Quick Northern Utah Trip & A Few Links for Light Reading

Odometer (ILX):  187,981


It’s uncommon for me to ever have to navigate a vehicle on snowy roads these days.  I love to joke with my friends in snowy regions about how much of a chore it is to shovel the sunshine off my driveway each winter here in Phoenix.  But for a couple of my college years in northern Utah, I did get a hefty dose of “Slick Road 101” and the Legend and I both survived it.  Here are some photos from January 2005.


The Legend had 150,000 miles on it at the time.  I’d barely gotten my journey started.


Sometimes, even I opt for a flight over a drive.  In this past weekend’s case, the choices were a 12-hour drive (that could easily turn into many more in inclement weather) or a 90-minute flight.  Given the short timeline, it made the most sense to hop on Southwest and let my pilot do the driving.  The ILX got left at Phoenix “Sky Harbor” airport.


My rental car at Salt Lake City International Airport was a “gutless wonder” (I think my dad coined that phrase) 2015 Volkswagen Jetta with 48,000 miles on it.  It took a lot of coaxing to get it to freeway speeds, but comfort was OK and it got incredible MPGs.  My dad and stepmom live in a community called Providence, nestled on the east bench of Cache Valley at the tip-top northern end of Utah.  It’s a college community, home to my alma mater Utah State University, and I usually make it up there about twice a year.  The valley is a beautiful place, as seen from my dad’s backyard.


After an overnight stay at a friend’s house in South Jordan (SLC suburb), I made the northbound drive about 100 miles to Providence.  My 87-year-old grandmother is recently widowed and needed a lift to run a couple of errands in town.  We also met up with some other family members for lunch at one of my favorite pizza joints near the USU campus called Fredrico’s Pizza.  The garlic bread is always dripping in delicious butter.


Cache Valley got a dusting of snow on Saturday night and I got the chance to use that unfamiliar object called an ice scraper that Advantage Rent-A-Car had conveniently left in the passenger seat of my Jetta.  I paid a visit to my uncle Jeff in Taylorsville, south of Salt Lake, who’s been building and racing hot rods for as long as I remember.  His current projects are a Chevy Corvair and a 1965 Chevy II Nova.  I captured a short video of the Corvair.  I’m quite confident its growl woke up everyone in Jeff’s neighborhood from their Sunday naps.  Here’s a very short video I took:

Arrival at Salt Lake City International Airport.


Incidentally, this airport was the one featured in the classic 1994 film “Dumb & Dumber,” though the movie was supposed to have been set in Rhode Island.

Northbound to Logan on snowy roads


Morning in Cache Valley


My workplace has become ultra festive.  Here’s a collage of photos taken the other night.

Had a couple of nice visits this past week from friends, including Chase and Michael who are both from Texas.


And Matt who’s local and who drive a 2001 CL.


Special thanks to my friend Kevin for sending me some classic Acura ads.



And here are few more decade-old pictures from my time at Utah State in the wintertime.




Lastly:  Check out a few cool links on articles that you might find interesting:

  • My friend Brendan Saur’s article about a 1995 Legend L coupe on Curbside Classic
  • My friend Ben Hsu’s article about Ryu Asada, Hot Wheels designer, on Japanese Nostalgic Car.
  • My article about a guest speaker at the upcoming Arizona Concours d’Elegance on ClassicCars.com

Have a great weekend!

8 Responses to “Quick Northern Utah Trip & A Few Links for Light Reading”

  1. Hey Tyson you do realize that a windshield sunshade can be installed on the outside thus forgoing the need for an ice scraper 😉

    Nice pics BTW…

    • I hadn’t thought of being able to put a sunshade on the OUTSIDE of a windshield during the wintertime to keep frost from accumulating there, but now that I think about it, I’ve seen people do that with blankets… on their cacti… here in Arizona.

  2. So much snow!! The Legend looks good with a dusting of snow. It was still so young though. Little did it know what lied ahead. OMG dumb and dumber

  3. You mean you didn’t decide to try the NSX in winter weather?

    Cool post. Loved the sound of that Nova revving. My grand mom had a Corvair years ago- if you get a chance (and your uncle doesn’t mind) can you post a pic?

    How was the Jetta? Whenever I rent a car, I’m always glad when the trip is over and I get back into my Accord (even that Benz I rented, nice as it was, still didn’t feel ‘right’ to me).

    • I’ll see if I can dig up some Nova pics. I didn’t really have a lot of good to say about the Jetta aside from its incredible MPG. Actually got a little scary trying to get up to interstate speeds with that thing revving to the sky and still hardly moving anywhere.

  4. Some useless facts for you:

    1. I live in Rhode Island!
    2. I live near the capital of RI, which is….Providence!
    3. We just got 3 inches of snow this morning, and tomorrow it is going to be 60 degrees…???

    Love your blog. Have a Merry Christmas.

    • Hi Jay! Thanks for commenting – I think you may very well be my only Rhode Island regular reader 🙂 Sounds like your weather is pretty indecisive. Here’s to hoping you have a very Merry Christmas as well. I need to get out to RI one of these days… Heck of a road trip from Arizona…

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