Back in the U.S.: Stops in Seattle, WA & Boise, ID

Odometer:  170,440


Overall Trip Distance:  6,741 Miles

Back in the US of A!  It was a real contrast to our wide-open, no-traffic drive through the Yukon when Jason and I got stuck in 6 lanes wide of bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-405 in Seattle yesterday afternoon.  I’m starting to wonder if coming back to civilization was a good thing or a bad thing!  Nevertheless (or always the more, as my Grandpa would say), we have successfully arrived in the Lower 48 and it’s been a great (shorter) last couple of days on the road.


We got out of Cache Creek bright and early on Tuesday and made our way down the Trans-Canada Highway with the Fraser River at the base.  It was gorgeous scenery, turn after turn.  There were a total of about 6 or 7 tunnels of varying length as we made our way southbound.  The town of Hope was as charming as it sounds, and one stop we made there was at the wrecking yard for Jamie Davis Towing.  Jamie’s company is famous because it’s featured in the Discovery Channel “Highway Thru Hell” TV show.  Since the roads are so critical to keep commerce alive, and the weather conditions can be so rough, Jamie’s business deals with all sorts of hardships.



Jason and I were treated to some of the best hospitality I’ve ever received, a little ways down the road in Abbotsford.  This small B.C. city resides just on the north side of the United States border.  Pam’s beautiful place which overlooks the valley is home to two Acuras:  her 2006 TSX and 1991 NSX (and a couple of motorcycles).  She is a truly genuine Honda fan, and a gracious hostess.  Pam fixed us salads to-go and let us catch our breath for a few minutes at her home before we headed out on our way.


The border checkpoint at Abbotsford moved fairly slowly but we got through in about 25 minutes.  The U.S. Customs agent recommended that I stop at a gas station and clean off my license plate.  Ha!


Jason and I weaved around through some beautiful northern Washington back roads before connecting with Interstate 5 which led us south to the Seattle area.  Our first stop there was to visit my friend Lance at his shop in Woodinville and take a look at a beautiful 1992 Acura Integra GS-R which he’s been restoring.  He even let me roll 234,567.8 miles on a quick test drive.


Yesterday evening, I met up with some family members and friends at a bar & grill not far from my motel for a bite to eat.  They all told me I must’ve brought the nice weather with me because it’s been so rainy in recent weeks (it’s Seattle – go figure!).


This morning, Jason and I walked to the IHOP next to our Motel 6 in Issaquah and shared one last meal together before parting ways.  He’d decided to continue heading south through Oregon and California, but I needed to head more east and begin making my way toward Idaho and Utah.  I got out on the road headed eastward on Interstate 90.  While attractions along I-90, I-82, and I-84 were pretty slim, it was nice to be able to set the cruise control.  The interstate climbs through a beautiful pass in the Cascade Range called Snoqualmie Pass at a little over 3,000 feet in elevation.

My car rolled 170,000 miles right at that location.



Once the terrain leveled out a bit, I arrived in Yakima and met up with a long-time friend named Chris who works in the school district there.  Chris and I met 11 years ago at a Seattle-area Acura Legend meet and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.  He still has his Legend but has also added a couple of other fancy cars to the stable:  A Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and a Mercedes-Benz 500SL.  I must say, he has great taste in cars!  We met up briefly to catch up and I got to check out his Benz up close and personal.  The retractable top is fully automated with the touch of one button, and the open/close procedure is quite the complicated sight to behold!


From there I went on into Oregon by crossing the massive Columbia River.  In Oregon and New Jersey, gas is not self-serve.  I fueled up in La Grande and an attendant asked me if I wanted premium and how much to add.  I asked her to fill up the tank.  Another guy worked on squeegeeing my windshield while I waited.  It felt odd having someone else do those sorts of tasks for me!  Oregon and New Jersey are the only states with that law.  Actually, “all” gas sales used to be full-service until 1947 when California was the first state to adopt self-serve.  It caught on.


This evening I crossed into Idaho and I’m staying the night with my good friend Josh who you all know as the 497,500-mile TSX guy from  Josh and his Great Dane pup Abby are great hosts and I’m about to settle in for the night’s rest, but we took his TSX out for burgers at a restaurant called Ram and my friend Kevin met up with us for some chat, too.  Tomorrow, I continue on into Utah and chopping another 400 or so miles off on my return drive to Phoenix.  Thanks as always for following along!



A few more pics from the last couple of days.

Downshifting to let the car’s engine brake for me on the steep grades of the Trans-Canada Highway 1


One of the many tunnels we passed through


Hell’s Gate Airtram – I would like to try this sometime.  I bet it’s like the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.


Another tunnel on Highway 1


Green scene(ry)


Bathroom break in Yale, B.C. at the Esso gas station


Railroad tracks running through the canyon


Visiting Jamie Davis tow company


Pam’s home in Abbotsford


Pam with her immaculate Acuras


Pam fixed us a delicious salad.  My mom will appreciate that this was the best-rounded (and most colorful) meal I’ve had this entire trip!


U.S. border delays as shown along Highway 1


More info on the delays


Trip timer has now maxed out!


Out for a test drive in the Integra GS-R


This Band-Aid was a clever way to “fix” a bruised Lexus RX


Dinner with family…


… and friends!


That’s Tony and his wife Justi – and this is their immaculate 2005 BMW convertible.


