An ILX with a V8!

Odometer (Legend):  515,177

Odometer (ILX):  9,673

Made you look!

TGIF, my friends.  The ILX got its second oil change (already) when I took it in for service this week.

As I wandered around the showroom looking at the ILX, I asked a salesperson, “How’s the ILX doing?”  He proceeded to tell me that it’s doing well – that it’s a car that offers something for everyone (citing its three available drivetrains).  “There’s even a 200 horsepower manual,” he said, “But of course we don’t have any of those.”  He said they have a lot of people asking about the manual.  If that’s the case, I wonder why there aren’t any in stock?

  • 12 cars on the outside lot and 2 in the showroom
  • Of the 14 cars, 12 are 2.0 automatics
  • 2 are Hybrids

You’d think they’d at least have one 6-speed to offer prospective customers to experience since the drivetrain is totally unique.  And I sure still wish I could see what an ILX would look like in Milano Red like the TSX Special Edition I saw on the showroom floor.

This is the hottest my ILX’s exterior thermometer has read since I’ve owned it.  This was southbound on Loop 101 around 4:30 in the afternoon.  Sizzlin’.

Got my California license plate!  My ILX is registered to American Honda Motor Company at the Torrance, California headquarters.

Showing a little Utah State University pride.  I graduated from there in December 2005 in Logan, Utah with my Bachelor’s degree.

The Legend got a bath upon arrival in Phoenix last weekend.

It’s now undergone the most intense detail of its life.  On Tuesday evening, I spent 4 hours on it:

  • Remove tires and repaint brake calipers high gloss black
  • Wipe down wheel wells
  • Remove and repaint wiper arms high gloss black
  • Wax wheels with Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Wax
  • Condition leather with Griot’s Garage Leather Care
  • Condition all other interior (door panels, dashboard) with Meguar’s Natural Shine
  • Treat exterior black trim (grille, weatherstripping) with Natural Shine
  • Clean out trunk, vacuum, wipe down compartments, and jack equipment
  • Detail door jams, fuel filler door, trunk jam
  • Full engine wipe down; wax painted areas; condition plastic and rubber
  • Polish chrome exhaust tips with Mother’s Mag & Aluminum polish, then wax
  • Vacuum carpet and replace protective plastic covering on entry sills
  • Scrub all 3 foot pedal pads with toothbrush and all-purpose cleaner

Looking better than ever!

Fun Stuff:

The following video has nothing to do with cars but everything to do with travel.  Matt Harding has traveled all over the world… dancing.  Check this out – hope it makes you smile like it did to me.  Thanks to my Grandma Doce for sending me the link!

If you’ve still got time to kill, head over here for a fun video of a souped up Power Wheels toy.

Lastly, I was tipped off to the following story by my friend Ryan in Utah.  It’s no mystery that to some of us (and I know many of my readers are in my same boat) a car becomes so much more than a method of transportation.  It becomes a member of the family.  That’s the case of “Bluey” – a 1982 Honda Civic owned by Harry Ettling of New York City.

In its 30 years of existence, Bluey has traveled (only) 171,000 miles – nothing for a Honda – but has succumbed to rust as the body is now falling apart.  Instead of sending the car to the scrap yard without fanfare, Harry held a funeral procession for his car and it drove the streets of Manhattan in a mini parade under its own power.  Great story!

Will a similar procession be held for my ILX when it’s 30 years old in 2043?

I’ll be hitting up the California coast this weekend as the ILX travels to San Francisco and back.

74 degrees and sunshine tomorrow?  Yes please!

6 Responses to “An ILX with a V8!”

  1. Saw my first ILX on the road this morning. It was looking sharp, even though it was quite a rainy morning in DC.

    • Asim, that’s good to hear. I’ve still not yet seen another ILX on the road. As of the July sales figures that were released a week ago, there’ve still only been fewer than 3,000 ILX’s sold since the go-live date on May 22nd. I’m thinking things will continue to ramp up. Stay dry in the rain out there!

  2. shiney black for wiper arms? Hmmmm. I use flat black. (that way my wiper arms don’t out shine my tires!

    whats up in San Fran this weekend?

    • Dave, gloss black is all I had in the garage and it turned out looking nice. I also used the same paint on my brake calipers. I think ANYTHING on your black GS will out-shine mine! That thing was blindingly reflective when I saw it in SLC in summer 2010. As for SF – cooler weather beckons! Plus, I’ve got a friend visiting that area from Canada so it’ll be a reunion.

  3. Kevin Amoth Says:

    When the ILX comes out with a 300hp V-8 mated with a 7 speed manual transmission and 28 mpg, I’m in the game. Legend engine bay is of near perfection. I’m not seeing the specification sticker on the top of the air box. My Legend needs some TLC after the NALM experience it went through. I can’t ignore the “itch.”

    • Kevin, keep that itch scratched! Seven speed manual – yes please! I know, when I posted the engine bay picture I knew you’d call me out on the missing airbox sticker. It’ll never be complete without it! What kind of TLC does your Vineyard need? Looked pretty dang near perfect to me!

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