Labor Day Weekend 2017 – Palm Springs, California Trip & TL 100,000 Milestone

Odometer (Legend):  554,713

Odometer (TL):  100,468

Trip Distance:  542 Miles

Cue the confetti.  We have another 100,000-miler in the house!

It’s rare for me to own a car with “only” an odometer reading of 5 digits.  In fact, the lowest mileage car I’ve ever owned aside from my 2013 ILX that I got new, was my 1994 Legend coupe that had 95,000 miles on it when purchased in 2003.  That car has come out of hiding a few times in recent days, and several of you have asked why I haven’t posted any updates.  Check out this sunset last night at the Phoenix Financial Center 19-story building on Central Avenue.

The Legend is still trucking along, and the building itself is legendary in its own way.  Constructed in 1964, it was designed to look like a computer punchcard.  My favorite story about its construction is that (Legend has it!) there is a time capsule within the building that was supposed to have been removed in 2012 which has never been found.  We’re now 5 years beyond that date!  I’d be tearing the place apart to find it.  Here’s the story of what I did this Labor Day Weekend.

Nestled at the eastern base of the 10,000-foot-tall San Jacinto Mountains, there’s a city in Southern California that’s made a name for itself as a popular weekend destination.  Palm Springs is home to 44,000 people and some of the best mid-century architecture in the country.  I’d be crazy to not take advantage of a 3-day holiday weekend, and it seemed like a perfect destination.  On Friday afternoon, a friend and I hit the highway and headed westbound to see what the city could offer us.

Luckily for me, my 2007 Acura TL was about to pass a pretty big milestone.  It took the car 10 years to rack up 100,000 miles.  I had to pull over about 30 miles east of Quartzsite, near the Arizona-California state line to celebrate and capture the occasion on video.

We rolled into the Hard Rock Hotel on Indian Canyon Road and valet parked the TL before going out on the town.

The next day was primarily spent lounging next to the pool, despite the fact that it was 104 degrees outside and we had little shade to work with.  One of Palm Spring’s roadside wonders is the “pink door house,” so we made sure to stop there on the way back to Phoenix on Sunday morning.  Bubble gum pink, it sure is.

More pics below from the weekend’s shenanigans.  Coming up later this week:  A flight to Milwaukee for this year’s “NSXPO” annual Acura NSX meet-up.  No, sadly, I won’t be driving out there.  But I’ll at least enjoy whatever festivities I can from the comfort (or discomfort?) of a rental car.

Roadside stop in Quartzsite with my copilot

Palm Springs in all its glory, set against the San Jacinto peaks

Our hotel for 2 nights

Best coffee (ahem, “koffi”) shop in town!  They have 3 locations.

The frozen white mocha hit the spot.

Other news:  I got to check out & drive my friend Daniel’s 2018 Acura TLX A-Spec last week!  It wasn’t my first time behind the wheel of such a car (see Maryland trip) but I greatly enjoyed a more thorough test drive.

Daniel’s car accelerates, handles, and looks like a true sports sedan.

I must say I don’t mind it one bit!  Give it a clutch pedal and I’m sold!

Another shot of the Legend + PSC building last night.

Road trip to Tucson & back today with coworker Amanda for work.

Lastly, remember how some Hondas of old had “5 speed” badging like this?

A friend told me about these $9.99 Amazon emblems that say “6 speed.”  I got one.  As a joke, I promise.  I’m not going to install this permanently!  But I thought it would be funny to mock up with Scotch tape for a picture.

The TL needed a quick pic too!

Have a great week!

14 Responses to “Labor Day Weekend 2017 – Palm Springs, California Trip & TL 100,000 Milestone”

  1. Congrats on rolling 100k! Palm Springs is a great road trip destination for that milestone. The Accord is about 11k away from turning 6 figures… gonna have to think of something special for that.

    I remember, as a kid, our neighbor had a 1980 Accord with the 5-speed emblem. My parent’s 80 Accord was the three-speed auto, so I was jealous the neighbor had a stick (mind you, I was FOUR when I was having these thoughts). Love the six speed emblem on the Legend.

  2. Good to see you having a blast in the TL. Another year or two and you’ll have put more mileage on it that the original owner did in his ten years of ownership! The weather in Palm Springs looked superb, can’t wait for summer to arrive here. How’s your brother treating the ILX? I hope you’ve asked him for the occasional photo & odometer reading so that you can keep us updated =P

    • I’ll see the ILX next weekend probably since some friends and I are headed to Utah for a hike. As far as I know, my brother is taking good care of it (though it doesn’t get the kinds of miles that it used to!). I’ll try and get a pic.

  3. Congrats on the 100K! Not even broken in yet. Nice to see the old Legend is still making an appearance here and there…it keeps us on edge. Wish I had some “Koffi” this morning while reading the morning news. 🙂

    • Haha, I could sure go for some koffi right now too. Legend is ever so slowly creeping up on its next milestone. Which reminds me, I’m going to email you about the plan for that.

  4. Cheers to the TL! With you at the wheel of this car now, the 200k celebration will probably be in two years or less. 🙂

    • Haha, not likely. I’m actually driving it pretty sparingly – at least until I have some $ to get that 105,000 mile timing belt service taken care of. Catching my flight to Milwaukee tonight. If you feel like a road trip to Elkhart Lake, I’ll be in that area until Sunday afternoon 🙂

  5. That Phoenix Financial Center is still so unique and so “mid-century modern” and distinct.

    Glad to hear you made it back “unbaked” (or is that half-baked) from Palm Springs…

    “It’s rare for me to own a car with “only” an odometer reading of 5 digits.”

    What a coincidence… It’s rare for ME to own a car with “only” an odometer reading of 6 digits. 😉

    “It took the car 10 years to rack up 100,000 miles” on the TL”

    LOL it’s taken the 93SE to roll up 129477 miles so I guess I’m still ahead…

    BTW, speaking of which, today is the 24th anniversary of when I purchased it. WooHoo!

    Ordering my special replacement plates for the upcoming 25th anniversary next year…

    • Ohhh, you’re getting the copper “historic” tags for the 93SE? Awesome! I’m just about to head outside here in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin for the NSX car show. Later this evening we have our closing banquet, raffle, and awards for this NSXPO event. Great turnout. When do you get back to PHX? I take it you’re still out in California.

      • Already back…

        Reach out when you return and have some time. Look forward to your follow-up on the NSXPO event.

        BTW I have an appropriate garage gift for your one year home anniversary… 😉

  6. That white TLX though!! I will keep it in my radar for future options. If Acura ever comes out with pink paint akin to the shade on that door, I will definitely…. steer clear. I will leave the pink to Mary Kay Cosmetics for their cars.

    See you in a few!

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