle winners for tomorrow’s ride-along in the 2017 NSX with Peter Cunningham at the wheel.  “Come on down!” he said.  The recipients were super excited and the rest of us will be eternally jealous!

Here are a few photos from our first day of fun out here in Palm Springs.  Thanks for coming along!


The Legend out and about a couple of days ago


I-10 westbound in my 1992 NSX with 102,000 miles on the odometer


Staying last night with my friends Scott & Sandy.  Scott has a 1992 NSX that’s a twin to mine (but with half the miles)


Good way to start the day!  Group message with the other Planning Committee members.


With Event Director Chris Willson during early registration at Agua Caliente


Check-in table signage


Les Rowe and Jim Cozzolino from the Planning Committee, getting a little friendly!


Arrival a the Air Museum before the masses got there


Goodie bag assembly line


Solo shot with my car and the 2017 NSX in Berlina Black!


Scott sent this of the lineup of cars waiting to get in around that time


Chris Hand from Acura Social Media


The view outside!


View 2


View 3


Scott and I were in heaven.


And more


The new NSX was on a rug at the front of the pack


Rear ends


They keep going and going


Racing legend Peter Cunningham arrived with his wife.  Peter had just gotten back from the “NSX Fiesta” event in Japan.


I asked him to sign my dash with a silver Sharpie, and he obliged!


With Ted Klaus, Matt Stall, and Michael Cao – these are some of the key players in the development of the new NSX


Ben Hsu from Japanese Nostalgic Car


Jason Cammisa from Motor Trend


The group assembled to have dinner


Arrival back at the parking garage, with my friend Ben Lin.  I’ve now seen Ben at THREE automotive events in the last couple of months:  S2000 Homecoming in early September, NALM in late September, and now NSXPO.  We are on the same car show schedule apparently!


He’s the original owner of a 2005 “Silverstone” color NSX with only 7,000 miles on the odometer!


Tomorrow:  Track day and an evening at “The Living Desert.”  Stay tuned!

11 Responses to “NSXPO 2015 in Palm Springs, Part 1: Air Museum Opening Reception”

  1. I NEED TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And tell Ben if that Silverstone NSX goes missing, look no further than NYC…

  3. Lots of sexy looking NSXs! Love all the different colors.

  4. Very few yellow ones!

    • Yes! I’d have to look at the complete Productuon Numbers spreadsheet to see the actual numbers, but there were two shades of yellow available: Rio Yellow and Spa Yellow. I’ve still never seen them side by side to know how they compare…

  5. SOOO many NSX’s. Looked amazing. That is awesome that Peter Cunningham signed your NSX!

    • I know! My car felt so lonely most of the way back to Phoenix, after spending the week with so many of its siblings. Now I just need a signature for the dashboards of my other cars. Perhaps you’d like to take a Sharpie to my ILX?

  6. Predominant NSX color….. red? 🙂

    • Oh, without a doubt! Red and black were the most common colors, especially in the early model years when the production numbers were at their peak. My car is one of 421 in its configuration. Not all that rare! I learned recently that every NSX color gets its name from a racetrack. “Formula” red. “Imola” orange.” “Long Beach” blue. Etc.

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