Legend EGR Maintenance

Odometer (Legend):  517,488


Odometer (ILX):  21,846



Holidays are in full swing!  I saw a blue Civic sedan in the parking lot at work this week with antlers and a red nose on its grille, and a coworker gave me a PEZ dispenser as an early Christmas gift.  It seemed fitting to let everyone know what it takes to motivate me to get things done at the office, so a colleague made me a sign for my cubicle:

12-12-2012 10-24-27 AM

My workplace is pretty excited about Acura.  Yesterday I parked next to one of my favorite Acuras of all time – a 2007-2009 TL Type-S in brilliant Kinetic Blue Pearl paint finish (rare color).  This car when equipped with a 6-speed manual transmission is a total dream.




A very appropriate song for me came on the radio while I was commuting home through Fountain Hills, Arizona this week.


Over the last few hundred thousand miles, one recurring issue I’ve had with the high mileage Legend is a check engine light for a fault in the EGR – exhaust gas recirculation – system (“code 12”).  Performance has always been unaffected but the light will illuminate on longer highway drives after an hour or or two on the road.  Legends are notorious for having clogged EGR systems so I went and and ordered a brand new EGR pipe, along with an EGR valve itself, and had them installed by Wes at Highline Import Auto.

My friend Marc in NJ who has two mint-condition Legend coupes performed the same maintenance on his recently.  Except, Marc’s cars have just a fraction of the miles that mine does.  This is the EGR pipe that was pulled from Marc’s 60,000 mile 1994 LS coupe.

12-11-2012 8-00-54 AM

Here are the factory parts that I provided to Wes for this maintenance:


Somehow mine wasn’t even bad at all!  This is a picture of the one that was removed.  Back at 434,740 miles I had it cleaned out so maybe that’s why it doesn’t look too bad.


Wes also noted that the clutch hydraulic hose had sprung a leak so he took care of that well.  He calls the Legend “Ol’ Besty.”  Well, Betsy is back to top notch now.

ILX News Bits

Word on the street is that there could potentially be some changes coming up with regard to the available drivetrain configurations of the ILX.  Here’s a news article that discusses the possibility of implementing the 2.4 liter 201-horsepower engine in the automatic transmission cars (instead of the current 2.0 liter, 150-horsepower variant).  This would be a big change since the automatics are the volume leader when compared to manuals and hybrids.

The reviews keep coming in.  Here’s a test-drive by Motoring TV.

Sometimes, the overseas cars get all the goodies.  In the Legend world, everyone loves importing special JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) one-piece headlight / corner lights and other things that weren’t offered in North America.   Revealed recently, the Chinese version of the ILX appears to have some neat features too that we won’t see here.  This car has clear colored turn signals in the headlight housings, turn signal indicators on the mirrors, and special taillamps with a clear/amber section in the lower half.  I want a set of those!

12-12-2012 10-11-08 AM

Here’s a video advertisement of the Chinese ILX as well:

Remember the “Endurance Racer” ILX that appeared at the SEMA show in Las Vegas last month?  The 25-hour race took place last weekend and the Team Honda Research-West ended up in 5th place, but also set the fastest race lap in the class.  Congratulations to the THR-W crew!


My little Silver Moon racecar got some fun wet-weather driving the last couple of days as we’re getting some rare rain here in Scottsdale.  We only get about 8 inches of rain per year (and thus the reason we’re known for over 300 days of sunshine per year) so when it does come, everyone gets excited about it.  Seattle, by comparison, gets 38 inches.  I may or may not have intentionally swerved into a puddle yesterday on the way into work.  The ILX is as sure-footed as can be thanks to its Michelin footwear.

In closing, if you’re a Honda fan you’ll enjoy stopping by Driven for Drives, a blog by my new friend Jason from New Mexico.  The site is dedicated to (as his header states) documenting Jason’s “Life with his 7th Gen Accord.”  You’ll see that since he picked up his 2004 Accord Coupe in August of this year, he’s already made some substantial upgrades and enhancements.  I’m subscribed for further updates!  Thanks to Jason for reaching out.


9 Responses to “Legend EGR Maintenance”

  1. I thought Acura was going to cover your Legend maintenance for 2012?
    And when is that minty GS going to reappear from hiding?

    • Hey Sam – the Acura-covered maintenance on the Legend was for oil changes and a timing belt / water pump service, so this wouldn’t qualify (I also asked about getting approved for some suspension work earlier this year and they didn’t want to cover). No biggie since I’m in the ILX as a primary and not putting a lot of miles on the Legend anymore.

      The GS sedan is doing well – I need to post some recent pictures. In May I’ll hit my 5 years of ownership with that one. Have only put about 11k miles it in that time. It is parked 23 miles away in a friend’s garage but I get over there to drive it around every couple of weeks.

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    Thanks for the picture of the EGR parts needed. I’ll keep the parts numbers handy in the event I want to put brand new OEM stuff on my recently transplanted JDM Type II power plant.

    • Kevin, certainly! I took the old Legend on a 300-miler tonight and it’s running like new. So are you rocking the 16-spokers now for winter instead of the GS wheels?

  3. Thanks for my egr pipe mention and pic..I think 🙂 glad to see the old legend still worthy of new parts. Marc

    • Ohh yeah…agree on those kinetic blue TL-S’

      • Marc, thanks for the tip on the EGR replacement. The old Legend is very much still worthy of new parts. I should send Alan my old EGR pipe and see if he wants to clean up and use/sell it. Should be pretty smooth sailing now with maintenance on the coupe – can’t think of anything else it really needs right now. Just to be driven!

  4. Penny~Lady6spd Says:

    Hey Tyson! How are you? I need to do my egr also. I was wondering if you also had the intake manifold removed and cleaned or just the pipe and valve. I’m not getting any codes but just trying to prevent headgasket issues. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!!!!

    • Hi Penny! Thanks for the well wishes 🙂 The end of the year is always a heavy holiday time for me – AND you! You’ve got a big day coming up this Saturday, I remember. Anyway, I didn’t have any cleaning done on the intake manifold, just the pipe and valve. I’ll see how it performs now and if I get any recurring CEL. Hope you’ve got some nice plans for the weekend and Christmas. Talk to you soon my friend!

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