Cars & Coffee / Supercar Saturday Pictures

Odometer (Legend):  529,140


Odometer (ILX):  73,452


Car culture in the Phoenix, Arizona area is alive and well year-round.  On any given weekend, you’re bound to see a fair share of classic and collectible cars.  One of the events that I attend regularly is called Cars & Coffee.  An entire parking lot fills to the brim every first Saturday of the month, and I took my 1992 Acura NSX out this past weekend.


Here are a few of the other vehicles in attendance.


This one really puts a size differential into play.  A Nissan GT-R dwarfs my friend Neil’s Berlina Black NSX.


It’s easy to see that “anything goes.”  The diversity of vehicles in attendance at C&C was evident.


Nice rides all around.


This event is one of things worth getting up early on a Saturday for.


Oh, and did I mention a Bugatti Veyron was in attendance.  We’re looking at a couple million dollars right here.


Makes my NSX and this Porsche seem so humble in comparison.


My friend Chase showed up in his 26,000 mile beautiful NSX, too.  In the background you’ll notice a Volvo much like the one that Irv Gordon drove to 3,000,000 miles not long ago.


Another red NSX.  They were scattered throughout the show!  This was a 1996 with 40,000 miles and a bunch of performance goodies.


Of all the cars in attendance, this one intrigued me the most.  This is called a Facel Vega.  It was produced from 1962 through 1964 in France and powered by a Chrysler engine.


I loved those subtle tailfins with integrated brake lamps.


Rallying the troops for the next event:  Supercar Saturday.  About once every six months, a Scottsdale-based company called Supercar Specialists hosts a road rally of sorts that I’ve attended on a few occasions.


Here, a hundred or so cars got together for a cruise to the mountains.


Even an Enzo Ferrari made came out to play.


Meeting & mingling with other car owners before heading to the hills.


Gotta love that color.


Yet another Formula Red NSX.


And Chase’s car again.


After distributing maps to the day’s destination, everyone got in their cars and rolled out in a giant caravan.


Start your engines.


There’s a sexy black Lambo.


I followed my friends Kelvin and Neil as we made our way toward the Interstate 17 northbound onramp.


A couple more taken by others.



Hope you enjoyed the pics!


7 Responses to “Cars & Coffee / Supercar Saturday Pictures”

  1. Did you get to test drive the Bugatti?

  2. THAT is a car show right there!!!! Wowzers.

  3. That is a nice looking car there, Tyson! I miss Cars and Coffee. Here in New England, we have to stop for the winter. It restarts this weekend, but I will be in NYC for the Auto Show this weekend and will have to miss it.

    – East Brother

  4. I really do appreciate your participation in supercar saturday. Hope to see you at our coffee house on the next extravaganza.

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