Later that night, I met up with Stephen who drives this beautiful 1994 Legend GS


With Stephen


More of Chris’ Mercedes.  I love this car!  Don’t mind the dirty ILX in the background.



I thought Yakima was a nice town!  Just the right size.


Back in Idaho.  Feels like forever since Jason and I passed through this state a little over a week ago!


My Idahoan friend Kevin and his 2016 Mazda 6 after dinner.


Headed back to Josh’s in the famous TSX


Quick shot with Josh


Signing out for the night!

19 Responses to “Back in the U.S.: Stops in Seattle, WA & Boise, ID”

  1. First off, hello Josh! Thanks for hosting Tyson. Secondly, I am all over Pam’s colorful salad! How gracious these people are! And her house…beautiful! Washington and Oregon are two of my favorite states. Enjoy the cool and green because it’s going to get hot and brown soon enough. Happy trails son!

    • I know! I’m not ready to drive into the inferno, but it’s time to get back to reality. I’ve been really lucky throughout the trip to connect with some great people like Pam and Josh. I only hope I can someday return the favor and have them visit me!

      • Oh you will have a chance … I’ll be stopping by at some point! So awesome to have celebrities visit my little city 🙂

    • Pam Buckshon Says:

      Greetings Mama Tia! I’m a mother of three daughters and a grandmother of three grandsons. I don’t know any other way to behave but to look after people I love. It was such a great pleasure to host Tyson and his friend Jason. Awesome people!

  2. Welcome back to the USA! I like that white Acura TSX in your post. Looks like a 2005 model. 😉

    • Thank you for the welcome back. It’s good to be home (though I still have a ways to go yet). That 05 TSX rides and drives like a brand new car. Our trip to dinner was about 15 minutes each way. I must say, I’m impressed! Josh has a keeper there!

  3. Pam Buckshon Says:

    Wow, talk about an epic blog post! Two action-packed days worth of photos and documentation make for a great read.
    It’s awesome that you were able to drive the Coquihalla and Snoqualmie Pass in the same trip. I don’t think I’ve ever done Snoqualmie pass going east but it’s amazing going west too. You’re very lucky they weren’t blasting!
    For some reason (could it be the NSX?) I usually hook up with a cool little modified something or other through the pass… loads of fun. It’s either that or a USA “stockie” bearing military plates and hell bent on making the most of their leave time 🙂
    As always, safe and speedy travels,

    • Thank you Pam! What a great couple of days it’s been. Some of the best people and the best roads I’ve had the whole trip. Agree – Snoqualmie was a lot of fun – and zero construction until after I got up over the highest summit. There was also a few-mile stretch of really fun road just east of Pendleton, Oregon on I-84 where the interstate snakes up over the Blue Mountains. The corners are posted at 45 mph but I took them a little faster just for fun. Once again, I greatly appreciated your hospitality! Hope your week is going well 🙂

  4. Midnight Mystery Says:

    Wow Josh has been 500 miles already!!!

    He just hit 497,000 the other day and said he’d be driving less for the time being…

    The suspense is killing me…

    Good job Tyson… I know what you mean by heat… Went to Dallas if ice years ago… Talk about hot… Don’t even get me started on the fact we don’t have rear air in the Kia we had…

    Rear air should be required in anything with four doors… Or at least considered… Have fun carving the canyons… Looked like you saw some amazing Hondas and Acuras, and even Mazdas these past couple days… How’s the new Mazda 6 seem to you?

    • Hey there! I know, Josh is on a roll – literally – and I predict his milestone will happen by the end of June at the latest. It’s going be a great achievement and his dedication to that car is pretty awesome. I haven’t had much time with the new Mazda 6 so I can’t really comment on it; are you considering one? I do like the design a lot!

  5. Look at that salad! Pam must have known you guys needed some legit food after many days of eating at gas stations.

    • That’s for sure. Beef jerky, Starbucks bottled beverages, and animal crackers. Those have been my 3 food groups (until Pam came along and saved the day 🙂

    • PamBuckshon Says:

      Haha Brad! Once a mother always a mother, and yes I’ve been watching the photographs of what they’ve been eating on the trip. I was also aware that they were on a tight schedule and figured something to take a long would partially offset the time they had taken to come up and visit. What a great day and what an epic trip! – Pam

  6. Welcome back to the US!

    Sounds like a very busy couple of days but the photos and tales are great! Now we need to get you to the East Coast 🙂

    • After this whole thing, an east coast trip sounds like a drive around the block! Thanks for following the adventure, Jake – I appreciate it. Happy Friday night. Hope you’re getting into some trouble out there in VA. Remember I have your location pinpointed at any time – just don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Haha

  7. Joshua L Says:

    Hi Tyson, Congratulations Tyson that you got hit 170,000 miles on your ILX!! 30,000 more miles to go until hit 200,000 miles. I’m glad that you had a great time spend driving in Alaska. I noticed that your ILX got really dirty already. You will wash your ILX when you get home from Alaska? ☺

    • Hi Josh! Yep I hit the milestone on I-90 just east of Seattle. On 6/12 I will have my 4-year anniversary with that car. It’s been very reliable. And yes it definitely deserves a wash 🙂

  8. Have you gotten back to Phoenix yet?

    • Hey Carlos! Yes, sorry to keep everyone waiting! I’m in the process of uploading my final video but I arrived in Phoenix yesterday. The total trip was 7,909 miles. I’ll have the blog post up by tonight 🙂

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