Fountain Hills

Odometer:  498,065

Timing worked out perfectly tonight for a quick sunset pit-stop at what used to be (until 1980) the world’s tallest water fountain.  This 1970 creation in Fountain Hills, Arizona, shoots water 560 feet in the air and runs for 15 minutes every hour on the hour.

It seemed only fitting that I included these pictures on the blog since I’ve also earlier this year captured images of the world’s largest firecracker in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, and the world’s tallest thermometer, in Baker California.  What’ll be next on my crusade of finding world-famous landmarks and parking my car in front of them?  And yes, I’ve already considered making a trek to the world’s largest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas.  That’s only about 1,095 miles away from my house.  Might make for a nice little weekend trip…

Arizona Highway 87 makes for a great commute home.  You’ll note, though, that I’m still rolling around with a cracked-up windshield (it’ll get fixed prior to 500k I assure you) and that about half my instrument gauge cluster bulbs have gotten tired and burned out.

But hey, the gas tank’s on “F” and the car runs like a top so let’s keep on rolling.

8 Responses to “Fountain Hills”

  1. Our favorite time of day to drive…. Great photos!

  2. Pretty butterfly! I dare say that between the two of us, we have taken an Acura product to almost ever corner of the USA. I find it amazing that you have put 500,000 miles on your car and a single transmission. The Acura products that I have owned have not always been so fortunate. I was a victim of the transmission recall and went through six automatic transmissions in my vehicles. Acura may need to go back to 1994 and start building cars in 2012 like they did in 1994. I will say though, that the 2004 TL is the best product ever to roll off the Acura assembly line.

  3. Spencer_C27A1Legend'88 Says:

    I’m still watching this Tyson. So close to 500K. I already bought one of the 500K shirts but cannot make it down to Cali for the big day, school gets in the way of that. I’m rolling at 178.7K on my old G1 anyways, hopefully there will be many more miles to come.

    • Hey Spencer, glad you’re keeping an eye on the blog! Yeah I’m getting there. I’ll have another post in the next day or two with an update. Sorry you won’t make it to Torrance but we will get lots of pics. Your G1 is just barely getting broken in. I hope you have me on the waiting list of people who want to buy that when you’re done with it!

      • Spencer_C27A1Legend'88 Says:

        Yep you are #1 on my list. If I do sell it, I want it to go to a forum member that will take care of it and I know you will. I’m looking forward to the pics from Cali.

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