ILX Review: RNR Automotive Blog

Odometer (ILX):  76,439



For those of you who are always hungry for more car websites to digest, I’ll add another entree to the buffet.  I met a Phoenix-based automotive journalist awhile back and he has featured my 2013 Acura ILX on his page, “RNR Automotive Blog.”  Editor Ruben has a knack for details and I find his writing engaging and informative.  Go take a look at his page!

RNR Automotive Blog

Here’s the link to the article about the ILX specifically.  Stay tuned because he’ll be doing a similar write-up on my Legend and on my NSX in the near future.



If you’re on Instagram, you can also follow “@rnrautoblog” for great shots of the latest cars Ruben is reviewing.


Thanks Ruben!


4 Responses to “ILX Review: RNR Automotive Blog”

  1. Hola senior~ Hugie
    I liked Ruben’s writing as well. A nice background on where Acura has come from and his honesty reads as real and likeble.
    My thoughts mirror his as well on Acura’ s styling choices on the newer models.

  2. That’s actually really funny! I actually came across RNR automotive Blog recently too! I was literally thinking “hmmm that ILX sure does look a lot like Tyson’s!”

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