Easter Car Show

Odometer:  471,722

Every year for the last 8 years, I’ve attended a car show held in the town of Hurricane, in the southwestern corner of Utah.  It’s an Easter weekend tradition.  I’ve entered a few different cars over the years but the high mileage coupe has been shown at least 3 or 4 times.

My friend Branson and his dad Don have been restoring a 1965 Ford Mustang for the last couple of years and they drove down from Salt Lake City to enter it in its first show, so I decided to throw the old Legend in the show one more time.  Despite the clear coat fade and some rock chips that even the bra can’t cover up, the car cleans up pretty well for its age and mileage!  I displayed the original window sticker, a printout of my maintenance worksheet, and swapped out the dirty “daily” floor mats for a new-in-the-box set that have never been stepped on.  The night before the sh0w, I also installed a set of 19″ Racing Hart C2 wheels that I picked up many years ago and use for shows and special occasions.

This particular car show is dominated largely by classics & muscle cars, but the Legend got plenty of attention and was well received.  It’s interesting how the car seems to attract people from all age ranges.  I talked with one woman who wished she’d “Never sold the Legend!” because her newer Acura wasn’t nearly as fun to drive.  The old Legend ended up taking home 2nd place in the Import class.  Branson and Don won 3rd place in the “1973 & Older Mustang” class.  Much deserved recognition!  Congratulations to them.

Here Branson and I are pictured with our trophies and cars after the show, at Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah.

Today I returned from St. George to Phoenix via Las Vegas (~400 mi) and it was smooth sailing with minimal traffic.  I had a FULL car.   In addition to my suitcase and some other misc stuff, I was hauling the four Racing Hart wheels/tires (in bags in the back seat) and a set of four 17″ TL Type-S wheels that I was transporting for a friend.  The coupe’s interior capacity is quite impressive!  Just north of Wickenburg, AZ  at milepost 193 on US 93, I was pulled over and issued a warning for a window tint violation.  Can’t survive in Arizona without window tint!

Most recent maintenance was an oil change at Acura North Scottsdale at 470,500 miles before this Utah trip.  There was no inspection provided at the time so I can only assume that the maintenance issues are status quo from last time.  Car still starts, runs, drives like a champ.

4 Responses to “Easter Car Show”

  1. Tyson, Just curious, what kind of import car at this show beat you out for first place? Maybe a pristine 73 240Z? Your car looks great as always, but I’ve got to be honest, I still like the original 16 inch factory GS wheels the best.

    Great site.

    • I agree, Duane, the factory 16″ wheels are the best looking on the car! Just though I’d change things up for the weekend. I honestly can’t remember who got 1st place – I was walking up to retrieve my trophy when they announced it so I wasn’t paying attention. I know that 3rd place was an old red CRX with extensive motor work done to it. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Tyson, another great job in representing the Acura owners at the car show in St. George. With the signed dash, you should have won hands down. Police must have a GPS tracking unit attached to your car to bother you about window tint. I have a feeling the car would have won first place with the OEM GS wheels on it. Keep it rolling, 500,000 miles is within your reach.

    • Thanks, Kevin! Had a great time at the show and it’s always nice to represent the Acura community at a show like this. You need to roll out to St. George with your friend in the motorhome next year – maybe you can attend next year’s show and vote for me! Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

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