Mobile Entertainment

Odometer:  508,761

How does one stay entertained on the road for half a million miles?  It takes a lot of music!

My Acura came fully loaded with the essential amenities of 1994, including a cassette tape deck in the Bose head unit.  One option for the Legend model at the time was an accessory trunk-mounted 6-disc CD changer, which my car didn’t have.  I remember very well the drive home to Utah from San Jose after I bought the car in March, 2003.  My mobile music entertainment came from a tape-deck converter and a Sony Discman.  My how things have changed!

When I first took the iPod plunge by purchasing my gigantic 80-gig “Classic” model, I immediately needed a way to take my tunes with me on my many cross-country road trips.  My brother who is an electronics genius hooked me up with a pretty advanced setup for its time – a Pioneer CD/DVD/pop-out screen setup that gave me iPod compatibility.  In its day, this was a pretty cool setup.  He even ran the auxiliary wire through to the center console so it’s out of sight.

What’s that on the playlist, you ask?  None other than a Jon Secada classic from my 80’s MEGA MIX!

Technology has come a long way from the old school flip-out monitors.  In many of today’s Acuras you’ll find a navigation screen and a computer system more powerful than any home PC I’ve owned.  Mapping functionality, maintenance reminders, audio controls, climate controls, voice activation, and other things that a luxury car buyer could only dream of 18 years ago when my car rolled off the line.  What’s on YOUR road trip playlist?

Everyone who follows my blog knows I’m a record keeper.  I’ve even managed to hang onto the original Autotrader print-out from almost exactly 9 years ago when I bought my Legend.  Love at first sight?  I think it was.

And a picture from heading out to work today on a clear 50-degree Phoenix morning, still driving that same car (413,761 miles later).  She fired up on the first try!

Happy Thursday everyone…

2 Responses to “Mobile Entertainment”

  1. 50 degree Phoenix morning ! BAH! JEALOUS! I love that you still have a hard copy of the auto trader ad! I wish I would have done the same!! !

    • Yes! Was downright chilly out there! I wore my hoodie 🙂 Thanks for following the blog, Dave. Would love to share some pics of your super clean Legends on here too if you’re willing.

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