Sherwood Green

Odometer:  506,012

Yesterday a good friend of mine took delivery of a gorgeous and rare, classic Acura.  This 2-owner 1994 Legend GS in sherwood green pearl (a 1994-1995 color only) had only 127,000 miles on it at the time of delivery.  Congratulations Jeremy on a fine ride!

Later that night, picking up the car with a customary “key handoff” picture as is tradition among all my friends and family.  Kevin and Donna will surely miss their old faithful Legend but have two immaculate 2005 Acura TL’s to replace it.  There seems to be something about the Acura brand – once you’ve owned one, you keep coming back for more.

Jeremy’s new Legend looks remarkably similar to the one that surfaced not long ago on the Internet with a “Legend… Of Zelda” license plate, right here.

Meanwhile, my old ride keeps chugging!  It passed the 506,000 mile mark on the way home from work today.

Swing by the automotive news website to see a short write-up I put together on the new 2013 Acura ILX concept vehicle based on my experience at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month.  The article is here!

6 Responses to “Sherwood Green”

  1. I finally joined the Legend club after a break of nearly ten years! I drove a 1994 sherwood green GS sedan when I was 18 years old, and this car sure was a lot larger back then! These Legends are excellent cars. I did a routine oil change and replaced a faulty cruise control actuator and she is good to go! Nothing like cruising at 80 mph with the tach at 3500rpms! Thanks for your help Tyson!

  2. Wow; Ty, you really have an influence over your friends. How long until all of us have Acura’s?

    • Scott, that’s the objective! It won’t be long until I have you out of that GS300 and into a nice new TL 🙂 Hope you’ve had a great weekend – I’m thinking we need to coordinate a rendezvous soon.

  3. steven coker Says:

    I bought an 2nd owner 96 RL with all the service records cause I thought my search for a 6 speed legend was a lost cause and I still love it . it higher tech than my 01 gmc truck by far no comparison I feel anyway I know u hear this a lot I have $$$ for a legend like your everyday so if the time come emailme please

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