Tucson in the Legend: Reunited with Original Owner

Odometer (Legend):  527,600


Odometer (ILX):  57,185


Trip Distance:  250 Miles


Have you ever wondered where a car you owned 20 years ago has ended up?  Just like the people who drive them, I feel that every automobile has a “life story” that is fascinating to follow.  As a fitting follow-up to the recent “20 Year Legend Birthday” post, today I drove my Legend to Tucson to meet up with the individual who bought my car new off the showroom floor back in September 1994.


Arizona weather couldn’t have been better for a Saturday road trip.  My friend Paul and I rolled eastward on Interstate 10 and exited at 22nd Street once we arrived in Tucson.


Patricia’s hotel, the luxurious JW Marriott Resort at Starr Pass, awaited us a few miles down a twisty two-lane road later.


Talk about destinations!  If I could afford it, I’d spend a weekend at a place like this.


Patricia competed this morning in the 2013 National Duathlon Championship and placed 5th in her age division.  She ran a 5K, biked 30K, and then ran another 5K.  This woman is fit!  And she has to be, since her line of work is in personal training.  Patricia is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but has clients all across the country.


It was great to chat with her and reconnect.  I’ve been in touch with her for over 10 years now and enjoy keeping her posted on my latest Legend updates.  Paul and I drove her to the lobby after the below picture was taken.  When she got out of the passenger seat, she proudly announced to the security guard who was standing nearby, “This is a celebrity car!” and then went on to tell its story.


I bet it was fun for her to be back inside a car that she’d driven for the first 9 years of its life.  Now if only I could get her out of the Lexus IS250 she’s driving now, and back into an Acura!  Speaking of new Acuras, I stopped by the dealership today in Tempe.  They currently have a “twin” car to my Silver Moon 6-speed.


It must be getting cooler out – tire pressures needed to come up a bit in order to get rid of this warning on the ILX.


This was a nice RL sighting from earlier in the week.  I enjoy those chrome A-Spec wheels!


This bodystyle of RL is rare and somewhat under-appreciated.  I’ve actually never driven an RL newer than 2000!  That’s soon to change, though, because I’ll have an RLX for a week of evaluation in the coming month.


Lastly, regarding high-mileage Legends – here’s some fun news for those who are interested.  A forum member in California posted a link on AcuraLegend.org to an ad for a Legend sedan that reportedly had over 600,000 miles on it.  Sadly, it looked like it had seen better days.  Here’s a screen capture of the ad, which has since expired.


Little paint work needed.


Sold for parts!


And here’s another one from my friend Paul who works at a dealership in Georgia.  This 406,000 mile Vineyard Gray 1993 sedan came in for some service.  Still looks pretty good to me!




Hope they keep on truckin’ to 500k and beyond.


Over and out!

2 Responses to “Tucson in the Legend: Reunited with Original Owner”

  1. Last time I saw Patricia she was in a walking boot. Glad to see thats gone. INCREDIBLE that she is a duathlon athlete. Thats more exercise than I see in a year.

    Waiting to see what you think of the RLX!

    • Hey Dave, yeah she’s bounced back from that injury and she’s still kicking butt at athletic events like this one! You will be among the very first to know about my impressions of the RLX. I can’t wait to give it a whirl. Hope your weekend has been a good one!

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