Logan, Utah

Odometer:  494,910.2

After a Friday of clock-watching at the office, I set sail on a weekend adventure to the north country yet again yesterday.

I’d been meaning to snag a picture at this sign the last few times I drove past it in Wickenburg, Arizona.

These Arizona sunsets just never seem to get old.  I had Highway 93 to myself for most of the northwesterly drive toward Las Vegas, Nevada from the Phoenix area.

Las Vegas!  I visited a few friends at the Westin Hotel who were celebrating my friend Jim’s 30th birthday.  This was taken on Flamingo Road approaching Interstate 15 from the east.  Happy birthday, Jim!

Finally I had a late-night arrival into Utah, finally calling it a night around 1 a.m. local time.

Today’s drive to Logan was “only” about 400 miles, or 6 hours.  I got an early start and chowed on some Mickey D’s breakfast from Fillmore, Utah.  The one thing that always surprises the passengers in my car is that my $42k Acura does not have any cupholders.  In the manual transmission-equipped 1991-1995 Legends, the pop-out cupholder was deleted from the lid of the center console. As a result, I end up finding other means – usually by holding a drink in my lap or balancing it inside the center console like I did with my orange juice this morning.

In Salt Lake City, I visited my friend Branson at his workplace – CU Auto Sales.  Branson’s 1995 Legend LS coupe has been featured on this blog before when he allowed me to use it as a “loaner” car during a weekend trip to Utah over the 4th of July weekend this year.  It’s minty and has only around 142k on the odometer.

Next up, I said hello to my friend Jeremy who recently took delivery of  brand new Acura TSX Sport Wagon.  Jeremy and I grabbed lunch and he tossed me the keys to the wagon so I could drive for the return trip.  I loved the TSX!  It was quite a change for me to look down at an odometer with only 600 miles on it.  Open wide!

This thing is cavernous!  Here’s my Vanna White pose inside the cargo area.

Finally I paid a visit to the grandparents in Cache Valley (Logan, Utah) – near the Idaho border at the far north end of the state.  The rains came down heavily in Sardine Canyon but the Michelins handled it well.  Grandma loves it when visitors take “laps” around her house while driving on the grass!

At the entrance to the south end of town on Highway 89-91, there’s an old drive-in movie theater that was painted over and serves a billboard for the university where I attended school in 2004-2005.  Go Aggies!

The rains cleared tonight and I got a clear view of the great mountains that surround the valley.

I guess the Utah sunsets aren’t half bad either.

I’ll make the return trip to Phoenix tomorrow.  The Legend is running like a champ but I’ve made an appointment to have the suspension looked at again this coming week.  There’s some significant noise coming from the front end on abrupt bumps and I have a feeling the upper controls arms are to blame.  I’m also contemplating biting the bullet and having the brake rotors changed since they’re well overdue.  I was hoping to keep this last 5,000 miles of the Drive to Five fairly maintenance-free but let’s see what my mechanics have to say about that this week.

Had to use the heater tonight for the first time since last winter!

At this point, I’ve personally put 400,000 miles on this car since I bought it in March, 2003.  It’s been a fun ride!

15 Responses to “Logan, Utah”

  1. Tyson! I loved today’s post. You are always welcome to borrow my new Sport Wagon, but not for too long!

  2. Yes, this post is especially interesting as I know the people and places you visited. Turning the heater on in the car is always the sign that fall is here, at least in Logan! Your Vanna White pose caused me to grin… and realizing just how far you have to drive to return home today makes me just want to cry. I would rather run a marathon! Happy trails, son.

  3. So… is that sport wagon AWD? I’m looking on Acura’s web site and it says nothing about driving trains under the “technical specs.” (Isn’t that where it should list stuff like that?) I’m fixin’ to replace my Subaru and would gladly buy another… unless Acura had something better…

  4. After some research, I can conclude that it is not AWD. The RDX and the MDX are, but the TSX Spart Wagon is not. Bummer. I was going to buy one on Tuesday.

    • Rabid – as Jeremy’s noted in response below, indeed the TSX is only offered in front-wheel-drive. We’ll see how his “Spart Wagon” fares this upcoming ski season. Can’t go wrong with a new Subaru. But if you’ve got fewer than 200,000 miles on your old one, you know I’m going to encourage you to keep driving the beast!

      • I knew you’d catch my “spart wagon” joke. You’re so sharp that way. And the Spouse thanks you for your “keep driving the beast” sentiments. Although, in the last day or two he’s grown rather fond of the TSX Wagon. Wants one, even.

  5. Interesting you bring up the question of AWD on the Wagon.. as an avid skier and adventurer, I researched extensively the Subaru and the TSX wagon. With a set of Blizzak snow tires, these cars seem to do very well in the snow. The styling alone is much more handsome than the Subaru. I live in the mountains of Utah and will have to go through a winter to see how the wagon can handle the snow. I get complimented everywhere I go on the looks.

    • Read this to the Spouse, and he says “I get complimented everywhere I go on my looks and I’m not even in a car!” (He’s kidding of course. At least I hope. Should I be concerned?)

      Yes, please keep us posted on the snow handling. It’s crucial for carpe diem on a powder day.

  6. Group buy on the forums for rotors, check it. Email or ring me what you think you could be doing in about 5,000 miles!

    I think you should start another blog just to educate everyone on just what you do while driving for HOURS and HOURS! LOL


    • Hey Dave, details are forthcoming on some ideas for 500k but I should know more in the next week or two. As for staying entertained while in the car – music is my main motivator. Any songs you’d recommend for road tripping?

  7. Dave… he takes a book with him to keep him entertained. When he came through this weekend he was half-way through Suze Orman’s book “The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke”

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