Odometer:  497,871

For years I carried this fortune around with me in my wallet because of just how inspired it was.

The oven-like temperatures have finally released their grip on Phoenix and we’ve dipped below triple-digits.  It’s finally enjoyable to cruise around with the moonroof open and windows down.  Today I decided to take a scenic Sunday afternoon drive about 80 miles east of the Phoenix area to visit one of my favorite copper boomtowns of the old west:  Miami.

Eastbound on US Hwy 60, approaching Superior, AZ.

Beyond Superior, the highway steeply gains elevation and passes through the Queen Creek Tunnel, completed in 1952.

I took a quick side-trip down a road called “Magma Mine Road” because the name intrigued me.  Great twisties, rated at 10 and 15 mph but easily taken at more than that speed.  I imagine this would be a great driver’s road if my suspension was a little more in tune.  Maybe when I pick up my NSX!

Finally, arriving!  But, this Miami is a full 2,251 miles away from the Miami you may have thought I was talking about.  The classic song “Oceanfront Property in Arizona” comes to mind.

Antiques are pretty much all this boarded-up town can offer to a passing-by motorist.  The main street looks like it may have at one time been a bustling center for commerce and entertainment but it’s pretty sad looking today.

And a lonely railroad crossing sign.  The tracks were washed out and covered in thick mud.  I don’t think they’ve seen any locomotives in awhile.

Finally, heading back to the Phoenix area and pit-stopping along Superior’s main street.

The trusty Legend again made an effortless trip with no issues to report.  It’s tired and slow compared to cars like my friend Josh’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evo that I drove this morning (Acceleration nearly gave me whiplash!  Thanks Josh!), but it’s as dependable as the day is long, and I don’t think twice about turning the key and pointing that (A) emblem on the nose in any direction I feel like.

4 Responses to “Miami”

  1. Tyson, do you think maybe you misinterpreted the fortune? Maybe it means that your place in life is being in CHARGE and in CONTROL! Nah… it’s just not your personality. However, had you read into that fortune differently, you would have been spared from numb bum on many occasions. Oh, but what scenery you would have missed! Think of the country you’ve seen!

    Ride on.

    P.S. Are you carefully calculating miles at this point? Doing a little math?

    • You’re probably right! I should be “driving” metaphorically rather than literally! No matter, it’s too late to turn back now. 500k awaits. The mileage calculation is underway for sure.

  2. So I was thinking after reading these posts that you should replace the Legend with not only an NSX, but also a bike. You can track the miles that you pedal down the road, and eliminate the gas expenses, insurance, etc. If you do this, then your quadriceps in your left leg would no longer be so much bigger from engaging the clutch. Therefore, your legs would be even and Todd would not claim that you were uneven, like he has done so in my case. Food for thought.

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