Interview for Hemmings Magazine Feature

Odometer (Legend):  529,055


Odometer (ILX):  72,010


Hemmings is the world’s authority in classic car news and classifieds. For anyone who’s into the collector car hobby, you’ve already heard the name before.  My friend Scott’s Lotus Esprit made the cover of Sports and Exotic Car in December 2011.


It’s hard to believe, but cars from the 1990’s are now becoming classics.  Several weeks ago I was approached by author Jeff Koch about a feature story he was putting together on high-mileage vehicles.  We got together on Wednesday for some Q&A and then a photoshoot of the Legend in nearby Papago Park.


  • Jeff:  Would you mind popping the hood?
  • Me (“eek” face):  Sure, but I think it’s gonna be dusty in there.
  • (as the hood goes up)
  • Jeff:  Are you kidding me?  There is no way in hell anyone who reads the magazine is going to believe this car has half a million miles on it.

Ha!  A little while later:

  • Jeff:  You said that’s stock ride height?
  • Me:  Yeah
  • Jeff:  Jeeze, it looks like it’s sitting on the bump stops from this angle.
  • Me:  Well, that’s what my Legend enthusiast friends call the “500,000 mile sagging suspension.”


Jeff told me that my paperwork/documentation on the car was “the most complete I’ve seen in 20 years of doing this.”  That’s what I like to hear.

We had a great time.  He liked the roll-down rear windows and the automatic door closers.  I offered to put my new-in-the-box driver side floor mat in for the interior photo-op, but he said he would rather take the picture of my floor mat that had a hole in it.  The hole was worn by the heel of my shoe over many years and miles of travels, and thus it helped tell the story of my Legend.

We ended up getting some great pictures and we’ll probably see the article sometime later this year.  Jeff said this will mark the first time an Acura Legend has been featured in the magazine.  Sweet!




Thanks Jeff for taking the time to meet with me!


Be sure and check out Jeff’s blog here for the latest on all the cool cars he gets to photograph and review.

Before you close that browser, take a quick peek at my friend Stephen’s immaculate 1994 Legend GS.


Feast your eyes on that depth of that Granada Black Pearl paint.  Would you believe this car has 218,342 miles on it?


Thanks Stephen for following the blog and for sharing these pics with me/us!


Here’s a sneak peek of where I’m off to this weekend.  Tune in next time for a full report.



4 Responses to “Interview for Hemmings Magazine Feature”

  1. Congrats man! Awesome.

  2. Tyler Stoker Says:

    I second that – congratulations! I’m excited to see the feature, Tyson. Also, I love a good Granada Black Pearl. Right now I’m about to wax my old Accord that’s the same color, as it happens.

    • How did the Accord wax job turn out? I love that GBP color when it’s clean! I’ll be sure and scan/share the article from Hemmings when it comes out. Thanks for the support 🙂

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