Rev-Machine: My New “Super Sonic Blue” 1999 Acura Integra GS-R 5-Speed

Odometer (1992 Integra GS-R 3-Door):  251,401

Odometer (1992 Integra GS Sedan):  73,376

Odometer (1999 Integra GS-R 3-Door):  136,246

Life’s too short to drive boring cars, right?

I think this is one of my favorite car commercials of all time.  And it doesn’t even show the vehicle!

Needless to say, the Integra GS-R is all about having fun.  And fun it is.

On June 8, 1999, a businessman in the motion picture industry bought an Integra GS-R with 6 miles on it for his 18-year-old son.  The car had been special-ordered through Santa Monica Acura in Southern California in a rare, two-year-only color called Super Sonic Blue Pearl.  Not only was the car equipped in the highest-available trim level short of the track-ready “Type R,” it was outfitted with an accessory underbody kit and fog lamps.  The MSRP was $22,555.

The showroom probably looked something like this at the time (see Super Sonic Blue Integra at top right).

The Integra stayed with that original owner for over 10 years before being passed along to its next owner.  Time went on, and Santa Monica Acura closed in 2015.  Meanwhile the Integra continued roaming around Orange County and ultimately ended up serving as a daily driver for a resident of Burbank who commuted every weekday to Frazier Park in the Tejon Pass, about a 120-mile round-trip each weekday.  Snowy weather is common there in the winter.

Well, now it’s 2019, it’s the holidays, and it’s my birthday tomorrow, so I’m as excited as that 18-year-old was.  I just bought that car.  And to me, it’s one of the most widely acclaimed sports coupes of the neo-classic era.  It’s time to diversify and evolve the collection of cars in my garage, and while some will not be going anywhere, I’ve decided it’s time to move the 1992 Integra sedan to its next owner so that gives me a space to fill with something a little more fun and a little more modern.  Introducing my latest ride:

I flew from Phoenix to Burbank on Christmas Eve to collect my latest toy.  My flight got in a little after 3:00 p.m. and I was scooped up at the airport curb in a blue Jeep Wrangler by the seller and his girlfriend.  We took care of business a few miles away at their home, and I was off on my way to enjoy the 8,200-RPM redline and the open road.  I got home just a few minutes after midnight on Christmas Day.

As for the plan with this Integra:  It will play a key role in a new YouTube series of restoration videos, much like the 8-episode playlist I’ve already put together on my 1996 SLX.  Feel free to tune in for updates from time to time.  The car looks decent in pictures and video, but I promise you this:  I made a list of 30+ things it needs, and that’s just the beginning.  First order of business was getting it registered and AZ legal which I completed on 12/26.

Things will move at a slow pace here until the 1992 sells and I have a little more financial wiggle room, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in that car, let me know!  Here’s the first in my series of videos on this latest ride.

Initial odometer reading

After a quick clean up of the wheels & tires

“Grand Prix engine,” it was pronounced.  It is really a rev-happy machine.

“The Second Most Fun Car on the Road.”  The photo speaks for itself.

GS-Rs separated by 7 model years.

My friend Ken had a funny comment about my Christmas gift to myself.

Rare sighting of a 1995 Legend SE at my local grocery store.  I left a note!

Other news – thanks to loyal reader Karna for hooking me up with a burlwood shift knob for the RL!

And check out my new garage art.  This one’s for you, Josh.  (See: Fantastic Fives)

And I finally got some of my RADwood posters on the wall.  That room is about done!

Have a great weekend!

19 Responses to “Rev-Machine: My New “Super Sonic Blue” 1999 Acura Integra GS-R 5-Speed”

  1. Oh man, congrats on the new ride! The 3rd gen Integra is one of my favorite cars of all time, and kudos on the GS-R pickup in that rare color! Looking forward to following along on its updates and repairs. Any immediate repairs scheduled?

    • It does need some work – I think the distributor is faulty but it runs okay for now. I found out after some super sleuth research that the car at one point was modified (weren’t they all?!) with performance headers, exhaust, and intake by a shop in Orange County but later put back to stock. So it’s probably lived a pretty hard life! More to come probably after I free up some $ by selling one of the other Integras. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am
    Surprised how pristine condition the driver’s seat is in! Usually it is more worn and often torn — am I right?
    This was a great Christmas gift to self gift / and the history of the car is really fun…
    ((And happy new year ))

  3. It’s a beaut, Ty! It’s a beaut! I thought this was going to be a red car though 😛

    • Haha, thanks “dad,” and about the red car – that whole scenario is still TBD / pending! More details within the next 2-3 weeks. I’m gonna need to call you to talk the nitty gritty and get your advice 🙂

      • At your service! Btw, my intrepid roommate Richard decided he wants to see Sedona this winter. He had to twist my arm, but I’m going to join him. Haha. Fly to PHX on Feb 15 and back out on the 19th. Kindly make yourself available for dinner on the 15th and/or brunch on the 19th. Please and thanks! 😀

        P.S. — Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Tyson! Geez, giving yourself a new car present is about as good as life gets! Don’t be too hard on the car, it looks pretty darn straight on the outside and the interior looks like it’s in very good condition, considering the age. I’m looking forward to watching you put the car back into immaculate spec!

  5. Chris Miller Says:

    Another car? This wasn’t the t-shirt I was expecting to see at the key handoff. Shouldbe been the same one as the 92 GS-R handoff.

    • Believe it or not, I took that T-shirt with me in my backpack but ended up not taking the time to change. You’ll see this car in a couple weeks but I’m not so sure it’s ready to drive around much. There is an idle issue to sort out so it will go to Hon-Man probably in February. Zero time and money for now!

  6. So… at it again!?

    Can’t wait to see which stove train Acura puts into this one after they buy it from you? 😜

    Sorry I missed your b’day – many happy returns (belated)

    • LOL… spell checker has developed a sense of humor now. Obviously meant “drivetrain”

      • Thanks for the belated wishes! And I know, it’ll be interesting to see where this latest project goes… so far it’s been slow (I haven’t even detailed it yet!) but I guess it’s only been 6 days.

  7. Congrats on the new acquisition! Been really enjoying seeing the new ‘tale of the teg’ so far. That SSB really pops and goes nicely in the collection. You’re making me want another project car now! 🙂

    • I know what you mean! Now that I have the SLX as far as I want to take it (besides install of fog lamps, which is happening next month) it’s time to direct efforts to the next project. Looking forward to letting you drive this new ride.

  8. That first Integra commercial is awesome! The car is so fast, you can’t even see it. 😀

  9. That is a stunning looking car Tyson!

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