Live from Motor City

When I rolled 500,000 in my Legend at Honda of America’s corporate office in Torrance, California last November, one of my rewards for achieving this milestone was a trip to see this auto show.  And what a reward it was!

Aloha from Detroit, where today I was able to experience the excitement of my first visit to the NAIAS.  Lots and lots of gleaming metal objects with big engines, sexy curves, and more technology than ever.  What an incredible chance to see some brilliant pieces of automotive engineering.  Acura debuted three very impressive models today – a revised RDX crossover SUV, an entry-level ILX sports sedan, and a concept for the next generation NSX supercar.  All three are destined to become leaders in their respective divisions.

The ILX was especially impressive to me since at a target price of less than $30k, it’s a lot of bang for the buck!  The concept model on display didn’t yet give us a chance to get hands-on with the interior, but from a design perspective this car looks like a winner.  I had the exclusive chance to meet one-on-one with Jon Ikeda who designed the vehicle.  His perspective confirmed that this sedan is a bold and well thought-out entry by Acura into the entry level luxury sedan market.  The highest trim level of the ILX will reportedly have a hybrid motor.  And – something I especially appreciate given the number of miles I’ve driven my manual transmission Legend – the ILX will get a standard 6-speed transmission.

Stay tuned for a full report once I’ve arrived back at home in Phoenix – we’ve still got one more day of auto-show-goodness here in Detroit and you can bet I’ll be soaking it all in.  Huge thanks to Acura for the hospitality throughout my stay!  I have truly enjoyed meeting and greeting some of the great folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the company operate as seamlessly as its cars do:

Before leaving Phoenix, I happened to park next to a 1994-1995 Legend sedan at the airport parking lot yesterday…

Press Pass!

The vehicles were kept under tight wraps until the 2:35 p.m. Acura press conference.

The Honda booth had this immaculate 1983 Accord Sedan – the first Honda built in America.  I peeked inside and it was an automatic transmission and had had 47 miles on the odometer!

The ILX unveiled!

And the next NSX.  Mid engine, V6, AWD Hybrid, made in Ohio!

This post’s cell phone pictures will have to suffice for now – but I at least wanted to share my excitement from this awesome day.  More to come!

6 Responses to “Live from Motor City”

  1. thanks for letting us in on your trip Ty!

    • You know it Dave. Wish all of you could be here enjoying the sights and sounds with me. Your name has come up a few times as the Acura folks have asked about you – I’ll bring you more coverage as soon as I can. One of these years you’ll have to take a couple days off from painting planes and come see this show if you haven’t ever before.

  2. I must say, your apparel choice was spot on….a blue shirt that “matches” with the blue tint of Acura’s booth! We anxiously await further details from this recent adventure of yours. Oh, and a new NSX (or ILX) would make a great gift for an aging mother, don’t you think? Like for her 50th birthday? 😉

  3. Nice! I see some civic in the rear of the new ILX. I like the wheels! NSX looks super futuristic.

    • Yeah apparently the NSX is still 3 years out so we’ll see how much it changes between now and then. Pictures don’t do the ILX justice – proportions and angles look nice in person. I’m interested to see what the interior looks like. And glad it’s offered in a 6-speed manual…

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