100 Degrees

Odometer:  511,184

Eighteen years have taken their toll on this Acura, no doubt.  While Desert Mist Metallic is great at looking clean most of the time, up close there’s no hiding that my car has been around the world a few times (about 20 times, to be exact).

Here’s some clearcoat failure on the trunk lid that’s been getting worse with each Phoenix summer.  We are lucky enough to receive over 300 days of sunshine per year here, but this means that paint finishes and dashboards take a beating.

And the supportive bucket seats in the Legend coupe end up with a lot of wear and tear on those side bolsters.

This floor mat makes it pretty easy to tell where I’ve rested my heel!

And let’s not forget that sandblasted front end, thanks to lots of interstate highway drives behind 18-wheelers.

But, this old luxo c0upe cleans up just fine with a little elbow grease.  She got a bath this week.

And a couple of nice pictures taken by my friend John this past Thursday night at a parking garage in Tempe, Arizona.

Thanks, John, for the awesome camera skills!

I dug this shirt out of the closet today.  At one time many years ago, I ordered it online. I may not be an Acura technician, but I can look the part!

It’s always a big guessing game each spring in Phoenix:  “When will we hit our first triple-digit temperature day?!”  Well, according to the forecast on weather.com right now – it could be today!  Doesn’t seem like we should be getting this kind of heat in April.

Thankfully, the Legend’s A/C is blowing ice cubes, so bring on summer.

As I’ve shared on Drive to Five before, I’m excited for my continued involvement in the launch of the all new 2013 Acura ILX model.  There are some great reviews being shared to YouTube and elsewhere, like the following from DriveTime.

I’m still fielding lots of reader questions about the new ILX via the “ILX Experience” application on Acura’s Facebook page, and the responses are being posted to the “Tyson’s ILX Blog” tab.  Check it out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

11 Responses to “100 Degrees”

  1. Kevin Amoth Says:

    I need to get one of those Acura shirts before NALM! My father left last Tuesday on his way back to Minnesota. Enough of the hot temps in Mesa he has said in the past. Lucky me, he is taking the southern route and will be at our house tomorrow. Last time he saw my Legend was when our twins graduated from high school. That was 11 years ago!

    • Hey Kevin, I’ll see if I can track down the website where I ordered this shirt. We should both wear ours at NALM! Yes, lots of snowbirds are now evacuating Phoenix and heading north. I’m okay with that since it means less traffic to deal with here. Glad to hear you’ll get to see him. Hey – snag a picture of you with your dad in front of the Legend, and let me feature it on Drive to Five along with your ownership story. Can’t be too many people out there who have bought the same Legend TWICE! I’d love to share with my readers.

  2. Still waiting to see if my ILX blog question will get answered! LOL

  3. The ILX looks nice and should be fun with the 6 speed. Price point seems pretty decent too. We have had dry and abnormally warm weather here in NJ for a couple of months. It hit 92 last week.. back in the 50’s now though 😦

    • Yeah I’m in Indiana at the moment and was totally unprepared for 50-degree temps (plus wind!). Hope the b-day party festivities went well for you guys today!

  4. I know you are a Meguiar’s fan; however, do you use Pro Acura Car Care Spray Cleaner & Polish? It blocks UV rays and helps prevent sun damage.

  5. I have an Acura shirt too!

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