Odometer:  498,724

“How in the world do you not get bored with driving the same car for that many miles?” People often ask me.  Well, I change up the look often!

I’ve gone through more than my fair share of different wheel & tire combinations over the years.  Here’s a quick glance at a few (13 styles to be exact).  Let’s hear it in the comment box — which ones were your favorite?

19 x 7.5 Racing Hart C2 3-piece Diamond Cut

Factory 16×7 Legend GS, Chrome Plated

2001-2002 Acura CL Type S 17″

2001-2002 Acura CL Type S 17″, Chrome Plated

Factory 16×7 Legend GS

2001 Lexus IS300 17″

18″ Kaotik Z5

18″ Katana Inspire

18 x 8 Mille Miglia Evo5

2005 Acura RSX Type S 17″, Chrome Plated

2004 Acura TL 17″

2001-2003 Acura TL Type S 17″

2004 Acura TSX 17″

Also thought this would be a fun time to share an article from the Arizona Republic that the Legend was featured in, back in the Sunday paper of June 15, 2008.  At only 324,000 miles, the Legend had already become legendary.  Dug this pic out of the archives to share:

20 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. I can relate to a change of shoes! A few dozen times! I vote for the wheels in your first photo.

  2. Oh. and can we make a calendar featuring one photo each month? These are the most amazing pictures EVER!

  3. I looked at each picture twice, and without a doubt, the factory
    16X7 GS wheels are by far my choice. They look great on both coupes and GS sedans. They just maintain the “legendary” look. All the others have their place, but even the non stock Acura wheels look “aftermarket”. Maybe I’m just a purist, but after having all those different wheels/and tires: What’s on it now? Like it should be! Would be great to see your car in a national Acura advertising campaign in early 2012. The one with the male/female athlete that transforms to a TL is kind of lame (in my opinion) Not sure what they could try to sell with an 18 year old car (that they abandoned way too soon) but someone should be able to dream up something. Good luck with the last 1,276. We’ll be watching.

    • Duane, you’re absolutely right. The tried & true factory GS wheels are most definitely the best looking wheels on the car. The proportions just look perfect. That’s why I’ve kept coming back to them. Thanks for your continued watch on the blog! What’s your odometer at nowadays?

  4. 198,951 I think you’re going to beat me to the x00,000

  5. TSX for sure! Love the big wide spokes.

    • Yeah, those were among my favorites! I’m trying to see if I can get my hands on a set of the new TSX V6 wheels – I think they’d look amazing on the Legend. For right now, the stock wheels do the trick. Plus I have had such incredible luck with the tires that I have on them now (Michelin Primacy). So incredibly quiet and long lasting! Thanks for your feedback Taylor.

  6. I meant the TL type S! I got the captions mixed up!!

    I practically drive your car… ’95 Accord EX-L. I have a question about your SRS… did your light ever come on and/or have you had a problem with your SRS? I thought Honda had a lifetime warranty on the SRS… so I went into the dealer and said that I needed the driver seat belt buckle and SRS module replaced… but they would only pay for the buckle. Not the $300 module. wtf.

    • Yeah, our cars are both born of the same Honda gene pool! Sorry to hear that you’ve had some SRS issues. I had heard that seat belt buckles were a lifetime warranty item, so the fact that they’re willing to cover that doesn’t surprise me… but on the SRS module itself, I’ve actually never heard of those going out before! I haven’t had my SRS light illuminate aside from during the normal vehicle start-up process when it flashes briefly. Wish I knew of a better answer for ya…

  7. I think you KNOW what wheels I like. = ) … OEM five spokes FTW!

  8. Penny~Lady6spd Says:

    Will always be an OEM kinda gal but the Racing Harts are pretty classy for sure! The only problem with the Harts is that I think they aren’t as tough as the OEM. If I’m not mistaken they are three piece and easily bent?

    1200 miles left… lookin’ forward! Anybody sitting in the passenger’s seat as you roll into HQ with 500K?

    • Penny, you’re right on the durability aspect. It seems the aftermarket wheels never hold up quite as well. In fact, I bent (and later repaired) one of those Racing Harts once. Glad you’re as anxious for the 500k as I am! My mom is flying in from Utah and has already claimed the passenger seat.

  9. I definitely like the ’03 TL-S’. I’d like to have that style on mine but they aren’t as easy to find as the ’04-06 TL wheels.

    • Yep, Brandon, I’ve always been a fan of the simple 5-spokers like that, and I prefer the polished look of the 03’s to the silver painted 04+. Have I seen pics of your car yet? Canterbury green, right?

  10. They all look pretty good to me but the OEM wheels and the 02-03 TL-S wheels are definitely my favorite!

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