Announcement: 2018 National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) – Colorado Springs, CO – July 18-22

Odometer (Legend Coupe):  559,013

Odometer (Legend Sedan):  156,310

It’s official!  For its 14th annual event, the National Acura Legend Meet is heading to colorful Colorado.  The announcement was formally posted on the forums on Tuesday, February 6th.

To get your tachometer revving, here are a few planned highlights of the event:

  • Scenic cruise to Breckenridge
  • Day trip up Pikes Peak Highway – the famous 14,000 foot peak, and one of the highest elevation paved roads in North America
  • Drag strip event at Pueblo Motorsports Park
  • Dealer day at Pikes Peak Acura

Here are the locations of all prior events, as shown on the NALM Website too.

Registration is expected to go live around April 1, and the event will be held from July 18 through 22.  The host hotel will be the very accommodating Woodland Country Lodge in Woodland Park, just a few miles up the road from Colorado Springs.  Have you ever seen such a view from a hotel parking lot before?

This one will be going for sure!

We are excited to see what this year’s festivities bring.  Attendees are slated to attend from various parts of the country, some driving from as far away as Florida.  I’ll post updates here as they become available.

Stay tuned next week for a featured review on this 2017 MDX Sport Hybrid which I’ll be putting through its paces on a trip to Utah and back.

Speaking of SUVs, if you’re in the market for something fun and quirky to have a little 4×4 fun with, go look at James‘ Isuzu VehiCROSS, currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer at no reserve!  The auction ends on Monday.

It’s one of the most radical designs of the 1990s.  Have a great weekend, all!

15 Responses to “Announcement: 2018 National Acura Legend Meet (NALM) – Colorado Springs, CO – July 18-22”

  1. The drive up the Pikes Peak Highway sounds like it’d be an exciting part of the weekend. I didn’t realise the VehiCross had leather recaro seats in it, makes it a pretty tempting purchase for someone that wants an off-roader that’s slightly more unusual than anything else on the road. Hope the auction goes well for him.

    • Yeah I’m excited to hit up Pikes! Jason and I have driven to the summit of one of the other tall peaks in that area (Mount Evans) but I haven’t made it up Pikes yet. Just hope my car makes it. As for the VehiC interior, those seats are definitely awesome.

  2. Looking forward to this NALM! Looks like it’ll be a fun one. Thanks so much for linking the VehiCROSS post. 🙂

  3. That is exciting! Colorado is so beautiful. I will have to see where Colorado Springs is in relation to Telluride.

  4. This NALM should be epic! Glad you’ll get to get those Legends up Pikes. Do I see a fully repaired quarter panel on the Sedan?

    • Yes! I got the car back on Wednesday with a fresh layer of paint on the left rear quarter panel. I couldn’t believe the shop turned the work around in a matter of only 3 days. Good as new.

  5. Looking forward to reading this year’s NALM!

    Do the Legends need any work before the big road trip?

    • One day in the future we’re bound to have a NALM out your way! Maybe in 2019! Yes, both cars could use a little work but overall I think they are ready to rock and roll. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  6. I am interested in attending your event not this year but i live in los angeles when will you guys be doing it here in los angeles again just wondering.

    • Hi Frank. We had the annual meet in California (Sacramento) last year. This year we are in Colorado, and I’m not sure where 2019 will land because it depends on which cities submit bids for consideration. That being said, the LA community has a strong group of Legend owners so there are local events taking place frequently. I’ll see if I can find out about anything coming up! What model and trim of Legend do you own?

  7. Rolland knigge Says:

    I live in Colorado and have a 91 ls what do I have to do to register or do you just show up

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