Josh’s 400,000 Mile Mark


This just in!

As I jet for the door on a weekend road trip to Canyon de Chelly, I have to share something with the D25 audience. One of our own hyper-milers has achieved an incredible feat on his 2005 Acura TSX this week.

Josh from Boise, Idaho turned the big 400,000 on Interstate 84and he documented the occasion on his blog, TSX Travels, for all of us to enjoy.  I first introduced Josh to you last August when he and I got together on my drive to Washington state.


Check out Josh’s detailed write-up here where he’s included a video of the milestone as well as a full report from his local Acura dealership about the health & wellness of his Acura now that it’s entered 400k territory.


Huge congratulations to Josh (and his trusty TSX) and here’s to many more miles of fun!  You’re giving me a run for my money!  Also, I look forward to meeting up with you this summer for some tandem Acura drives.


Watching Josh’s video reminded me of 5 years ago when I watched those same numbers roll over on my Legend.

Have a great weekend!

8 Responses to “Josh’s 400,000 Mile Mark”

  1. Way to go Josh!!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Tyson!

  3. outstanding! congrats!

  4. Love it! Another high mileage Acura!

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