Throwback Thursday: Meguiar’s HQ Meet 2008

Odometer (Legend):  529,050


Odometer (ILX):  71,848


Anyone who’s ridden in my Legend knows that I’m a clean freak when it comes to my car.  My friend Alex one time gave me a pair of booties that I could slip over my shoes before getting into the car.  Was it a joke or was he serious?  I guess I’ll never know.  Years ago, I even bought a roll of protective “dealer plastic” on Ebay that I keep over the carpet on the door entry areas.


Here’s part of my current detailing arsenal.


From a young age, my dad instructed me in the ways of car finish maintenance.  Our car care products were always Meguiar’s brand.  Did you know that Meguiar’s has been around since 1901?  It’s no wonder they’ve mastered the right types of products for keeping a vehicle looking its finest.

Six years ago, in March 2008, I traveled from Phoenix, Arizona to Irvine, California (roughly 800 miles round-trip) to attend a detailing seminar at the Meguiar’s US headquarters.  There are some photos I captured while en route on westbound Interstate 10.




Upon arrival in Orange County, I met up with two fellow Legend fans:  Penny and Steve.


Penny drives the Sherwood Green 1994 Legend GS sedan 6-speed, and Steve drives the Taffeta White 1995 Legend L sedan automatic.  Believe it or not, Steve bought that Legend brand spanking new and he still drives it today.


Penny, double-chinned Tyson, and Steve.


Here are some photos from a similar meet that had been held the year prior.

What are your car detailing products of choice?

2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: Meguiar’s HQ Meet 2008”

  1. Three fantastic CLEANNNNNN legends! Hard to believe it was ’08!

    • I know! Time flies. “Six” would turn some serious heads at a Meguiar’s meet. I wonder if they still host sessions like that at the Irvine office. Would be worthwhile to stop by during NALM sometime. It’s a neat place.

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