Oil Analysis

Odometer:  498,782

The Legend is tucked into offsite airport parking at Phoenix Sky Harbor while I play around on the Florida beaches 2,156 miles away for a weekend in Tampa.  Here’s a shot as I headed to the airport this afternoon.

US Airways flight 574 wasn’t nearly as comfortable of a ride as my Acura, but the view was decent.  For any destination that’s fewer than 10 hours or so drive time, I’d rather drive.  Florida just wouldn’t have been possible to tackle in a weekend trip by car though.

I thought I’d share some information on oil analyses I’ve done to the Legend over the years.  It’s like a urinalysis for your vehicle!

Blackstone Labs is a Fort Wayne, Indiana based company that specializes in extracting data from used motor oil.  Based on just a tiny jar of collected sample, they’re able to determine a myriad of things about the health of a motor.  I’ve sent 3 samples to Blackstone over the course of my Legend’s life.  My standard technique of 5W30 oil every 3,000 miles has never let me down.  Following are the reports I’ve received after having submitted some of these samples over the years.

Sample #1 was taken 12/29/06 at mileage 264,658.

Sample #2 was taken 12/20/08 at mileage 358,050.

Sample #3 was taken 6/20/11 at mileage 479,233.

The comments along with the most recent sample were as follows: 

Judging by the low wear, there’s nothing in our test to show a developing a mechanical problem. At this rate, 500,000 should be easily obtainable. If someone wants proof that Hondas last forever, they can look no further than your oil reports. We did find a little extra silicon, which can show dirt getting past the air filter. If course, it could also be a harmless additive of some sort, but check the air filter and the intake for any cracks or leaks. The TBN was very strong at 6.7 showing plenty of active additive. Still looking good at 479,233 miles.

Even Blackstone Laboratories knows that a Honda will last forever.

4 Responses to “Oil Analysis”

  1. I need to run some of these. I’m just scared of what they would tell me!

  2. Oil analysis is very worthwhile, reasonable, and can help you in preventing problems and saving on maintenance costs.

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