Throwback Thursday: May 1, 2004 Salt Lake City, Utah Legend Meet

Odometer (Legend):  529,296


Odometer (ILX):  76,481


A decade is a long time!  Where were you ten years ago today?  Things were a little different back then.  Facebook (then “The” Facebook) launched in February 2004 at a select few universities.


The top TV show was American Idol, and “Friends” ended its last season.  Shrek 2 and Spiderman 2 took top slots at the box office, and Green Day’s “American Idiot” was one of the biggest albums of the year.  Feeling old yet?

It was on May 1, 2004 when I met up with a few Acura-owning friends in Salt Lake City, Utah for a drive up scenic Interstate 80 to Park City.  Here is a video capturing some of the festivities.  Pardon the obnoxious soundtrack.

Bits and pieces from my handwritten journal entry that day:

I was the first to Sugarhouse Park off I-80 East.  I picked the same spot we were in last time.  Nobody was there.  It was a perfect, sunny day….  I served up donuts.  We headed up Parley’s Canyon to Park City – fast!  It was a sight to see; so many Legends cruising together.  My rims have really got issues.  Need to get some TL-S or something… We decided to eat at Quizno’s and had a picnic lunch by the cars.  We then caravanned to the outlet stores.  Dave locked his keys in his car and had to call a locksmith ($35).  I drove Kevin’s 6-speed to the other side of the parking lot…

Makes it feel like yesterday!  Pictured below:  Ross’ 1989 Legend L coupe, Jason’s 1988 Legend L sedan, my 1994 Legend LS coupe, and Kevin’s 1993 LS coupe after our arrival in Park City.


We must’ve been pros at “mirror” photography.  I was able to dig up the following three pics.  Branson took this one of me in his sideview mirror.


Jason took this one.  That old school digital camera really dates these pics, right?


As well as this one.  Gotta love a Legend lineup.


I was proudly rolling on 18″ Mille Miglia wheels.  (massive eye roll here)


Couldn’t help but throw in a few more pics of meets from the same era.

San Francisco, California


Torrance, California.  Why’d we put that Integra in the middle?


Las Vegas, Nevada


Even back then, I was accustomed to taking my Acura off-road from time to time.  This was a picture I took in “Old Iron Town,” an 1868 Mormon settlement in southern Utah.  Oh yeah, check out that ‘fro.


Can’t get enough of that bling.


The wind had kicked up and was blowing sand all over the place.


But the Legend looked photogenic either way.


Mileage was a mere 138,000 around this time.  Time warp!


The last two were taken near the Paria western movie set outside Kanab, Utah on Highway 89.


Southern Utah at its finest.


These pics brought back a ton of great memories.  Where will the next 10 years take me?

PS, congrats to my coworker Derek on his new Audi A5 Cabriolet, and thanks for letting me take it for a spin!


4 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: May 1, 2004 Salt Lake City, Utah Legend Meet”

  1. Eric E Says:

    WOW! I still think the Audi A5/S5 is one of the best looking new
    cars for sale now . . . love it!

    • I agree. And I admit, I was building & pricing an S5 6-speed earlier this week on Red with black interior. Oh my. I’d love to have one.

  2. Sugarhouse park is beautiful. The throwback entries are fun to read as well.

    • Haha, yep, you remember Sugarhouse was a destination in 2010 for the NALM crowd. Great scenery around there. As I recall you got a pretty sweet picture of Six on the grass.

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