Throwback Thursday: August 2007 Legend Meet in Monterey, California

Odometer (Legend):  529,271


Odometer (ILX):  75,470


My attention span at work today has been about a 2 out of 10.   I spun my office chair around this morning and started to gaze at the giant US map pinned to the wall in my cubicle.  “Where to?” I pondered.  That’s what I do when I need an escape from the endless emails that seem to multiply in my inbox.


I can spend hours clicking around Google Maps.  The coast of California caught my eye.  Though I last saw the ocean on my trip to Los Angeles about a month ago, it’s been quite a bit longer since I really experienced the beauty of the Pacific.  Lately, I’ve been craving a road trip up the California coast.  To hold me over, I dug up some old pictures from an Acura Legend meet held 7 years ago in Monterey.  Get a load of this scenery.


That Sirius White Pearl 1994 Legend GS sedan 6-speed at far left was mine.  This trip took place in the brief window of time when my 1994 Legend coupe was undergoing repairs from an unfortunate Texas deer collision incident.  The white Legend was a comfortable ride to and fro.  It had around 210,000 miles on it at the time.


The good news is that I’ve kept in touch with most of the folks in the picture.  The bad news is that I only know of 1 or 2 who still have their Legends today.


Nevertheless (or always the more?), scenery like this ocean landscape never seems to get old.


It was during this trip that I met up with a long-time friend named Sergio who drove a beautiful 6-speed Milano Red Legend coupe.


Who invited that TL to the party?


I think I still have that shirt.  And a little more facial hair.




Group drive.


Before you click away, wanna see a pretty amazing road trip in action?  Check out the website for America Sin Limites (“America Without Limits“).  Imagine a nearly 9,000-mile drive from Patagonia in South America to Alaska.  In a 1980’s Cadillac limousine!  I learned about this crazy endeavor via Curbside Classic this week, when an automotive journalist spotted the limo in Eugene, Oregon.


These avid road trippers have already been on the road for over two years, having begun their adventure in the 1989 Caddy in early 2012.


The trip hasn’t been without incidents.  In scrolling through the Facebook page, I see that they have already had to do extensive motor and suspension work on their car throughout the journey.


I would SO do this type of trip.  Guess it’s time to start planning.

11 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: August 2007 Legend Meet in Monterey, California”

  1. hmmmm, a Legend limo conversion . . . I could get into that and road trip!

    • Haha, I do enjoy that idea! Years ago a friend made a limo rendering from a photo of my coupe. Proportions were (understandably) awkward, but it was fun to look at.

  2. Have you ever driven to Chicago, IL?

    • Farid, the closest I got was in 2012 when I drove my ILX to Milwaukee, WI. I believe I skirted the western suburbs of Chicago on that trip. I’ve flown to Chicago once, though. I was there for some work training in 2011 or so. Nice area!

  3. A trip from south america to alaska would be epic!

  4. THAT is a “road trip” and a half. Whoaaaa

  5. Today for the first time we found this info in your blog. Thanks for sharing our adventure! We finally reached Alaska last year and now we are coming back home. Safe trips for everyone!
    Lucas, Flor and the traveller limo

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