Acura’s 2016 Super Bowl Commercial Teaser & Chris’ Visit Underway

Greetings!  Acura’s marketing team asked me to share this with you all:  it’s a teaser for an upcoming ad that will air during the first quarter of this year’s Super Bowl.  While the 2017 NSX in most regards is old news, having been shown in various iterations over the last 4 years, it’s almost time for it to (finally) go on sale – tomorrow, in fact, at Barrett-Jackson – and I’m sure they’ll have a memorable ad in the upcoming game to attract a few more buyers.  A sweepstakes will also soon be launched that will offer racetrack test drives of the new NSX to winners.  More details on that are on the way!

We’re already off to a busy start with my friend Chris being in town from Baltimore for a few days.  I picked him up on Wednesday morning from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.


First stop was at Smashburger at Tempe Marketplace


Then I put Chris to work right away.  We decided it was time to ditch the “boy-racer” aftermarket air intake that came on my 1993 Legend L sedan and reinstall the original airbox and piping.  Notice that Chris was wearing appropriate Acura technician apparel.


We did find out that we were missing a few hoses and pieces of hardware, so we headed down to the local “pick & pull” junkyard to scavenge around.  We found about a dozen G2 Legend sedan and one G2 Legend coupe.


Back at the house, time for some tear-down.


This is an “EGR Tube” with 149,990 miles worth of carbon build-up inside it.  The photo doesn’t fully illustrate, but the opening is almost fully clogged.  One of the projects Chris and I are undertaking is a clean-out of this piece.


Superman at work over there.  Doesn’t he look comfortable?


We’d worked up an appetite so we went to a place in Scottsdale called Hogs & Hops BBQ.


Left to right:  Josh, James, Tyson, Chris, Jimmy, and Mirel


You’ll see more of these guys later in the weekend!

14 Responses to “Acura’s 2016 Super Bowl Commercial Teaser & Chris’ Visit Underway”

  1. “i void warranties.” HA!

    • Haha, isn’t that a great shirt? I guess it’s OK. None of the cars Chris is working on have been under warranty for almost 20 years 🙂 Thanks for reading, Mark!

  2. Nice job- getting Chris to work right away! :). Have fun at Barrett Jackson. That commercial teaser looks pretty neat

    • He’s gotta earn his keep! Thanks – we’re spending all day tomorrow at the auction. I’ll keep an eye out for something shiny for you. Email me your bank account info 😉

  3. My bank routing number is 061000227. Will send account number later.

    • Thanks, Kevin. I’ll surprise you with something nice. It’ll be delivered by secure transport vehicle to your doorstep in Duluth with a big red bow on the rooftop.

  4. How many miles does Chris have on the 08 TL Type S now?

  5. That was an interesting teaser video…

  6. Just realized where that intro is from…Runnin with the Devil from Van Halen. Should be a wicked commercial in full length

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