Odometer:  505,720

Ever seen a $600,000 Corvette?  Yesterday a couple of friends and I saw a 60th Anniversary C6 Corvette on the auction block at the Scottsdale-based high end automobile auction called Barrett-Jackson go for that price.

Every year, this event draws thousands of car aficionados for a chance to see high dollar, exotic, and rare vehicles find new homes.  The old Legend was perhaps one of the most “seasoned” vehicles on the grass polo field spectator parking lot while we wandered through the inventory of vehicles, automobilia, and food vendors.  It’s like a full-blown circus for car people.

The local Bondurant Racing team was on-site providing “hot laps” in Grand Sport Vettes.  I feared for my life from the passenger seat!

A couple of vehicles I thought were interesting – like this Amphicar.

And a big ol’ red beast.

Lots of nice stuff up for grabs.  My friend David had hooked us up with Bidder Guest passes and VIP access.

Branson, pictured at left, drives a beautiful 1995 Legend LS coupe.  It was a Legend meet at my house.

Branson at the wheel heading home last night.  Yes I’ll happily give the keys to the high mileage Legend to just about anyone who’s crazy enough to want to drive such a beast.  Still runs like a champ!

This morning we went to check out a very clean 1995 Legend LS coupe in Desert Mist Metallic.  Looks like a twin to mine but it’s got the wing spoiler and it’s got an automatic transmission.  Can be yours for the bargain price of $3,700 here.  I was checking it out for a friend of mine who’s not local but has been on the prowl for a clean Type II coupe.  It’s pictured in the background here and has  (only!) 198,300 miles on it.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

7 Responses to “Barrett-Jackson”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Great write up once again! I’d love to own the car you looked at. Someday will own a coupe just like that.

  2. Great photo of you three. If Branson grew a beard you could be the 3 amigos. 🙂 A Corvette for $600,000?? I would rather have an Acura for less than a tenth that. ‘Tis a great weekend!

  3. La-Shawn Hill Says:

    I own a 2010 Acura TL. I was reading your blog to see if you had any special care tips besides regular on-schedule maintenance for ensuring that other Acura owners make it to 500K. I bought my car brand-new and it only has 30K miles. Also, I’m close to the end of the factory warranty on my car. Did you buy a warranty for your car and, if so, with what company? Also, what have been any electrical/mechanical issues that you’ve had to deal with? I bought an Acura because of its reputation, and I hope it lasts as long as yours! Thanks in advance.

    • Hi La-Shawn, thanks for the note! You will most definitely get 500k out of your TL. If Acura had the technology to build a reliable car back in 1994, then they certainly have refined their process and improved it so I would expect your car will go even farther. As for maintenance – I don’t really go over and above the standard regimen as outlined by the Service department at the dealership. I have had the timing belt and water pump changed 5 times. The car has only left me stranded once, when the original fuel pump died at 399,750 miles right near my house. If you’re interested in seeing a copy of my maintenance spreadsheet, I’d be happy to email it to you. I did not purchase a warranty with the car. It had 95,000 miles on it already when I took ownership. Hope to hear from you soon, and good luck with your TL! Regards, Tyson

      • La-Shawn Hill Says:

        Thanks for responding! My car’s computer tells me when to go in for maintenance needs, so I guess I’m good to go. I really do hope my car lasts and lasts. I love my car, and I bought it after a lot of research of other luxury brands. I’m gonna take care of it, and it should take care of me for years and years to come. Again, thanks for your response!

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