Product Review / Quick Video: “Automotive TouchUp” Paint Products

Odometer (Integra LS):  117,853

Odometer (Legend LS):  560,217

Unless you’re cruising around in a bubble-wrapped car, chances are you’re bound to pick up a nick, a scratch, or a ding from time to time.  As a veteran of over a half-million miles on a single car, I can attest that some wear and tear is unavoidable no matter how careful you are.

Solutions like protective “clear bra” films help prevent damage but only when installed early on – and even they are not impervious to 100% of the threats in the battle zone of our day to day commutes.  This is where Automotive TouchUp comes into play.  Full resprays are expensive – at least the quality ones.  Luckily, there are cost-friendly answers that deliver good results for a do-it-yourselfer like me who just needs to hit a few small areas.

Automotive TouchUp was kind enough to mail me a kit complete with the tools and supplies needed to correct some imperfections on the focus car in question:  My 1992 Acura Integra sedan.  The Torino Red Pearl paint, specially formulated in code R-72P, was a near-perfect match for my car, despite the fact that the paint on my car has been around for 26 years of wear, tear, and sunshine exposure/fading.  Check out that sign in the background:  “The New Legend.”  Clearly I was in the wrong car when I took that picture earlier today.

In all, the kit came with 5 different products, plus sandpaper and some small brushes that look kind of like Q-tips:  prep solvent, primer, base coat, clearcoat, and rubbing compound.  For my exercise, I only needed to hit 2 small areas on the front bumper so I took the easy route and just prepared the area, did a base coat, and then a clear coat.  The bottles have little brushes inside them so I didn’t end up using the Q-tips.

For the few minutes it took me to knock this little project out, I am very happy with the results.  This 1992 Integra is ready for the auction block, and I have a new surprise in store for you all soon regarding its replacement.  Thanks to the folks at Automotive TouchUp for the chance to give these products a whirl!  It’s much appreciated!



Quick couple of sidebars.  Roomie James is road-testing a Honda Clarity this week!

And the Vigor hit a milestone on the way back from a work trip to Tucson on Thursday.

Whole lotta ones right there.

Have a great week!

18 Responses to “Product Review / Quick Video: “Automotive TouchUp” Paint Products”

  1. Oh boy! Another change at the Hugie Acura dealership? 😁

    Looking forward to seeing which car replaces the red ‘Teg. Also, you’ve got to take the Legend back to that sign!!

    Thanks for the TouchUp recommendation. I’ll definitely let you know how it comes out once I try it on the Accord’s front bumper (which has seen its fair share of hard use).

    • I know! Didn’t expect to be changing up the fleet so soon, but the universe works in mysterious ways. I’m pretty happy with the direction things are going. And will definitely plan on getting back to that New Legend sign. There’s Legend signage all over the place up there. Great place to have a local meet-up.

  2. autoscribe1974 Says:

    Sounds promising!

    • Haha, it is! New horizons and exciting acquisitions. If you’re one of the handful of geeks like me who gets excited about these cars. Thanks for reading, Mark!

  3. Carlos Says:

    Tyson, feel free to touch up my car any time.😀

  4. I’d say you found a pretty solid product with Automotive TouchUp. The Integra sedan looks great after the paint treatment you did. I wonder if this would be a good solution for a few scratches and chips on my car. Looking forward to reading James’ review of the Clarity. I think Honda did a nice job on that car and the new Insight coming out in a few months. Congrats to the Vigor on another milestone! Man, after all these years, that old girl is barely past Honda break-in territory.

    • Sadly the Clarity had a plug issue and won’t take a charge! Let’s blame it on James! Haha. Yeah I’m curious to see / read what he thinks, too. You’re one to talk – let’s see a blog entry on that NEW FREAKING CAR! Are you still madly in love?

      • Haha. Love takes time! So far I’m liking it, especially with the new tires. The run flats (original to the car) were awful! Now if I could just find a comfortable seat position….

  5. AT looks like it was a pretty close match on the Torino Red. I may have to check those guys out for the Pebble Ash. 😀 Congrats on the Vigor milestone! Was that wax on the trunk in the pic at the gas pumps?

    • I didn’t even notice that, but no, the trunk lid is as shiny as can be – it’s an optical illusion that makes it look cloudy there! Did you ever go test-drive that Pebble Ash V6 automatic?

      • Oh good…I do remember the Vigor’s paint being ultra nice last time I was there. Nope…the guy never returned my follow-up calls! And it’s still sitting out with the sale sign. 😦 I’ll bug one last time this week and then call it quits.

  6. Eric E Says:

    Automotive TouchUp logo looks very similar to the NAIAS logo. . . am I am hopeless car nut for making that connection?

    Yes. . .the Vigor is #1

  7. I am stunned how well that paint touch up matches. Amazeballs!

  8. In the process of catching up on weeks worth of web content. WestFest looked like a good quality event, some very cool cars in attendance. I remember reading some page or blog that your friend with the midnight purple NSX had, but obviously didn’t bookmark it. Is he still posting updates? I can’t believe the Integra is moving out already?!?! Tell us that you’ve won the lottery and have made moves to acquire a new NSX??? Haha! Look forward to hearing your exciting garage update.

    • Haha, I wish that were the case! Actually I’m just replacing the LS Integra with a GS Integra – more to come on that. I’ll post a link on here when the auction goes live. I hope you’re road tripping somewhere this weekend, Adam!

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