Odometer:  506,086

Almost made it to the weekend!  Just a quick post with a few pics from this week.

A photo from the last wash.  She still cleans up decent.

Geared up in my Acura shirt and en route to the office!  I get asked routinely if I work for Acura when I wear this around town, and I enjoy the chance to talk about the brand.  My 10-mile commute is just the right amount of time in the car to get my quick road-trip fix in before a busy workday.  It takes me about 15 minutes door-to-door.

Love seeing a nice Legend coupe silhouette alongside the freeway in the morning.

Finally, a lesson in proper parking technique.  I was coming out of the Target Supercenter tonight in Tempe, Arizona and realized that I must be somewhat crazy for parking a mile away (for door ding aversion, of course) in a car that’s 18 years old with 506,000 miles.  But hey, I needed the exercise, right?

Happy weekend everyone.

8 Responses to “TGIF”

  1. Easy does it!!! Here is to clean cars and relaxing weekends!

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Love the SuperTarget picture. At ours around the corner from where we live, I always park my Legend in the same place. Away from the car corrals and other people! With only 210,650 on my car, I don’t park quite so far away either.

  3. Even in the soggy NW I still park a ways away from the other cars! And whats this “TGIF” you talk about? I’m putting in 56 hour / 7 days a week work weeks! LOL

  4. I hear that on parking a mile away. But for some reason, almost everytime I do, I come out 30min later to find cars all around me. And usually too close for comfort. It is like my Legends are magnetic or something…:)

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