Two to Go

Odometer:  498,023

Quick entry for today’s achievement.  This evening at the offramp of westbound US-60 exiting at Power Road in Mesa, Arizona, the Legend crossed into sub-2,000 mile territory before the big goal.

Here was tonight’s sky on the commute home from work on Shea Blvd in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Worth noting:  Lately I actually drive about 15 miles longer on my return trip to home after work in order to avoid the bogged-down 101 freeway.  I instead take surface streets to a back highway.

I’d much rather go out of my way and have free flowing traffic (and views like this) than stare at brake lights for 1/2 hour.

Thumbs up to the next 2,000 miles!  Let’s get a move on!

2 Responses to “Two to Go”

  1. < 2,000 miles… I smell a P-A-R-T-Y coming up!

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