ILX Thanksgiving Drive to St. George, Utah

Odometer (Legend):  528,058


Odometer (ILX):  60,756


Trip Distance:  430 Miles


Hello readers:

Just a quick note of gratitude to those who have followed my travels for the 2.5 years since Drive to Five was born.  I thank you for your continued interest and I look forward to having you along (digitally, anyway) for each and every future trip!

Today, I drove to my hometown in Utah to spend a couple of days with family and friends.  By 7:00 in the morning, I was at the junction of Loop 101 and Interstate 17 in north Phoenix.


My next turn was at Highway 74, the Carefree Highway, where I had the two-laner to myself as I made my way toward Wickenburg, Arizona.  Dawn and dusk are my favorite times of day to drive.


Nestled midway between Mesquite, Nevada, and St. George, Utah lies a campground called Virgin River Canyon.  It’s home to 75 developed sites and overnight use costs $8.  I haven’t ever stayed there but it’s a scenic place to pit-stop along Interstate 15 in the Virgin River Gorge.


This stretch of I-15 was one of the most expensive pieces of road ever constructed, at an estimated $100 an inch.  That’s because it plows through huge sandstone cliffs and required a great deal of time & effort to complete.


Once I arrived in St. George, Utah, I visited my favorite car photo backdrop:  Pioneer Park on the Red Hill.  Pioneer Park covers 52 acres and is a rock climber’s paradise.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time there with friends.


Here are a few Thanksgiving shots that I captured of the ILX.


It was a perfect day for windows-down cruising in St. George, with plenty of sunshine & temps in the 60’s.



Soon, it was time to head over for dinner with the family, including grandma.


Smells like home cookin’!


On the agenda for tomorrow:  A local hike that’s sure to provide some stunning views.  More on that later this weekend.  Thanks again for following, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

6 Responses to “ILX Thanksgiving Drive to St. George, Utah”

  1. Welcome home Tyson, it’s always good to be in St. George!

  2. Kevin Amoth Says:

    It’s a pleasure to be a part of your holiday family!

    • You’re always welcome to spend the holidays with us, Kevin! Thanks for coming along. Congrats to your daughter on the turkey day marathon, too. Impressive given the chilly weather you’re getting in that area!

  3. Have a great holiday Tyson. Such great back drops in the Az – Utah areas. I’m always jealous.

    • Thanks Dave. I definitely don’t take the scenery around here for granted. I enjoy the landscape every chance I get! Headed out on the hike this afternoon. Hope your Friday is going well and that you and the fam had a great Thanksgiving.

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