New Acquisition: 2007 Acura TL Type-S 6-Speed

Odometer (Legend coupe):  552,392

Odometer (Integra):  239,106

Odometer (ILX):  194,219

Odometer (Legend sedan):  151,406

Odometer (NSX):  106,804

Odometer (Vigor):  106,611

Odometer (TL):  96,755

Whoa, Nelly!  What has Tyson done this time?

If you know me well enough, it won’t come as a shocker that I’ve just expanded the fleet by one vehicle.  With long-term plans for the ILX involving a family member taking over its operations in a couple of months, I needed something to replace it with as a “daily” driver.  The third-generation Acura TL has long been on my list – specifically, one in eye-popping Kinetic Blue Pearl paint color with a manual transmission.  Now a decade old, the KBP TL-S still conveys an attractive presence.  Plus, what’s not to love about quad exhaust tips!

Adding to the “must-have” mentality was the fact that my friends Marc and Chris – both east coasters – have twin KBP TL-S manuals, and they’ve been egging me on for a while now about joining the club.  A few other close friends knew I was on the hunt – and Jason had the winning ticket.  Saturday afternoon, April 8, he sent me a text message with a link to an Ebay auction that had just gone live the evening prior.

It was a gorgeous car – 96,000 miles, original owner, fastidiously maintained since new and totally in stock condition.  My eyeballs widened as I scrolled through the 25 photos with the listing, trying to find anything “wrong” with the car that would turn me away.  Nothing did.  Adding gobs of icing to the cake:  This car was in my home state, about 2 hours north of me in Flagstaff.

I sent a message to the seller right away asking if he’d have time to show me the car the following morning, on Sunday.  And Sunday, I road-tripped the Legend coupe to Flag so I could give the TL a look-see in person.  The car, and its seller Dave, were as nice as could be.

I opened the driver side door – taking note that I still couldn’t see even so much as a scratch or ding on the car – and do you know what was sitting on the driver’s seat?  A printout from an Excel spreadsheet showing every line item of maintenance since new.  Needless to say – it was love at first sight, and I knew at that point this was the TL for me.  The test drive solidified that conviction.  Dave and I took the car out onto the Interstate 17 northbound onramp and I gave its 286 horses a little workout.  It was awesome, and there was no turning back.

By that evening, we had come to an agreement and a deposit was sent.  On Monday, Dave emailed me a whopping 36 PDF scanned receipts detailing the car’s maintenance since new.  Geek mode set in and I prepared a maintenance spreadsheet, of course.  By Tuesday, I had a check in hand for the balance, and on Wednesday, I took delivery of the car.  Logistics worked out perfectly, since Dave needed to fly out of Phoenix airport for a business trip, so he drove the car from Flagstaff for me and I just covered his rental car for his return trip.

Now was the fun part.  My friends have known for some time that the 2004-2008 Acura TL is one of my favorite cars of all time.  In fact, we lovingly call it the “3GTL” and enjoy sending spy shots to one another when we see one on the road.  You’ll recall in my recent blog post that the ILX came back from a 6-week accident hiatus on Wednesday, too. The wheels in my head started spinning.  What if I invited some friends over to see the refreshed ILX, but in reality, the TL could be there to surprise them?

And so it was done.  I carefully figured out the timing and played it out in my head.  When roommate James left to run an errand, I quickly pulled the TL into the garage from where I had parked it at the end of the block.  Then I put a cover over it.  Later that evening, he and a couple other friends came over and learned about the latest Acura-quisition.   Here was the video of the reveal:

The best part about the car enthusiast community isn’t the car itself but the network of people you get to meet through it.  I’ve already staged a couple of “copycat” photos with my Chris in Maryland since we both have twin cars, times two.  Here are photos of his Legend + TL, and my Legend + TL.

Chris’ cars

Tyson’s cars

I look forward to having some fun with my new Type-S and as of later this summer, it will become the primary daily driver as my brother Payton will take over operation of the ILX.

Here are a few more photos!

This conversation was with Dave, the seller.  “Door ding free zone” — I love this guy!

First look at the car on Sunday, April 9th

Dave’s garage.  He sold the TL to make way for the white 2017 Porsche Macan you see in the background.

Initial odometer reading when I first took the driver seat:  96,565.

That color just pops!

Back in Phoenix on the night of delivery

Just before heading to the house to stage the surprise reveal

TL stickered at $38,795 with this equipment

Check out that DVD-Audio demonstration disc collection!  Can’t wait to try out the sound system!

Exhaust tip polish!  Before and after:

Getting a little crowded in this garage.

My friend Conor’s reaction was about like mine when I learned of this car.

Haha.  I’m glad there are others out there who get just as excited about stuff like this as I do.

Thanks for reading!

