Latest Updates: NSXPO, TLX Type S Purchase, ’22 Civic Review, and More!

Let’s get you caught up to speed since it’s been a few months.

The important life update you all knew was coming: Some things never change. I bought two cars this summer: a 1989 Honda Prelude Si 4WS (resto project) and a 2021 Acura TLX Type S (daily driver).

I’ve been keeping super busy with my day job, and I write upwards of 100 stories per month part-time for auctions and its parent company, My fingers get plenty of cardio.

In the last few weeks, I’ve traveled to Portland for an NSX club meet, to San Francisco for an Acura reveal (and two days of subsequent “wine country” travels), and attended a few local events here in town. The last few months of the year will be similarly busy as I’m hosting the National Acura Legend Meet from October 6-10 here in Phoenix, I registered for the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach on October 30, and I’m going to RADwood in Los Angeles on November 20. It seems we are making up for lost time after taking 2020 off!

This week, I concluded a road test of Honda’s latest Civic. That car left me pretty darn impressed – and conveniently, mom was in town to give it a whirl, too. Remember the old commercials for Kix cereal that ended with the slogan, “Kid Tested, Mother Approved”? That sums it up. All-in-all, a great redesign that stepped up the quality, comfort, technology, and value, while keeping it familiar and friendly as all Civics have been in the past. Great job, Honda.

Feel free to tune in to any or all of the video clips below as your time permits!

Thanks for putting up with my lax blogging behavior. Chime in on the comments so I know who actually still reads this thing. Hope you’re all doing well.

2022 Honda Civic Touring (vid goes live this weekend; still unlisted today)

Honda Cars & Coffee

Vintage Prelude Acquisition

NSXPO in Portland

2021 TLX Type S Purchase

First Road Trip

10 Responses to “Latest Updates: NSXPO, TLX Type S Purchase, ’22 Civic Review, and More!”

  1. I’m loving the new ride Tyson! Congrats. Let the adventure continue!

  2. Definitely made up for lost time with this one!

    I think the new Civic has definitely matured now. Haven’t checked the specs but based on physical appearance I’d bet it’s significantly larger than the CB7.

    Still smiling from the Honda’s and Coffee event! Thanks again for invite. seeing all those Hondas and Acuras in such great condition gives me hope.

    I think I’d like to check out your Prelude Si 4WS before it disappears into the ether, time permitting of course.

    NSX Type-S huh? Very interesting to see what you think after you get a press car.

    Lastly, congrats again on the TLX Type-S purchase. Hope you have many happy miles and adventures with it!

    Happy Motoring…

  3. Hmm, so you’re not busy at all, huh? 😉

    Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the walkthrough of the new Civic. Is it just me, or does the interior design language have some cues back to the early Civics? There does seem like a bit of a retro vibe with some of the shapes. My only question is how was the power? After driving your TLX, did you get in the Civic and wonder if part of the engine was missing, or did you find it peppy enough to be a good daily driver?

    Really liked the Honda/Acura event. That ‘93 Accord SE is gorgeous. Only thing missing from the show was a 2012 V6 Accord coupe in polished metal metallic…

  4. Hello Tyson. Just wanted to let you know I still read your blog. But you and Josh at TsxTravels are killing me with the inactivity. 😟. I need more Cowbell as mentioned in this famous SNL skit 😉.

  5. Hi Tyson! Congrats on the new wheels and it’s great to see your positive review of the new Civic. I like the hatchback version and think it’s awesome they’re going to offer a manual on the Sport trim.

    I still follow the blog and read all your updates (as I have since 2013!) …Ross in Vegas…cheers!

  6. Trevor Kinzer Says:

    You got the new Type S? I envy you. A lot.

  7. I’m still here! While I do love your Youtube channel, reading about your adventures is just as nice too. Your Type S looks fantastic, but I’m slightly more excited about that Prelude 4WS project.

    Nice review on the Civic. It’s crazy to think how far the Civic has come in the last 20 years, especially since my first car was a 2001 Civic and that one didn’t even have a quarter of the tech that is standard in the current one. I’ll still continue following the blog and reading every update! I might be coming down to Phoenix for the NALM dealer day, I’ll keep you posted!

  8. Great Civic review! I haven’t driven one yet, but your comments and others suggest Honda nailed it. Where are you finding the time to do everything? Haha. Hope the TLX Type S continues to dazzle and delight 🙂

  9. How does one find out about the next Honda Cars and Coffee event in Surprise? I live very close to that dealership, and didn’t hear about it at all. Guess I’ve been out of the loop for too long.

  10. Not sure if I told you I had an 89 4WS Prelude. Seemed ingenious the way the rears turned in tandem with minimal steering input (lane changes at speed, etc), but then went opposite direction with more steering (parking lots, etc). On another note, THAT TLX-S!!! We need to catch up!

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