Acura Legend + Integra: Sunday Morning Photoshoot

Odometer (Legend):  520,407


Odometer (ILX):  31,771


Every once in awhile, I’ll meet someone who’s just as obsessive compulsive about his or her Acura as I am.

On Sunday morning, I traveled to Apache Junction, Arizona to meet up with the proud owner of a rare 1999 Acura Integra GS-R coupe 5-speed in an extremely sought-after color:  Supersonic Blue Pearl.  Dave has owned his car since September, 2011 but has been in the Honda & Acura family for much, much longer.  He started with a Honda Civic Si sedan, then drove an Acura RSX before picking up his extremely nice Integra.  At only 32,000 miles on the odometer, it’s hardly broken in.

I had an idea for a high + low mileage Acura photoshoot, so I arranged to meet up with Dave for a few pictures.  Sunrise was scheduled for 6:34 a.m. so our meeting time was just prior to that, at the mouth of Arizona Highway 88 which is one of my favorite local roads.  Its two-lane switchbacks make for a lot of grins when experienced with a car that handles nicely.


Dave’s Integra build thread on the AZHT forums has received over 14,000 views since it was started in January 2012.  Dave posts periodic updates on the progress of his car.  See for yourselves just how clean it is:






Dave’s got big plans in store for this motor.  My friend Josh has an Integra turbo that I’ve blogged about before, and this Supersonic may very well be the next to get that kind of motor upgrade!






Here’s Dave’s extensive (and impressive!) build list.


  • Custom Powder Coated Valve Cover
  • Aftermarket Spring/Retainers
  • JDM Oil Cap
  • BLOX Intake manifold
  • AEM Fuel Rail
  • BWR Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Marshall Fuel pressure gauge
  • AEM Cold Air Intake (autoworks short ram coming)
  • Skunk 2 68mm Throttlebody
  • K.G. Precision Engineering Stage 3 block
  • Arias Pistons, Manley Rods, Full Metal Jacket Ductile Sleeves, Chamfered & Micro Polished Crank, Modified Oil Pump, Balance & Blueprint, New bearings
  • ARP Head studs
  • Moroso Turbo oil pan
  • DC 4-2-1 Header
  • Magnaflow Catalytic converter
  • Greddy SP1 Exhaust
  • Fluidyne Radiator w/Spoon Cap
  • FAL Dual Fans
  • Chipped P28 ECU tuned on Chrome
  • Walbro 225 Fuel Pump


  • Full Re-Spray: Supersonic Blue Pearl
  • Honda Badged
  • Wiper Delete
  • Type R lip
  • 6000k HIDs


  • LED Bulb conversions
  • JDM Clock Cover
  • JDM Shift Boot
  • BWR Neo Chrome Shift Knob
  • Kenwood Deck/speakers
  • Megan Short Shifter w/urethane shifter bushings


  • Ground Control coilovers on stock shocks
  • BWR polished lower control arms
  • BWR Front/Rear Camber kit


  • 16×7.5 Kosei K1’s on 205/45/16 Yokohama EVS100


This same highway continues on to Tortilla Flat via some technical twisties.  For any kind of “enthusiast” driver, it’s a must-see.  Thanks, Dave, for taking the time to meet up with me bright and early on a Sunday morning.

Speaking of OCD, if you get time, check out my friend Anthony’s site, OCDetails.  He’s a car detailer by trade and he has some great tips and tricks for ultimate shine.  Back in 2005, he hosted a car show in Salt Lake City that was judged exclusively based on cleanliness.   My Legend took home the award for “Best Engine” – two years in a row, in fact!


This quote is something I’ve truly come to live by:


For some of us, driving is a passion and not just something that gets you from Point A to B.  Check out the story of the Arenas family and their 1996 Nissan Altima 5-speed that turned over 500,000 miles a few weeks ago.  These are the kind of owner stories that any car manufacturer loves!  Even as a long-time Honda/Acura fanatic, I congratulate Alicia and her husband on an impressive feat.  The car looks super clean, too.


Blast from the Past

I tracked down this video from one of the largest Legend meets I’ve ever attended, from over 9 years ago in February 2004.  It was my first “real” Acura Legend meet, and the event that truly jump-started my passion for this brand.  My enthusiasm was beyond cheesy when I narrated (I was 22 years old and wide-eyed), so mute the audio or you’re going to make fun of me later.

And one other video, just for fun.  My aunt Jodi posted this on my Facebook wall yesterday and said, “Tys, you need this!”  A Phoenix-based inventor has created an at-home car wash.  For $29,000 + $4,000 for the installation, I could get one of these babies in my garage.  It’s like a dishwasher for your car.

The cost, however, would be more than the MSRP of my ILX itself.  I’ll pass, but it’s fun to see this kind of technology!

9 Responses to “Acura Legend + Integra: Sunday Morning Photoshoot”

  1. That was a pretty “cool” video. 😛
    I wonder how many of those are still on the road today 9 years later.
    The one thing I do not like about car washes is water sport I suppose if all the water is filtered through that shouldn’t happen.

    • *Water spots

      • Yeah I’m not sure on the chemistry behind the water in the at-home wash, but either way it seems to me like it wouldn’t be as effective as a simple “sponge and bucket” method – especially if the car is very dirty. If I can find where this guy’s located in Scottsdale, maybe I’ll let him give it a whirl on my car 😉

  2. Not much of an integra fan, but that is a NICE one!

    • Yeah it is, Dave! I should have grabbed a picture of the odometer while I was at it. Definitely show worthy. I’m becoming a fan of blue cars more and more. My next one might have to be that color.

  3. I had a 1992 Integra. True story. Same color as that there 1999.

    • Did you now? See, if’n you woulda kept that there Integra, you’d’ve (can I use two contractions in one word?) nearly had a classic car by now! By the way, thanks for stopping by the blog – as you can see, the travels continue! I took a peek at your RR site and I’ve decided to speak to you in Drill Sergeant Lingo the next time we meet up. HEAR THAT, RUNT?!

  4. Hey, man! Long time no see! I started tracking some traffic coming from here and thought I’d check it out again. Man, if I could give you an award for the most OCD documentation of the road then I would definitely give it to you! I’m sure they don’t need it, but if you are ever in town and need a shine, let me know! It’s been a long time and it would be great to catch up with you!

    • Haha, hey Anthony! I’m still around and racking up miles on the old Legend (though a lot slower now since my daily driver is the 2013 ILX). It’s good to hear from you. I make it to Utah a few times a year so it would be good to grab lunch or something. It looks like I don’t have your phone number anymore. Hit me up on my email –

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