State Lines

Odometer: 498,662

So close I can taste it!  The old Legend didn’t even leave town this weekend, yet I still managed to rack up several hundred miles while attending different events around the Phoenix valley — from a Coyotes hockey game in the west valley to a “white trash” party in Queen Creek — some 60 miles away on the opposite side of town.

Speaking of white trash, here’s a picture of my sorry Legend after trekking down a dirt driveway on Saturday night to my friend’s place for the big event.  I had an Acura emblem “tattooed” on my right arm courtesy of a black dry erase marker.  Here’s a picture with my friend Jeff (who flew in from Canada for the weekend) and our new friend Brenda. Classy?  You bet.

With company in town, I took the Legend sedan GS out of hibernation for a night of hauling people around. Just my luck – the driver’s door was side swiped in a parking lot while we were out hiking (with no note left, of course).  The 500k Legend sat unscathed in the garage while my never-sees-rain pride & joy Legend sedan got beat up.  Go figure!

Check out a couple of the latest links where Drive to Five has made headlines:

  • Acura owner and enthusiast Chris Tobias operates Acura Connected, an independent site dedicated to providing people like me all the latest “word on the street” regarding Acuras in the news and current events.  Chris put together a nice article not long ago.  Thanks, Chris, for the shout out!
  • Rachel Hartman is a freelance writer who put together an article on how to get the most mileage out of a car for the site  My car, along with a ~ 3 million mile Volvo, 415,000 mile Subaru, and 324,000 mile Saab were mentioned as references.  Gotta love it!

Thought I’d share a few of the state border signs I’ve parked next to over the last 8 years.  I came up with a handful of them.  Enjoy a quick alphabetical tour of the country with me!




Arkansas (crossing the Mississippi – couldn’t stop on the bridge!)












Ohio – didn’t stop for this one!


Jew Jersey – couldn’t pull over; the sign was in a median and I was on the far right lane!

New Mexico

North Carolina







West Virginia – didn’t stop for this one!

8 Responses to “State Lines”

  1. No Washington State border sign? Actually now that I think about it, the “Welcome to Washington” sign (on I-5) is hung from the top of a bridge that you cross over from Oregon to Wa.

    Guess I better find out where one is for ya!

    Sorry to hear about the GS. That is terrible! (the scrape and no note)

    • Dave, I just remembered I have a pic at the OR state line from that trip to the NW meet in July 2009 so I’ll add that to the post. Don’t think I got one at the WA line, though. I’m having a dent guy look at the GS today. There’s no paint missing, just a little crease. Hoping it can come out looking good again.

  2. Tyson how dare someone touch you fine piece of exquisite machinery. Good thing the car just sits in the garage, no one is going to see the damage. Don’t you think the the dent will just blend in with the color of your paint, just like dirt does?

  3. I’m a little upset you didn’t represent Utah. After all, it is your home. Oh and you forgot California and Idaho! I’m still thinking I will be able to make it, just going to depend on the room situation. So let me know! Oh and I am sorry about your Sedan! I know how you feel about your cars. They are your kids after all. LOL.

    • Haha, there are pics of the UT state line somewhere on here. Not sure if I’ve ever taken one at the Idaho border… Yeah I was bummed about the sedan! Got a dent guy coming to take a look tomorrow.

  4. You’ve been everywhere, boy!

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