40 Responses to “New Acquisition: 2007 Acura TL Type-S 6-Speed”

  1. That car is beautiful. It’s sad to see the ILX go, but I’m excited to see your travels in your awesome new car. Congrats!

    • Thanks Sunny! The ILX won’t be too far away – it’s staying in the family and will get a few miles here and there since my brother will be commuting in it, in southern Utah. How are you liking the Sonata? Seems like it’s been a great cruiser for you!

  2. Love your new purchase Tyson, looks stunning! I had a bit of a laugh when you did your big reveal. Hope you’ve got a road trip or two planned for this in the next week or two!

    • Actually, the next couple of months will still be very ILX roadtrip heavy as I’ll likely be hitting the big 200k soon. But yes – this weekend it’s another Utah trip, and I also have upcoming travels to Las Vegas as well as Sacramento, California.

  3. I need to get out there ASAP to meet Vanessa’s newest cousin! Congrats on KBP!!

  4. Congrats on finding a 3GTL, a KBP no less, that hasn’t been lowered, stanced, or had the engine covers painted or other stupid things done to it. I really believe these TLs will have a cult following in the years ahead like the Legend owners have now. Their style and performance is still akin to the Legend even after 10 years. I can’t believe Jason found it before me….I’m always on the hunt for them. I bet there’s more behind that morning flyby honk now. I’m sure I’ll be getting some seat time in that car soon….maybe the 100k rollover?

    • Yeah who knows when 100k will happen in this one. I have a lot of upcoming milestones this year! Thanks for instilling the KBP bug in me. I think I’m going to enjoy this car a lot.

  5. Very nice! Congrats on the new member of the fleet. 👌

    • Thanks Joe! Last thing I needed was another old car around here, but this one seems to bring something a little different to the table. I plan on having some fun with it.

  6. You certainly lucked into that one Tyson! As mentioned already, finding one in KBP and 6MT is hard enough alone…and finding one that is one owner and unmolested is even that much harder. And the icing on the cake was the guy was an older professional who was pretty analysis himself with it. Congrats!

    • Haha..darn auto correct. ANAL!

      • Haha yep, when I saw his spreadsheet I was sold. I’ll definitely keep in touch with him and maybe even pay a visit every once in a while on my travels through Flagstaff. Glad to join the KBP family with you guys!

  7. Brad Heffran Says:

    Looks like a great find! As far as sedans go, those are among my all-time favorites. They still go for a pretty penny in this market. Enjoy! 😊

    • Yes! I was amazed what kinds of prices these cars are bringing. Prior to finding this one, I had been eyeballing a well used (151,000 mile) TL-S in Chattanooga that was still going for about $9k. In the end I actually gave just slightly above NADA retail for mine but it was worth a premium given its history. Plus, I get to roll 100,000 soon!

  8. STL_Dave Says:

    Congrats on the new purchase! I’ve started to look at the same vehicle… I might need to put you on the search for me. Let me know what you charge for commission!

    • Will do. Several weeks ago I enabled AutoTrader’s “email alerts” when an 07-08 TL manual hit the market. It actually never notified me even once. I don’t know if that’s because it wasn’t working, or if it’s because there literally weren’t any listed. This one ended up falling into my lap thanks to a friend who was on the ball and shot me a link right away. I will keep eyes and ears open. Retiring your coupe? Say it ain’t so! Send her to Arizona – I still have room. LOL. Thanks for reading, Dave.

  9. Such. A. Beautiful. Car.

    Congrats, Tyson! The 3rd-gen TL is one of Acura’s best, in my humble opinion. Can’t wait to see all the new adventures the car takes with you!

    (Perhaps a test drive from Arizona to Boston is in order…)

    • Now you’re talkin! It will be a little bit of time before the TL-S really hits the road for its inaugural road trip. I have to roll 200,000 in the ILX first. But Boston is definitely on the must-see list — especially after all the good things my mom had to say about her visit this past weekend!

  10. Michael Woyahn Says:

    Congratulations, Tsyon! That TL is just gorgeous. Kinetic Blue Pearl is a fantastic color and it seriously looks brand new! My dad had a silver 2004 TL that he got brand new. I loved that car, and I think it was the car that started my love for cars. I still remember one specific instance when my dad lit up the front tires letting ‘er rip merging onto the freeway. I was sad to see it go when my dad traded it for a 2004 Lexus RX since he wanted more space and awd. The RX ended up being passed down to me so I guess it worked out well in the end. The RX currently sits at 221,000 miles and is still going strong, but I don’t think I’ll ever catch up to Legend haha! Anyway, enjoy the TL, she’s a beaut!

    • Thanks Michael! I appreciate that. Yeah it seems a love for cars was instilled in me at a young age as well. The third generation TL has been a fave of mine since it came out, so I had to cross it off my “car bucket list.” What does your dad drive now? Sounds like your RX is well on its way to 1/4 million miles! Keep racking them up! Thanks for reading the blog.

