Squaw Peak Hike

Odometer:  511,008

Forecast says 97 degrees on Saturday!  As temps creep up in Phoenix, Arizona, we’re taking advantage of every chance we get to enjoy the great outdoors before it’s time to hibernate in our air conditioned homes and workplaces.  Yesterday, I hiked with a few friends to the 2,608 foot summit of Squaw Peak, also known as Piestewa Peak which was named in honor of the first Native American woman to die in combat in the US Military.  The 1,200 foot elevation gain feels a lot like a stairmaster for the 1.2 miles each way of the hike.

Tyson, Tyler, Rustin, Matt, and Tanya

I spy.  From the summit, I could still check on my car in the parking lot (circled in orange!)

This weekend I also had company from my friend Tyler from Utah who you’ll remember from my post featuring his white Prelude 4WS.  Tyler was gracious enough to allow me some behind-the-wheel time of this great handling little sports car.

Finally – many thanks to my roommate for putting together this entertaining picture.  Indeed, my Legend lacks a cupholder and my friends love to point that out.   Anyone seen the movie Bridesmaids who can relate with me?

2 Responses to “Squaw Peak Hike”

  1. Tyler S. Says:

    Now, that parking space looks like an outstanding choice to prevent door dings, Tyson!

    It’s a fine day when such a Legend (perhaps THE Legend) and a Prelude are photographed together. Gotta work harder on joining that 500K club though. Good to see you last weekend, my friend!

    • Yay for good parking. A few more weekends for you of spending 30 hours in the car like you did this past weekend, and you’re well on your way to the 500k milestone! Really glad you came down to hang out. Door’s always open!

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