The Heat Is On

Odometer (Legend):  543,536


Odometer (ILX):  173,250


Please start playing this video before you read today’s post.  Let it give you some background music.

Okay, you know the heat is bad when twice in one day, you see cars on fire on the side of the road.  It happened on Monday.  First, this red Corvette and then a white Altima later in the day near my house.  I guess these extreme temperatures are taking their toll on more than just us human beings!


You haven’t lived until you’ve felt 120 degrees on your face, or burned your hand on a metal shift knob.


My buddy Sunny was in town from Utah this past weekend and my friends and I enjoyed showing him around a little.  One of the stops we made was to my storage unit in Glendale where I keep the 1994 Legend GS.  We pulled it out and went to lunch nearby at a neat place I discovered called “Kiss the Cook Restaurant.”



Hours are 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Kiss the Cook has some of the best omelets in the Phoenix Valley.  I actually went with a grilled cheese and it was tasty.



Funny thing about the menu is that it does promise a kiss with every meal.  Our kisses were indeed delivered after paying our bill.  However, as soon as I got outside I realized what a horrible idea it was to take them.  My eyes scanned the parking lot for the nearest dumpster and I promptly threw them away.  Can you imagine putting a Hershey Kiss in your pocket – or anywhere – and getting into a vehicle that’s been baking in 120 degrees?  No thanks!


I sold my 1993 Legend L sedan this week.  Details will be shared at a later date, but it’s going to a very worthy home and my final mileage on the odometer was just a bit under 179,000.  I only had the car for about a year and I had big plans for it, but just never had enough time, money, or space to really make anything happen with it.  It’s better off going to someone who will actually put it to use.


The transport truck has already arrived on the other side of the country!  It took only 2 days in transit.


Getting loaded up:

I wanted to share a few photos that I received from friends this week.  First off, my friend Scott who worked for American Honda once attended an Acura NSX preview event in 1990 when the first generation NSX debuted.  Here are photos of him with that car.  I also enjoyed seeing the other (now-vintage) models in the background.


Scott has aged just as gracefully as these Acuras in the last 26 years.  Wink wink!  Notice – if you look closely at the license plate in the above photo, it reads:  “YOU’RE FOLLOWING THE MOST SATISFYING CAR ON THE ROAD.”


Speaking of RED cars, my friend Paul sent me this yesterday.  Did you know that for the 2017 model year, Acura is (finally) offering a bright red color on the ILX?  It’s called San Marino Red, and I think it looks fantastic.  I would have opted for that color if it had been available in 2013!  My Silver Moon is kind of “blah” in comparison.


And finally, check out these beauties.  My friend Ira’s TLX and my friend Anthony’s TL-S.


Stay cool out there!

27 Responses to “The Heat Is On”

  1. 120? No thank you. At what point do tires just melt into the asphalt?

    I was going to make a joke about downsizing your car collection, but then I remembered reading that you have a ‘Teg on the way, right?

    • Tire melting is not a huge concern, but tire explosion is! I dodge tire chunks every day on the interstate freeways around here. And YES – you know I have something up my sleeve with an upcoming purchase 🙂 Tomorrow, in fact!

      • The upside of all that heat would be that I’d put the HFP lowering suspension kit on the Accord, and a proper set of performance tires. ‘Cause no snow.

  2. Now, if you could please put the ’94 sedan on a transport truck bound for NYC, I’ll graciously accept it!

  3. That is terrible with red corvette convertible catching fire. I love the look of those cars.

    • Yeah that was definitely a shame. I just hope the owner was ok. At least they somehow were able to get pulled over in time before the entire thing ignited.

  4. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Great shots of Scott! And we’re looking forward to this upcoming news…

    • Thanks Mark! I’ll relay the message 🙂 and it’s going to be an exciting next few days. I’m taking delivery of a(nother) car, a friend will be rolling 500,000 in his old TSX, and I could be receiving word on a new home I’m trying to buy… Eek.

  5. That’s nearly 50 degrees celcius! I have never experienced anything above the 35 degree mark, and that was scorching – so hate to think how uncomfortable your 50 degree day was. I’m away organising a car trial tonight, where there’s about 50 people partaking. They will have a list of clues, which all indicate a location. At each location they’ll find a hidden letter, which when they’ve found the lot, will provide the final destination. Think I’ll have to pack an overcoat, gloves and a scarf to survive the night!

    • That’s right, our seasons are swapped! But that sounds like a very fun event you have going on tonight. Hopefully you’re planning on preparing a blog entry about it so I can read the results. Good luck and have a great time! Don’t forget the gloves 🙂

  6. Would you ever consider moving somewhere outside of Arizona? Like somewhere that doesn’t reach 120 degrees I mean!

    • I love it here despite the heat. Winters are beautiful :). I’ve lasted 10 years in this area and don’t plan on going anywhere for awhile. I think the only other place I’d love is San Diego but it’s so expensive out there…

  7. Greetings Tyson!

    120 degrees – no thank you. I don’t care if it is a “dry heat”… Yeah right! LOL!!

    That red Vette – what a sad sight. I suppose in 120 degree heat, rubber hoses give up the ghost and things ignite… Not good. Be safe!

    Finally speaking about NSX’s, not sure if you have seen this: – nice, huh?

    Cheers and stay cool and hydrated.

    • Wow, that’s a beauty of an NSX! $30k and a few days left on the auction – I predict it’ll climb quite a bit higher! I’m a sucker for a car with that much original paperwork, too. Yeah, dry heat shmy heat. It’s crazy no matter how you slice it. How’s weather in your area?

  8. I keep hearing great things about San Diego. I have not been there but I would like to visit one day. Maybe you can do tour guide duties one day? 😉

  9. 120 isn’t as bad as it seems… its tanning season!

  10. Hey! I know that guy standing next to that ’94 sedan! It was great visiting Phoenix while it was 120 degrees out. Made me laugh when I returned to Salt Lake City where my friends were all complaining about the 95-100 degree weather!

    • Haha yep. Well you picked a great weekend for the visit. My friends all enjoyed meeting ya. Let’s get you down here again soon. Meanwhile, enjoy that chilly Utah weather 🙂

  11. Three cheers for red cars! Good move on Acura’s part.

  12. Bye-bye 93! I see, making room for another toy, eh? ;D

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