      • Michael Woyahn Says:

        Sorry for the late reply, just ended up seeing this now! There is no doubt that the 3GTL has aged very well! I think my dad still misses his. Funny enough, after switching between our 07 Mustang convertible (just a V6 rental spec, but still pretty fun) and a 2006 RAV4, he settled on a 2008 RX350 specced the same as mine. It’s black instead of dark grey, and also has 100,000 less miles than mine. We’re not a very creative bunch haha! We do still have a Honda in our garage, though! It’s a 2011 Odyssey, so definitely not as fun as the TL. I’m hoping to at least get my RX to 239,000 miles to say it has driven to the moon, but since I’m up in Wisconsin, I think rust might be the biggest potential obstacle. So far the rust has stayed at bay, apart from a few specks which I’ll have to address, so hopefully it stays that way!

  11. Yes!!!! I was waiting for this to happen. Welcome to the world of the 3G TL Tyson! And you literally broke into this uncharted territory with what is unquestionably known as the holy grail of 3G TLs… a KBP 6mt UA7. Congratulations sir, you have once again won the lottery.

    • Hahaha! Not so sure about the lotto – but I’m feeling pretty lucky that I came across this gem so close to home. I owe it to my friends who are always on the lookout. So far really having a good time with this one. From what I understand, it’s due for a timing belt soon and I want to make sure to read up on common issues so I can be prepared and make this one last forever. I am sure I will be contacting you with questions as I get acquainted!!

  12. You are running out of room. I hope you have a space saved up for a future first generation Acura TSX acquisition. 😉

    • I know! Well, add to the equation the fact that my roommate James also picked up another ride – a 1999 Isuzu VehiCROSS – so on any given day there are usually upwards of 10 vehicles at my house. Luckily my neighbors don’t have to see any of them because there’s enough garage and backyard parking to hide our crazy obsession. I do love the G1 TSX… Maybe someday!

  13. #3GTLbestcarever 😉 As much of a BMW nerd as you know I am, I still get unreasonably excited when I see a manual-trans 3rd-gen. You got THE stunna-stunna paint color and I can’t believe it was so close by!

    I’m waiting to hear back from my boss about taking time off for a trip out your way, we’ll chat soon…

  14. I am so eternally jealous of your TL, Tyson! You know how much I want one. I can’t wait to ditch the ILX in 6 more months. I’m keeping my eye out for a TL, if you see one! Fleet looks good as always man.

    • Thanks Elliot! I appreciate that. Let me know the TL specifics you are looking for and I’ll keep eyes & ears open. I was ready for something a little bigger than the ILX, too. It’s been a good 5 years with that car. Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Very nice find Tyson! I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

    BTW, do I spy… an almost full front paint protection wrap on that TL?

    • Yes! The entire TL front end is protected with a clear bra. Lucky me. But also shame on me – I haven’t even had time to clean the bugs off the car in the 10 days I’ve owned it!

  16. Congrats, Tyson! Goes to show if you’re willing to wait, the right one will come soon enough. I can’t wait to see that jewel in person…it also needs a good coating on bugs on that front end. 🙂

    • I guess you’re right. Time to start thinking of an inaugural road trip. I’m still trying to figure out how best to integrate my audio. The sound system is not nearly as iPod friendly as the ILX. I don’t have a USB hookup. I’ll figure it out! Hope you’re having a good weekend in Grants.

  17. You have truly lost your mind.

    You ate at a chain restaurant in Kingman instead of Mr. D’s or El Palacio?😁

    Knowing you bought another Acura lets me know you are OK…

    • Haha, dang. El Palacio – never heard of that one. But, I’m a sucker for local fare so it sounds like I need to make a special stop on my next fly-by to see what the food’s like there. Thanks for the travel tip! And I’m glad you can vouch for my sanity. Or lack thereof?

  18. I’ve always been a fan of this TL Type-S! When I bought my ’08 Spec. B, I looked into one of these but getting a manual was a tall order and it was more than my budget allowed at the time. The colors are gorgeous and it’s awesome that you found someone as detail-oriented (aka geeky) as you when taking care of this car since new. Congratulations!

    • Haha, thanks Jorge, and yes – when I saw the prior owner’s recordkeeping, that was what sealed the deal for me. I appreciate the congrats and I’ve been having a great time with the TL so far. I will be posting up more about it soon enough. I just received my vanity plate, color-matched splash guards, and all-weather floor mats. 🙂

  19. […] trip back home, and one more stop at Tyson’s. I gave his gorgeous 2007 Kinetic Blue 6-spd TL Type-s a quick drive. At 97,000 miles, it felt as though it just left the showroom. Someday, I might just […]

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